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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in.  Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 January 2017 Written Episode Update.

Dadi says if Naira had come here she could have sent a message for them all. Kartik says it was emergency, Naira couldn’t think so much. Dadi insists she is doing this all for betterment of family. Kartik was about to argue, but Naira gives him a look. He comes to make up Dadi, and was ready to do anything as a punishment.


Swarna spots the foot prints of Naira. Everyone was happy.
Later, Rajshri apologizes Dadi if any mistakes. Behind everyone, Kartik drags Naira aside and pins her to wall. He thanks Naira to thank her for saving Kush. Naira tries to run away, he holds her close saying she looks cute in this face pack. Naira forbids him to make her angry. He removes the band from her hair, saying this is love. He gets close to her, when they hear a moto start. Naira tries to run, Kartik demands back what he gave her. She resists in the beginning, then kisses him twice. Kartik flatters her to go for a date.

Naitik says he feels what Naira did was alright. Rajshri says Naira helped Kush and Karthik also helped them. Laksh says their family just doesn’t show off, but they will leave no leaf unturned for Naira’s wedding. Naitik was sure they will everything according to their wish. Laksh was upset that their family doesn’t consider humanity, they were only worried about good and bad omens. His conscience said it’s just the beginning from their side.
Dadi was shocked to hear Pandit the remedy, as their daughter in law stepped in the house in such a timing. Manish comes to her for an approval of cards.

Gayu cheers and calls everyone as Karthik comes to their place. Rajshri comes to her with aarti thaal. Karthik says it’s a routine in their house, at least he should get a break here. Naitik teases Karthik that Naira is upstairs. Karthik replies he didn’t come to meet Naira, he came over because the kachori they brought was all eaten up by Luv and Mishti. Karthik tries to take Naitik’s permission. Mishti qualifies he wants to take Naira on a date. Naitik allows, then confirm is he informed his own family as well. Karthik was silent. The elders all advice Karthik to take care of his family’s consent.
Swarna forbids Dadi to do this, their times were different. Dadi decisively says she must be her side in this. Swarna was sure Naira won’t agree and she know Karthik as well. Dadi wonders if Naira doesn’t have to sacrifice anything.

Naira smiles watching their photo on the wall. Karthik cheers this house has been empty for so long. He says she may decorate this house in any way she wants to, but this photo won’t change. He tells Naira he kept this house as she loves him. Karthik was excited, but Naira thinks she is afraid to come here and break his family’s trust. His mom requested her to stop him. She hugs Karthik but the owner comes to take the cheque.

Swarna hears the men discuss that Karthik is non-serious about the work and even Naitik is also not speaking to Karthik about it. Swarna was worried if Naira is doing her work. She was lost.
At Naira’s place, Laksh informs everyone that Karthik’s family wants another Pooja and that too at their place. Naitik and Varsha were ready to cooperate. Gayatri wonders what the point in hiding the Pooja from Karthik is.

The next morning, Karthik asks Kirti why she didn’t come earlier. He confirms if all well, she assures everything. Karthik says he needs to take some tips from her husband, the way he tamed her. Kirti forbids him try and change Naira at all.

During the Pooja, Dadi says this is a remedy as Naira stepped into their house at the wrong time. She explains they are doing this all for betterment of this children. She has called government official here for registration in time. Dadi explains they always name their children thoughtfully. They always name their daughter in laws, and every lady’s name had been changed. She has thought Suvedha for Naira. Naira’s family was taken aback at the revelation.

PRECAP: Karthik takes Dadi’s side, saying its not always necessary to go against Dadi.

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