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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Naksh asking Kartik what happened. Kartik says its ringing, Kirti did not answer. Kirti says if we can talk face to face, why to answer call. Kartik and everyone smile seeing Kirti. Dadi says she came alone even after I told her not to. Kartik hugs Kirti. Kirti congratulates him. He asks why did you not come before, where is your Mr. Right. Kirti says he got stuck somewhere, we will start ritual now. She goes to Naira. Her bracelet gets stuck in Naksh’s watch. Naksh and Kirti free the bracelet. Her bracelet breaks. Kartik introduces Kirti. Naira talks to Kirti and sees wound mark on her hand. Kirti covers her up. Dadi wishes the media do not see the ring. Naira says I will just pray to Akshara’s pic and come. She takes Akshara’s blessings. Gayu and Kirti



Gayu says everyone exchange rings normally, but this ring ceremony should be special. Kirti says we planned something. Gayu says yes, Kartik and Naira’s jodi is like Krishna and Radha. Kirti says thodi masti is necessary here. Gayu says we know Krishna liked to tease Radha and break the pots. Kirti says Kartik and Naira will hit each other with flowers using gulel. Gayu says it will show who will rule after marriage. Baisa asks can they play the game. Dadi says no problem, Kartik will win. Naira says you won’t win, I used gulel a lot, I will make you lose. Kartik says I will not lose. Rajshri asks Naira to surrender and find her victory is husband’s victory. Kartik smiles and asks Naira to listen to elders sometimes. Gayu gives them one min time each.

Naira hits Kartik with the flower. Kartik jumps and gets saved. Kartik asks Mishti to choose Kartik or Naira, what’s this Kaira. Mishti says I want both, so its Kaira for me. Naira misses to hit Kartik. Gayu says time up, its your turn now Kartik. Naira says I will make you recall Rishikesh’s Tina. Kartik says no, Naira is fine, I don’t want Tina. Naira goes and stands. Kartik aims flowers and shoots by gulel. Gulel breaks. Naira sees the flower coming and moves to get hit by flower. Kartik smiles. Naira says losing is also winning in love. Everyone clap. Yeh rishta kya….plays……. Naitik says jodis are made in heaven, I want to believe this seeing them, they have fights, and love too, there is no conditions and limits, its just love and hope.

Naira and Kartik go for engagement. Gayu and Kirti present the rings. Manish and Dadi worry. Naira and Kartik exchange the rings. Suwarna sees the media clicking pics. Everyone clap for them. Dadi and everyone bless them. Kartik does not take Manish’s blessings.

Suwarna hugs Naira and says my hope gets strong that you will join my broken family with your love power, will you unite them…. Naira looks on. Reporter asks Kartik to show the rare diamond, what did Suhansini give to Naira. Dadi says media will find it out now. Kartik and Naira hold hands, and show their rings. The reporter praises Dadi for getting the beautiful diamond. Manish, Dadi, Suwarna and all Goenkas get shocked seeing the rare diamond in Naira’s ring. Naksh asks Naitik which diamond are they talking about, we bought that rare diamond. Naitik says yes, I don’t understand.

After the function ends, Naitik asks Manish did you get the rare diamond too. Manish asks what, did you get it too. Surekha says how can it happen, it was one piece. Naitik says we bought the diamond. Manish says we chose it and ordered, and that man gave it to you, now how did that happen reach Naira’s ring. Naira says I have done all this, I m sorry Papa, sorry uncle, Papa had real diamond, I got the diamonds exchanged by our diamond setting man. She tells how she replaced the rings before engagement. She apologizes to Naitik for hurting him, Naitik got that diamond for Kartik by love. She apologizes to Goenkas and says its not Papa’s mistake, if he knew you ordered same diamond, he would have not bought that diamond, I could not see you all get embarrassed, so I did this, I wanted to say but did not get chance.

Dadi smiles and hugs Naira. Everyone smile. Dadi says whatever you did, if I say its right, it will be injustice with your family, but thanks. Naitik says I m not hurt, I m feeling proud, who wants the rare diamond, if we have Kohinoor like you and Kartik. Manish blesses Naira. Kartik says people take bride home, I think my family will stay here, Dadi did you change team. Dadi hugs Kartik and Naira and blesses them.

Kirti’s husband comes and asks did I get much late. Kartik hugs him. Goenkas welcome him. Dadi says if we knew you would come, we would keep engagement after you arrive. He says Kirti did not knew I will come, I was busy in meeting. Manish says you would have told us. Kirti’s husband says its fine, I wanted to give surprise. Dadi says he is Kirti’s husband, Aditya, Kirti is lucky to get a husband like him. Kartik says even Aditya is lucky to get Kirti. Aditya asks will you not introduce your pretty fiancee. Kartik introduces Naira. Aditya forwards hand. Naira folds hands and does namaste. Aditya says we are of equal age nearly, I m just elder in relation, no need to touch feet. Kartik introduces Naksh. Kirti looks at Aditya.

Suwarna cries and says Akshara would be glad to get you, Surekha and Akhilesh were worried, you saved them from shattering. Naira says I did what anyone would do for family. Naira says I trust you, you will join Kartik with family after marriage, don’t stop trying. Kartik calls out Naira. Suwarna goes.

Aditya argues with Naksh. Aditya asks Manish did he check well while making these new relations, I hope you aren’t making any mistake. Naira gets angry.

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