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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Aaliya leaving from Bhalla house. She says I wish Adi was not here, I will go and get pastries for Pihu. She sees Ruhi leaving and thinks to call her to go with her. She calls Ruhi…. Raman and Ishita come and ask what happened. Aaliya says I was going to market. Raman asks is Adi not at home. Aaliya says he is there, I will go alone, I will manage. Adi comes in compound. Raman calls Adi and asks him to take Aaliya. Aaliya says he is going for boys nightout. Raman and Ishita ask Adi to drop Aaliya. Adi agrees. Adi and Aaliya leave.


Aaliya buys pastries and sees Ruhi at the bakery. She thinks whats Ruhi doing here alone. She calls Ruhi. Ruhi attends the call. Aaliya asks where are you. Ruhi lies to her that she is in parlor. Aaliya asks are you in parlor.

Ruhi says yes and ends call. Aaliya says why is Ruhi lying to me. Suhail asks Ruhi why did you lie. Ruhi says I lied to her, I did not wish to tell her. He says I said that by mistake that I love you. She asks what, you mean you don’t love me. Suhail says I love you a lot, but I did not wish to tell you that way, I wanted to say when you were ready to hear. She says I love you already. He says I m sorry, its complicated now, its fine, everything will get fine, I will talk to your parents. She says I just want to say, whatever happens, I m with you, I trust you completely, I love you a lot. They hug. He smiles.

Suhail does makeup to his face and wears fake bead and moustache, along with Sardar pagdi. He drives out of home. He goes to police station and gives some papers to inspector. He is allowed to meet someone. He meets someone/Niddhi and says I did as you said, Ruhi fell in love with me, she will rebel against her parents and come to me, Bhallas are gone.

Ishita tells Romi about tattoo artist’s state. Romi says I m sure someone dangerous is behind this, don’t worry, I will try to find out. Ishita gives medicines to Mrs. Bhalla. Neelu asks Ishita to see what she got, don’t know to whom it belongs. Ishita asks why are you smiling. Neelu asks her to see. Ishita checks the nightie in packet and keep it back. Everyone ask what is it. Ishita asks Neelu to keep it inside. Mihika asks what happened. She takes packet. Ishita says leave it. Mihika gets the nightie out of the packet. Everyone see it. Mihika puts nightie back in the packet. Everyone get embarrassed.

Mihika asks Romi did you get it. Romi says no, if I got it, I would have gifted it in room. Mr. Bhalla says its fine, there are many couples at home. Romi asks him did you get it. Mr. Bhalla asks him to see size. Mrs. Bhalla says he can’t be romantic, find out who got it and for whom. Aaliya comes and asks for food. Everyone see her. Aaliya asks what happened. Mihika says I think this is for you. Aaliya checks nightie and sees Adi. They all smile. Adi says I did not get this for Aaliya. Aaliya says its not mine. Mihika says its okay, sorry we spoiled your surprise. Romi says its fine, he is going to get married. Raman comes. Adi says I did not get it, and leaves.

Raman asks them to stop this, don’t anyone have work. He takes the packet. Everyone smile. Raman asks Ishita to come to room, I have some work. Romi says see, we are blaming each other and did not think of this couple. Ishita gets shy and goes. Mrs. Bhalla laughs.

Raman checks nightie. Ishita asks what was that, we have grown up kids. He says its for you. She asks for whom did you get. He says I made plan to make Suhail fall in Ruhi’s eyes, its part of plan, I wanted to prove Suhail characterless, desperate time and desperate measures. She asks whats this plan. He says we have to do something to make Ruhi away. She says there is no way. He says we will think of something.

Aaliya says it was embarrassing for me. Ruhi says being in love is a good feeling, you and Adi are perfect for each other, love brings special glow on face and spark in eyes, you always smile, that one person becomes imp for you, he always thinks for you, he will always love you. Aaliya asks is there anything which I don’t know. Ruhi smiles and says nothing like that. Aaliya asks her to say, are you in love. Ruhi nods and says yes, I love someone. Aaliya asks does anyone know about this at home. Ruhi says no, you also don’t tell anyone. Aaliya asks who is he, can I meet him. Ruhi says of course, you can meet me, give me some time, I will take you to meet him. Aaliya thinks Ruhi is in love, shall I tell this to Adi or not, we are not even talking well, Ruhi is very young and told this by trusting me, I think I should see if that guy is right for Ruhi or not, Ishita is stressed about Pihu, I can’t tell her.

Ruhi and Aaliya leave. Aaliya says I forgot to inform Ishita. Ruhi stops her and says don’t tell her. Aaliya says but we are going for shopping right. Ruhi says no, we are going to meet the one whom I love, I wanted to share this with you, don’t tell anyone. Aaliya says okay, don’t worry. She thinks I can’t tell Ishita about this now.

Pihu asks Ananya is she reading story book. Ananya says yes, its thriller story, Nancy drew’s story. She tells about the killer murdering someone. Pihu recalls Suhail killing the guy and cries. She starts shouting no. Ananya asks what happened and calls elders. Ishita comes there and sees Pihu crying. Pihu hugs her and cries. Pihu says that bad uncle will kill me, save me. Ishita asks who killed whom. Pihu says I don’t know, save me, I don’t remember his face. Ishita hugs her and consoles. Pihu falls asleep. Mihika rushes to call Raman. Ishita cries.

Lady says it means this is the story, Pihu has seen some murder. Raman and Ishita get shocked. Lady says so she is reacting violently on this story.

Update Credit to: Amena

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