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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ruhi taking food for her in a plate and leaving. Mihika asks where are you going. Ruhi says I will have breakfast in room today. Raman says I don’t like to be here and goes. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies Ishita. She says I did not call you to ask anything, its fine if you don’t want to tell me, I know you will tell me when you find right, the family knows there is some matter, we all are with you, we trust you more than Raman. Ishita thanks her and says there is some matter, I can’t tell anything now, I want to share one thing about Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla says she just has fever. Ishita says no, she was shivering with fear, she was not leaving me, she is wetting the bed every time, Pihu never did this, there is something in her mind. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to take Pihu to counsellor,

leave worrying about Raman.

Simmi meets Parmeet at cafe and asks why did you call me to meet. He says Ananya called me and said you stay tensed these days, I promised her I will ask you what’s the matter, so I called you. Simmi says nothing, I was tensed about work, there is nothing you can help me with. He says you have taken care of me when I was ill, I can’t forget it, I can do anything for Ananya, I want to give her perfect life. She says you mean I m not giving her perfect life. He says no, I was just saying, you gave her mum and dad’s love, I just want to say, if both her parents can give her love then…. She says no, I mean this can’t happen, you are Ananya’s father, but not my husband, I can never trust you, I m getting late for meeting, I should leave. She goes.

Ishita talks to counselor. The lady shows her the drawing made by Pihu. Ishita sees masked guy and red color. Lady says this drawing is disturbing, there is something in her mind. Ishita says don’t know what happened, she was normal in camp. Lady says maybe she has seen something after that, you have to win her confidence, you can engage her in talks and know whats in her mind, we will try art therapy, maybe it could work out. Ishita says fine, I will get her here, do you know any Dr. Vikram Behl. The lady says yes, he is a good psychiatrist, he left practice. Ishita asks why, because of his Alzheimer. Lady says no, his son died untimely by an accident. Ishita gets shocked and recalls Suhail’s words. She thanks her for info and goes.

Raman asks why shall I believe this. Ishita says its confusing, Suhail told us wrong story, real Vikram Behl left his profession because of his son’s death, Suhail is alive. Raman says stop it, I don’t want to hear anything against him, he is Ruhi’s friend, and organizing her show, stop it now, Suhail is innocent, he is a good guy. Ruhi hears this and goes. Raman shuts the door. Ishita says fine, don’t believe me, I will do what’s imp to protect our daughter. Raman says listen to me, she is my daughter too, I m with you, I also feel Suhail is lying. She asks what, you just said…. He says Ruhi was hearing us, she would have got annoyed, one of us have to win her trust, she is not ready to believe Suhail is bad, I did not believe you before, but now I m sure you are right. She asks how did you get surety. He says whatever you said, whatever happened, Suhail is common factor, it can’t be coincidence, I did not like him meeting Ruhi, he did favors on us so that we believe he is good, when Ruhi went to meet him, I went with Ruhi.

FB shows Ruhi saying I m going to meet Suhail, he is hurt, I have to go and apologize to him. Raman says yes, you are right, you should apologize, if you don’t mind, shall I come along to apologize. Suhail calls someone and shouts for getting AC repaired. Raman and Ruhi meet him. Suhail says much happened yesterday. Raman says we want to apologize, I don’t know why Ishita did all that, I can’t forget how you helped us, sorry. Suhail says no, you are elder, don’t apologize, I don’t want to hurt Ruhi, I want to save Ruhi from that man, if I m assumed to be that guy, how will I feel, don’t be sorry. Raman thanks him and hugs. Ruhi asks did you really forgive us. Raman holds his hand and sees some color getting on his hand and sleeves. Suhail says its okay. Peon says electrician has come. Raman says we should leave now. Raman and Ruhi leave. Ruhi says Suhail is so sweet, he has easily forgiven us, he is so good. Raman says as you genuinely said sorry to him. Ruhi asks what’s this, how did foundation get on your hand, girls use this to cover marks on face. Raman recalls holding Suhail’s left hand/arm. He says don’t know, leave it, come. FB ends.

Raman shows his sleeve to Ishita and says that’s why I felt Suhail lied, he applied makeup to hide the tattoo, we have to save Ruhi from him. Ishita says Suhail was there when Simmi called tattoo artist, that man went missing next morning. Raman recalls tattoo artist gone missing. Ishita says Suhail might have done this. He says our daughter is such a creep, she will not believe us and get away from us, Suhail is her best friend, she blindly trusts him, we have to save our girl, if you are against her, I have to make her believe I m with Suhail. She says I m scared. He hugs her. She says Suhail is really bad, Ruhi is in danger. He says nothing will happen, I will not leave Suhail. She asks him to control anger, its dangerous matter, we have to involve police, its MMS case. Raman says Abhishek has come back, we will tell him everything, I m sure he will find a way out.

Simmi meets Gaurav at cafe. He asks what did you think, are you marrying me. She says no. He says flat no, don’t you want companionship, we both need someone. She says if I m divorced, it does not mean I get married, I m self sufficient and happy with Ananya, I m not prepared for marriage, Ananya is my life, I kept her away from her dad, love may not be imp for you, for me its imp, companionship is not social requirement, my family loves me, just love can fill loneliness in my life, the man who loves me and my daughter will become my companion. She leaves.

Abhishek says we can’t arrest Suhail based on doubt, cab driver and tattoo artist are missing, what’s Suhail’s enmity with Ruhi, Ishita ji, Raman just think what’s family connection with Suhail, this missing link can connect us. Raman says Ashok is my biggest enemy, he is not in country. Ishita says we have one more enemy, Niddhi.

Counselor says Pihu is in trauma, she has seen something related to blood, she reacted violently, she has seen someone dying or bleeding. Ishita worries.

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