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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Raman, Ishita and Ruhi seeing Suhail’s left hand not having any tattoo. Suhail asks Raman for shirt. Raman says sorry, take it. Suhail wears the other shirt. Ishita recalls Vikram’s words. Raman says its fitting you well. Raman signs Ishita. Ishita gets angry and goes to Suhail. Ishita asks Suhail how did you manage, where did your tattoo go. Suhail asks what tattoo. Ishita asks did you remove it from laser. Raman asks her to stop it. Suhail asks Ruhi what’s happening.


Ruhi says Ishita met a random cab driver and saw tattoo of that blackmailer, she feels you are the blackmailer. He asks will I blackmail you. Ruhi says no, sorry. Suhail says so you invited me for dinner and Ishita made water fall on me, this is your opinion about me. Raman says sorry, I

will explain her. Suhail says you have beaten me and humiliated me, I thought its natural reaction of parents, but this is too much, I helped Ruhi, will I blackmail her. Ishita says I met your uncle Vikram Behl, your Papa committed suicide. Suhail says please don’t say this, my dad is suffering but did not die. Raman says I m sorry on her behalf.

Suhail says no need to say anything, I was stupid to find dearness in you all, I should have not come here. Suhail goes. Ruhi runs after him. Mihika and Simmi ask whats the matter. Raman says they fought, they will manage. Simmi asks Ishita to say whats the matter. Ishita asks her not to ask Ruhi anything.

Ruhi cries and asks Suhail to stop. Suhail asks her to leave him, I m stupid to come here to get myself insulted. Ruhi says its big misunderstanding, I explained Ishita. He say this happens with me every time, I love you Ruhi, that’s why I come here after so much insult. Ruhi gets shocked. She asks him to please stop and listen, your hand is bleeding, wait. Suhail drives off in his car. She cries.

Simmi gets a call and answers. She says I want to meet, tell me time and place, I will come. She worries and prays that everything gets fine. Ishita tries to convince Raman. She says I met Vikram, how could I ignore it, its about Ruhi’s life. Raman says exactly, why don’t you control, Ruhi ran after Suhail, where was the tattoo, if tattoo was not there, why did you insult him. Ruhi comes and asks Ishita how can she do this, any random cab driver said Suhail is his nephew, you agreed. Ishita says he showed me Suhail’s pic too. Ruhi asks will you agree to everyone, I was explaining Papa, it means you were doing drama too. She goes. Raman says did you get peace now, you will not become small if you accept mistake. Ishita says its about Ruhi’s life, you believe me.

He asks what shall I believe, that driver went without taking money, he was guilty, Suhail can’t be guilty, enough now, either you leave or I will leave, I can’t bear this now. She goes to Amma’s house. Amma asks what’s the matter. Ishita says don’t ask anything, I don’t know what’s happening, its all wrong, why is Raman fighting with me, I need peace and some space. Amma says you can stay here, but Pihu needs you. Ishita says I should be with Pihu at this time, I m sorry, I will be okay. Amma says you will be able to handle everything, take care. Ishita leaves.

Ishita goes to Pihu and says why is she shivering, she has no fever. Pihu talks in sleep. Ishita asks what happened. Pihu wakes up and hugs her, asking her to be with her. Ishita says its just a bad dream, what’s the matter, tell me. Pihu says nothing and hugs her. Ishita makes her sleep and says what happened to her, why did she get afraid, what’s the reason.

Ruhi breaks the lamp in anger and cries. She recalls Suhail’s love confession. Pyaar hai ya saza…..plays……… She thinks of Suhail. Ishita stays with Pihu. Simmi sits by Ananya’s side. Aaliya sees Adi’s pic. Raman stays worried in his room. Its morning, Ishita wakes up and makes Pihu lie well. She notices the bed wet and thinks there is some problem that Pihu is so scared, its not normal, I have to talk to counselor soon.

Mihika asks Romi why are Raman and Ishita worried, I m sure its about Ruhi. Romi recalls Raman’s words and says Ishita will tell us when she wants to, Ruhi is her daughter. Mrs. Bhalla says we are also worried. Romi says we should trust them, Raman and Ishita will not hide, they will tell us. Simmi is in hurry for work. She says I m late for presentation, I will not have food now, I won’t die if I don’t eat for a day. She leaves. Neelu says she forgot her file. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi argued and left, what happened to her.

Raman comes. Romi asks him to come for breakfast. Raman angrily shows the newspaper and tells about Bengaluru molestation case. He says such men should be shot, its men’s mistake to think they can use women, I have two daughters, I don’t want them to stay scared, and get freedom like my son. He gets angry and shares his views being hurt by this news. Mrs. Bhalla says we can just teach our sons to respect women, leave it, have breakfast. Raman refuses to have food. Ishita comes and finds him worried.

Ishita asks Raman not to believe her. She says I will do what I can to protect Ruhi. Raman says she is our daughter, we are together in this, I also feel Suhail is lying.

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