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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing the tattoo on Vikram’s hand. She recalls the tattoo. Vikram thanks Ishita and wears his jacket. Ishita thinks that MMS culprit had this tattoo, it means he is the one who made MMS, but Shagun’s house keeper said that guy was young, he is aged. She asks Vikram about the tattoo design. He says its our traditional sign of family, every man in our family has this tattoo. She asks does everyone get it. He says yes, my nephew also has this tattoo, see this. He shows Suhail’s pic. She gets shocked.

She asks is he your nephew. Vikram says yes. She asks what’s his name. He says Suhail Behl. Suhail pacifies Ruhi and asks why did you come office at this time. She says we are in problem, Raman and Romi were talking about blackmailer’s dead body, police

did not get MMS. He says yes, I deleted it. She says I felt bad hearing them, I could not tell them that we deleted the MMS and that dead body is of blackmailer, everyone is worried because of me, they are finding blackmailer, they went to Shagun’s house to ask about Australian home, if they know we were there and that murder happened because of us, what will we do. He says how will they know, I deleted MMS and destroyed phone too, we are safe, trust me, I promise I will take blame on myself if anything happens. She says don’t say this, you are my big support. She hugs him and says I could have not dealt with this alone. He asks her not to worry, everything will be fine.

Ishita asks Suhail Behl? She recalls Suhail’s words. She says you are Vikram Behl. He says yes. She asks where is his dad. He says Suhail’s dad is not in this world, he committed suicide some years back, I m like his dad now. She says I m so sorry, Suhail is handsome, I wanted to make you meet someone, does Suhail has this tattoo. He says yes, his left forearm has same tattoo, but why are you asking me, is there any problem. She says I wanted you to meet someone, sorry I got emotional, Suhail is perfect alliance for my niece, can you please wait, I will call my husband. He says no, Suhail is young for marriage. She says I have to pay you, wait. She rushes.

Simmi gets Gaurav’s call and says I will call you back, its imp to finish work. Gaurav says this is also imp. She asks him to wait for 10 mins. He says world changes in 10mins, I will come to point and not waste your time, Simmi will you marry me. She gets shocked. He says see I told you, world changes in 10mins, I m not romantic, we both are mature individuals and need partner in life, think logically and answer, I know deadlines are imp, continue your work. He ends call.

Ishita comes home. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her and says Pihu has fever, Aaliya is with her, Ruhi is not with her. Aaliya asks Pihu to have some water. Ishita goes and hugs Pihu. Pihu asks her to be with her always. Ishita says I m with you, what happened. Aaliya says Raman said Pihu has seen a bad dream. Pihu says please don’t leave me.

Aaliya says Pihu, you will get fine now, I will change your clothes. Pihu refuses. Ishita asks her to change, else they will get fever too. Pihu nods and hugs her. Aaliya gets clothes. Ishita asks Aaliya to change Pihu’s clothes, call me if there is any problem. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita how did you come, why did you not call Raman. Ishita asks where is he. Mrs. Bhalla says he is in his room, he looked worried. Ishita says I will talk to him, you call me after Pihu changed and comes.

Raman asks Suhail? I will not doubt on him now, he is helping Ruhi. She says I m not blaming him, I m saying what I have seen, Vikram Behl is his uncle, he owns a taxi, his dad died by committing suicide, Vikram told me that tattoo is on every man in their family, even tattoo artist told the same, we can’t ignore this, Vikram is waiting, I told him I will come, you did not get tattoo on that dead body’s hand, maybe mastermind is Suhail. He asks are you saying Suhail is mastermind.

Ruhi hears this and cries. She says you both are doubting on Suhail, how can you think so, he always helped me. Ishita says we can’t ignore any proof, Vikram is waiting downstairs, we will go and talk to him, we can queestion him. Raman says Ishita is right, we can clear doubts. Ruhi agrees. They go and see Vikram and the car gone. Raman asks where is the car. Ishita says he was here. She asks watchman. He says he got a call and left. Ruhi says I told you he is fake man, he did not wait to take money, he lied about Suhail, Suhail can’t be blackmailer.

Ishita says we can believe this if he does not have tattoo on his hand, we have to check. Ruhi asks how can you embarrass me by asking him. Ishita says we are elders and know how to check his tattoo without letting him know. Raman says Ruhi, we will check once and we will not let him know, you trust me right. Ruhi says you are just wasting time. Raman calls Suhail. Ruhi thinks I wish I could tell them Suhail took a big step for me and they are doubting on him. Raman asks Suhail to come home for dinner. Raman does not like this idea. Ishita says I doubt on Suhail. He says fine, we will wait, it will get clear.

Ananya talks to Simmi. She finds Simmi lost and asks what happened. Simmi hugs her and cries. Ananya asks what’s the matter, if you are upset, there is something. Simmi says nothing. Ananya says I have grown up, tell me. Simmi says there is nothing, I m in tension about work, go and play with Shravan. She sends Ananya. She thinks why did Gaurav propose me, he is my good friend, we don’t have attraction, I like his company but it does not mean…

Ruhi asks Raman to behave normal. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman how did you invite Suhail for dinner. Ishita says for me, I was not on new years. Suhail comes and greets them. Ishita wishes him happy new year. Suhail asks is everything fine, you called me for dinner suddenly. Raman says yes, Ishita was not on new years, so we wanted to celebrate again. They attend Suhail. Ruhi feels sorry to not warn Suhail and hopes he forgives her.

Ishita gets water and signs Raman. Raman sneezes. Ishita makes water fall on Suhail and says sorry, Raman sneezed and I…. Suhail says its okay. Ishita says go and change, you will catch cold. Raman takes him. Ishita says I will see if he gets the shirt or not. Raman says sorry, I will give you shirt, change, don’t be formal, stained clothes do not suit good personality. Suhail removes his shirt. Ishita and Ruhi look on. They look at his left hand.

Ruhi asks Suhail to listen. Suhail angrily leaves. Mihika and Simmi ask what happened Ruhi. Ruhi runs after Suhail. Raman says they both had a small fight, they will manage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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