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Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 35)


Hello Everyone.
Chapter 35
We make efforts for those, who mean the world to us !!


Naira’s POV.
He had a nightmare about me ?!!

He sounded so worried. Was he going to be okay ?!! I didn’t think so. I knew he’d think about the nightmare all day. I was really worried about him now.

Just then when I was thinking about how to cheer him up, an idea crossed my mind. A Sleepover.
We could have a sleepover tonight. Mumma and papa were anyway out of town and it was only me,bhai and bhabi. Maybe it would help him out.

I immediately called bhabi, she had gone to krishna to help bhai since it was a festive season and the clients were coming in huge numbers. I loved how she always had the back of bhai. Though I didn’t remember their love story and wedding, I was now sure that she was perfect for my bhai !!

“Hello. How are you feeling now ?!! Did you have your lunch ?!! Have you taken the medicines ?!!”She said in her cheerful voice without giving me time to answer.

“Yeah. Yeah. Bhabi I have had my lunch and my medicines as well. Actually I needed some help !!” I said.

“Go on.” She said.

“Actually since mumma and papa are not in town I was thinking of planning a sleepover !! I wanted to invite Karthik !!” I said, and she gasped.

“Ooooh !! Then me and naksh would have dinner at a hotel. We don’t wanna be the third wheel.” She said. I smiled as I felt heat rising up my cheeks.

“No, it’s nothing like that. I want you guys to be there. Actually Karthik called this morning, and he was pretty frustrated because of some nightmare he had last night. I just want to make him feel better, you know ?!!” I said. Keerti bhabi laughed from the other side.

Was I being too weird ?!!

“Awww !! That’s so sweet of you. Don’t worry me and naksh would be home soon. Also Don’t stress yourself by making something to eat or by cleaning the house. I will do it after coming home.” She said.
“Yes, mam. Anyway I wouldn’t take the risk of entering the kitchen and making something as I know I can only create a mess out of it !!” I said and she laughed at my cooking skills.

“Okay, Bye. Come soon.” I said and hung up.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I hope my plan works out and he feels better…

Karthik’s POV.

The sun was shining bright outside. Last night was probably one of the best night I’d spent with Naira, but also it brought back the horrible nightmare which was haunting me since the morning.

It was terribly a long and tiring day, and the clock seemed to hate me now. I had nothing to do, but sit and wait for the day to pass.

As I sat in my room, taking out my anger, on anything and everything, my phone rang. I wasn’t in a mood to talk to anyone.

I picked up, only to be greeted by a cheerful voice.
“Hello !! What’s up ?!!” It was Naira.

“Nothing much. What’s up with you ?!!” I asked, trying not to be rude in anything. As she sounded happy and I didn’t want to make her feel bad by telling her I wasn’t in a mood to talk.

“What’s up is that, you have to come to my place tonight. It’s kind of a sleepover. Bhai and bhabi are going to be there as well. But no excuses, haan. You’ve to come.” She said.

Sleepover ?!! Isn’t it what kids do ?!! I smiled at the way she directly ordered me to come. She sounded like MY Naira now. All fiesty and stubborn !!

“Sleepover ?!! What’s so special tonight ?!!” I asked.

“You’ll see. But for that, you’ve to come.” She said.

“Okay, I’ll be there.” I said and I could picture her doing a happy dance. After that, she hung up in a hurry.

It’s funny, how irritated I was a few minutes ago, and how better I was feeling right now. Sometimes, just hearing someone’s voice can make you feel better, and here I was getting a ray of hope…….

Naira may not be remembering anything, but at least she was trying to make new memories. I hadn’t seen such a strong girl in my life. She was very different from others and that’s what I loved about her.

All the memories we had, she had, may have left her. But the positivity inside her, her strength, her perspective about living life had not left her and it’ll never leave her !!

Naira’s POV.

I and bhai sat in the living room between a bunch full of DVD’s selecting a movie to watch.Bhabi was making popcorn in the kitchen, and Karthik hadn’t arrived yet. He was late…

I don’t know why, but I was starting to feel nervous. What if he doesn’t come ?!! What if he’s really upset with whatever nightmare he had ?!! Will he be okay ?!! I started overthinking and didn’t even realize that I was pacing around the room in a very weird manner.

“Naira stop worrying about him, okay ?!! He said, he’ll come, right ?!! So he will.” Keerti bhabi said grabbing me by my shoulders.
I stopped pacing around and gave her a weak smile. But that didn’t seem to convince her that I was fine, because even she knew I wasn’t fine.

“Okay, so you don’t know how happy you made him when you called him over for tonight. Trust me Naira, he’s going to be here soon.” She said, assuring me, when suddenly, the bell rang. He’s here !!

“Told you.” Keerti bhabi mumbled and I walked away to open the door.

There he was, standing at the doorway, in his tracks and t-shirt along with a hoodie. How did he even manage to look so good in such simple clothes ?!!

“You’re late. I thought you’d never show up.” I said, leaning against the door.

He smiled. “But I did.”

“I’m glad that you did.” I said.
I hadn’t really told him about the actual reason behind this so-called sleepover. I just told him that mumma and papa were out of town and bhai and bhabi wanted to spend some time with him !!

Precap : Keerti revealing that Naira had actually kept the sleepover for Karthik !! Naksh and Keerti fight over which movie to watch. Pillow fight !!
So I was a bit free today and thus this Chapter is a bonus for you peeps. I generally post 2 chapters in a day but today this is my 3rd Chapter. Also I am more likely to post another one by night !! So I want all of you to comment on every Chapter please.
Just because I am posting the chapters one after another please don’t forget to comment !!
So finally Karthik has arrived. Let’s expect a bang on sleepover. Also I love how Keerti keeps on spilling beans about kaira. First she told Naira about the engagement and now she will tell Karthik about the sleepover !!
Also do watch todays Yrkkh as kaira engagement is going to start. I guess it would last for about 2-3 episodes !! So its going to be a grand engagement. Also there are going to be some small yet cute kaira moments.
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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