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Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 30)

Hello Everyone.
Chapter 30
How long can she be ignorant of my love ?!!

Naira’s POV.


“Who are you ?!!” I asked, as I noticed four more people standing behind the person who just pulled me into a hug. I looked closely and realized my papa,bhai and mumma standing there with worried faces. Bhai stood beside a girl, maybe a year or two older than me.Who was she ?!!

“Mumma ?!!” I said.

“Oh Naira !! How are you bachha ?!! I’m so glad you’re ohkay.” She said as she engulfed me in a hug. She was crying and so were the rest of the people in the room except the doctor.

‘But how did I get into the hospital ?!! What happened ?!!’ I wondered.

“Papa, why am I here ?!!” I asked.

“You had an accident, Princess. You dont remember ?!! We all were so worried about you. Specially Karthik.” he said and looked at the guy beside me.
He looked so pained. Like he had just lost something really expensive. I still couldn’t understand why he just hugged me at first. Who was he ?!!

“I’m sorry. Who ?!!” I asked again.
Everybody looked shocked, worried and maybe confused. The unknown girl looked at bhai with the same expression. This is really annoying. I need to know what’s going on.

“Naira, you just met with an accident. Do you remember anything that happened before that ?!!” The doctor asked in a calm tone.
Damn, I don’t even remember I met with an accident !! What’s he talking about ?!!

“No, no. I don’t remember anything about the accident and anything before that.” I said, starting to panic. The room fell silent.

“What’s wrong ?!! I need to know what happened. what’s wrong ?!!” I asked. But before anyone could answer anything, the doctor spoke up.

“Naira, I’m afraid you’re not remembering anything. It’s okay. Don’t panic. Just take rest for a while and it’ll be okay.” He said.
Take rest ?!! Take rest when I don’t know how I ended up in the hospital with people I don’t even know ?!!

“Naira, look, you need rest. I’ll be right outside, alright ?!! I promise.” Mumma said as I laid back on the bed. I nodded, feeling too tired to say anything as she kissed my forehead before leaving with others.

Karthik’s POV.

Who are you ?!! I couldn’t believe what just happened. I felt like a thousand knives were stabbed into my heart. The look in her eyes,it was killing me from inside out.

She doesn’t remember me. She doesn’t even recognize me. She forgot everything. I kept on thinking as I walked outside.

“Doctor, what’s wrong ?!! Why doesn’t she remember anything ?!!” Akshara aunty asked, quite disturbed by whatever happened inside.

“Naira had hit her head hard during the accident. That caused some damage to her brain and such cases can lead to amnesia. I fear Naira has retrograde amnesia, which means, that she has completely erased a long time from her memory.” He said.

But still,she didn’t remember me !!

“Will she ever get her memory back ?!!” I asked.

“Depends. I mean we’ve to start reminding her about the people in her life. Show her videos, pictures ,whatever is there from the past. If she reacts calmly, and is willing to know more, she may get her memory back. But I cannot guarantee anything, because in some cases, patients never get their memory back. You’ll just have to be easy on her. Don’t put pressure on her, that would be worse.” He said.

This cannot happen right ?!! She cannot just forget everything like that. She has to remember.How am I even going to live without her ?!!

As soon as the doctors left Naksh turned to me. “Karthik, don’t worry, okay ?!! She’ll remember everything soon. Right now, lets just be glad that she is okay.” He said.

“I don’t know.What if she never gets her memory back ?!! You didn’t see her inside Naksh. She looked at me like I was nobody.” I said.

“Karthik, I know it’s hard for you. It’s hard for all of us, but just look to the positive side of it. She can get her memory back. We just have to believe in God.” This time, it wasn’t Naksh who spoke. It was Akshara aunty. Naitik sir walked towards me and kept his hand on my shoulder to assure me.

“Karthik, just calm down. I know you’re hurt, but we can help Naira to get her memory back. I promise you, you wont have to stay away from her.” he said. I didn’t know what to say.
I didn’t have anything to say….

In last four hours, my life turned into a complete mess. I had almost lost the person, I loved the most, and now, I had just become another stranger for her……..

Naira’s POV.

“Naira, wake up .” Bhai’s voice rang in my ears. I opened my eyes to see him beside me. Mumma and papa stood beside him. It was just four of us.

“We’re going home.” Bhai said.

“But before we go home, we need to tell you something. Actually, there are a lot of things you need to know.” he said and I sensed something really serious was coming up.
The doctor had entered the room and mumma was looking at papa, who in return gave her an assuring look. I was beyond confused.

“You know you met with an accident, right ?!!” Bhai asked while I nodded and waited for him to proceed.

“Since you hit your head you dont remember anything clearly, do you ?!!” he asked and I shook my head saying a no. Then he just looked at the doctor and asked him to continue.

“Naira, you have retrograde amnesia.” He stated. That one statement of his was enough to send me in shock.

“Look don’t worry. You’ve forgotten only a few years of your life. That is, you may not remember most of your friends and colleagues. But there’s nothing to worry about. Soon, you’ll remember everything. Just don’t pressurize yourself to remember things, alright ?!!” He said.

Forgotten. That means I’ve completely erased some people from my life. As soon as I thought about those people, the first face that came to my mind was that guy who was here previously. The one who seemed to know me very well,but I had no clue who he was.

As soon as I tried to remember things, my head ached. I just wanted to go home.I closed my eyes for a while hopping that the strong pain would go away.

Everytime I closed my eyes, his face flashed in front of me. Even though, I had no clue who he was, I was getting more curious to know about him. His thoughts were only making it harder for me to rest.

God, what’s happening in my life ?!! Just make everything right, please.

Precap : Naksh’s mission Kaira !! A homecoming party.Keerti spilling out about kaira engagement. Naira shocked.
I know peeps this Chapter didn’t have much content in it but the next one will be a long one and also an interesting one. Actually I have a family function to attend today so couldn’t write much. But will be writing a long one after coming back. So next Chapter will be posted by tonight !!
So peeps even though she doesn’t remember him, Naira is still thinking about Karthik. Its a good thing indeed. Some intensity, love, confusion and surprises coming your way so stay tuned !!
Ps : Also this is Chapter 30. Another milestone for me. Thank you all of you for the love and support.
Do comment. Keep smiling. Keep watching Yrkkh !!

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