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Why People Hate Kanchi aka Gayu?

Why Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, viewers hate Gayu?

I don’t get why people hate Gayu, she’s just playing her character. They just hate her cause of she came in between Kaira. She is also a human, if we fall in love with someone and that person loves someone else, it’s not our fault. If then people hate you, how would you feel? I don’t get why people actually really hates her! She can’t do anything, she has to listen to the director!


People are still hating her, even though, she sacrificed! We should say thank you to Gayu, for making our Kaira one. It’s just a show, geez, take a chill pill!

People judge her in her looks! She just looks so cute and innocent! Please guys stop hating on her, she is better than Naira, I love both of them. Why do people hate Gayu? They both are an actress, instead of judging their personality and looks, judge their acting. I believe, Gayu knows how to act perfectly, her emotions are just real. Naira’s acting is also good, but to be honest, Gayu acting is way better!

Guys we all know that one day, our lovely Gayu will get someone way more better than Karthik right?

– This is my opinion, don’t judge

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