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When you came into my life (episode 4)

Kartik gets ready for the office in the morning .
Kartik (in mind) : Hope today I get t see Naira in a good mood .
He smiles and leaves .
In the office :
Naira : We must do everything as the client says okay ? And yea everything should be ready on time .
Kartik : Yea absoulately .
Naira : You said you need help regarding the presentation righy .
Kartik: Yea .
Naira : Ok let me help you .
Shd helps him .
Later kartik presents the prsentstion .
The clients finalise the deal and leave .
Naira : Well done .
Kartik : Thank you.
Naira : Thank you for what ?
Kartik : For helping me .
Naira : Welcome .
She leaves .
At night : Kartik thinks about Naira . He imagines her everywhere .
He smiles thinking about her .

Precap : Naira shouts at an employee . Later kartik heps her and she thanks him .

Okay guys I can’t write longer because I have homework . So bye .

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