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What’s your take on Udaan’s current track?

Udaan started on Colors with a strong subject on bonded labor and their struggles in life. The show started really well with the concept being the limelight. Little Chakor becomes Kamal Narayan’s bandhua before her birth. Her struggles in life begins when she is given to Kamal Narayan to serve his family as a bonded servant. Chakor never gives up and her fights against the dominant ruler of Aazaadgunj begins. The track went on interesting and brought many inspiring tales connecting Chakor’s childhood.

After the generation leap, the show got its lead stars. The leads won a big fan following by their wonderful chemistry. The show progressed a lot in story, but the concept of bandhua/bonded labor is still very much evident. Sadly, the point of Kamal Narayan winning over everyone is still working. This time, he makes his own son Suraj a bandhua to punish him. Having seen a huge number of episodes, the show gives the same drama dose of tear sheds, torturing scenes and violence on bonded labor. A relief comes as Suraj and Chakor have become a couple recently. Their romance and support is the good thing to watch in emotionally draining scenes. Do you find Udaan’s track going interesting? Let us know in this poll. You may leave a comment as well.


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