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we will be always together: twinj os

Hey guys I m back with new os….I m bit early because I won’t be able to write any ff or os till February as I will be busy so…
Ok let’s start

Kunj’s POV
“I love you kunj, yes I love you very much…I can’t live without you” Priya my business partner proposed me..I and Priya were working together since 2 years..I m kunj sarna India’s biggest tycoon and most handsome and hot guy…all girls were behind me but my heart loved only one person…”sorry Priya I don’t love you my intension is not to break your heart but I always consider u as my best friend I hope you understood” I completed my words and left the cabin..I sat in my car and drove off to my house…as I opened the door a small boy came and hugged me “papa I missed you” he said. Yes he is my son aarush…he is 3 years old.I promised him to take him out today..”papa come let’s go out” he said..I changed my dress and took him to mall.We enjoyed there a lot and had our dinner..I stopped my car near our home and saw my son in deep sleep. So without disturbing his sleep I picked him up and took him inside our house…I placed him on the bed and pecked him on his forehead and slept beside him as I was also tired..

Next day
I was ready to go to office but my son was not letting me to go to office as he wanted me to spend sometime with him…as I was about to go Priya entered my house and quickly hugged me.I was shocked by her behaviour so I didn’t respond to her hug..
She broke hug and stared me with teary

kunj my father has fixed with Mr.malhothra’s son but I don’t want to marry him because I can’t live without you..I love you kunj” she said…”Priya plz don’t break your father’s heart go back to your house..Mr.malhothra’s son is very good guy he will keep you happy” I said…”but my happiness lies withun you kunj I want to spend my life with you happily” she said..

“But I can’t give that happiness” I said with disheartened… Now she was angry..she held my hand tightly and asked me”why are you doing like this to me if there is some in your life then tell me I will back off but spell it out if you have any girlfriend” she shouted at me…”papa plz help me to wear these shoes”my son said with cute expression.. Priya was shocked to see aarush..she looked at me with confused.I made my son to wear his shoes and told him to go and play outside…
I turned towards Priya she was having many questions running in her mind so I made her to sit and said” I know u r surprised to know that I have a son which I didn’t tell you but today I will tell you my love story which I kept it secret from the world”

“Kunj you are not a good husband see na how you are applying nail polish” said twinkle with angry pout..”twinkle koyi bhi pati apni patni ko nail polish nahi laga tha hair par mein ek acche pati ki tarah seva kar raha hoon but you huh..” Said kunj
Twinj were married to eo..they were orphan..they loved eo since childhood
“Aww my hubby is angry” said twinkle and kissed his cheek..kunj smiled at her and said “but still I m angry with you”
T:but smiled at me na that means your angry got vanished right
Twinkle said with cute pout..kunj smiled at her cute expression but didn’t show her
K: but u didn’t kiss me on my lips

Twinkle blushed and tried to run but kunj caught her and pulled her towards him…they shares a cute eye lock and came closer kunj’s eyes fell on her lips and proceed towards it within a sec he captured her lips and both kissed eo passionately.. After 3 mins they broke kiss and smiled at eo..
K:thank you twinki for giving me such a beautiful gift I m going to become father..
But you have still not grown up..I can’t believe my child is going to become mother…..and he laughed at her..
T(with angry pout): kunj don’t call me child..I m grown up now
Kunj smiled at her
K:OK sorry my baby…and both hugged eo..

Days passed and I took care of twinkle very nicely I cared her like a small child sometimes she used to behave like small child and sometimes scolded me like mother but I liked to pamper and get pampered by her..
We went to hospital for twinkle’s check up…they took for scanning… Doctor called me inside to hear our baby’s heartbeat..
As I listened its heartbeat I felt like heaven a tear escaped from my eyes I held twinkle’s hand and kissed it..she was also having tears in her eyes..
K:twinkle we are going to have a complete our family I felt like heaven when I heard my child’s heartbeat

T:yes kunj only few days after that our child will be in our arms..
Days passed and it was time for twinkle’s delivery.. She gave birth to a boy baby..
I carried my sin in my arms and I felt that I have got all the happiness in my life we are now complete family…
We were leading a happy life…we built a new house according to twinkle’s wish..she wanted to have eco-friendly house and she was found of plants and trees so our house was surrounded with plants and trees even inside..we had small farm also in our garden where we grown corn,wheat and some vegetables.. I also enjoyed this desi culture.. We were leading a happy life only we three..Twinkle was same she never changed her behaviour I felt that I had two kids…she used to fight with me and sometimes she took care of me and aarush like typical mother…

One day aarush spoke his first word “papa” and twinkle was angry with that she came to our carrying aarush and handed him to me with angry pout
T:all children speak their first word as “maa” but your son spoke”papa” I know you both are one part and I m alone go I don’t want to speak with you both
She said childishly..I loved her childish talks..
I pulled her towards me and made her to sit beside me…we sat there silently for sometime
T:you know I felt very happy when he spoke “papa” for first time…kunj promise me you won’t marry other girl if I die…
I quickly captured her lips and the kiss lasted for 5 mins..I broke the kiss and said
K:don’t u dare to talk about death..we will live together and die together
She smiled at me and kept her head on my shoulder and slept..

Next morning

I got up and saw my wife sleeping at my right side and my son had got up early and was smiling at me..I picked him in my arms and started to play with him..he suddenly spoke “mumma” I was happy and relieved bcoz twinkle would killed me if he didn’t say mumma I turned towards twinkle and called her name but she didn’t get up..
K:twinkle get up from today you became officially aarush’s mother..he called you “mumma” now come on don’t check my patience..
But she didn’t wake up now I was hell tensed I took her head in my lap and rubbed her hand and foot put she didn’t get up..I called doctor.. He came and examined her and said

K:I m sorry Mr.sarna she is no more she had a major heart attack..
I stood there numb I felt it as a dream but it was reality I lost my life my love twinkle…I looked towards my son who was crawling in his mother’s arm I felt bad that he didn’t knew his mother is dead I took my son in my arms and cried a lot…

Flashback ends..

“That was our last kiss and last conversation and left us alone” he said
Priya was crying listening to his story she felt sorry for behaving so rude with him
P:I m sorry kunj I shouldn’t have behaved like that with you
K:you don’t be sorry..its not your fault..
P:I promise you kunj I will go back to home and marry him only…
She was about to go but turned towards him and said
P:do you miss her?
K:no…because I feel she is with me only…now see she is standing behind you with angry pout…
Priya turned behind but no one was there
K:I know you are thinking that if I have gone mad but I feel she is not dead she is living with us only…

P:you both are such a true lovers…don’t forget to come to my marriage..
She picked aarush in her arms and said
P: you are so luck to have such lovely parents…and she kissed his cheek..she handed him to kunj and quickly pecked kunj’s cheek…
P:I m sorry twinkle this was first and last kiss but kunj will be yours forever…
She bid them bye and left
Kunj picked his son in his arms…and said
K: now your mother will be cursing me by seeing this but I will always remain hers tillmy last breath…


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