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We fell in love in just 7 days (episode 8)

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Its a pooja at home .
Suhani is running behind yuvraj
Suhani – plz yuvraj let me meet dad
Yuvraj – no suhani
Yuvraj doesnt look at suhani
Suhani comes infront of him
Suhani is wearing pink and white lehenga
Suhani – yuvraj plz you know for meeting dad i wored this lehenga
Yuvraj – then what can i do ?
Suhani – plz
Yuvraj – no
Suhani is about to fall but yuvraj holds her by waist they share a eyelock
Yuvraj – suhani if you dont know to handle lehenga why you weared it
Suhani – bcoz its a pooja today at home
Yuvraj – you are mad
They smile seeing each other .


Soumya comes and sees them in that position
She gets angry
Soumya – yuvraj
Yuvraj and suhani moves away
Soumya – yuvraj plz put her somewhere else plz
Yuvraj – ok
Yuvraj holds suhani hand and drags her to the storeroom
Yuvraj – sorry suhani plz leave her
Suhani – but …
Yuvraj – no excuses plz
He leaves … leaving suhani alone in storeroom
Yuvraj goes to soumya and sits in pooja ….
Soumya – sorry yuvraj for yesterday
Yuvraj – hmm
Pooja ends .

Its noon
Yuvraj is going in meeting but he recalls suhani is locked inside storeroom
Yuvraj goes and opens the storeroom
He sees suhani bit unconsious
He holds suhani
Yuvraj – suhani suhani what happend ??
Suhani – actually i take that pills na toh if i dont eat anything more than 3 hours it happens
Yuvraj hugs her tightly
Yuvraj – sorry suhani i promise i will not do this again
Suhani – its ok yuvraj dont be worried
They move apart …

Its evening …
Yuvraj is standing with rishi
Rishi – look down where suhani ji is going ??
Yuvraj sees this and runs down
He holds suhani ‘s hand
Yuvraj – where are you going without informing ??
Suhani – plz meet me dad
Yuvraj – no suhani
Suhani – plz then let me see him
Yuvraj – ok come

They reach near suhani house.
Yuvraj – promise me after this you will leave this pills
Suhani – ok i promise
She takes out pills and gives it to yuvraj
Yuvraj throws it
Yuvraj goes inside suhani house
He calls pankaj
Pankaj – what are you doing here at night ??
Yuvraj – come with me on teraace
Yuvraj drags him to terrace
Pankaj – what are you doing
Yuvraj – i m thinking to come on horse
Pankaj – do whatever you want to do
Yuvraj turns pankaj on suhani side
Suhani sees pankaj and cries
Yuvraj – ok now by papa
Pankaj – what type of person are you ?? You called me to play horse horse in night ??
Yuvraj – it is nothing like that papa
Pankaj leaves from there angrily

Yuvraj comes out from shrivastave house and goes to suhani
Yuvraj – suhani lets go
Yuvraj sees suhani crying
Yuvraj wipes her tears and cupes her face
Suhani and yuvraj starts walking .
Suhani holdes yuvraj hand and yuvraj lookes at her .
They have a eyelock zehnaseeb instrumental plays in back ground …
Suhani – yuvraj soumya is not perfect for you
Yuvraj – then who is perfect
Suhani – me
Yuvraj leaves her hand and starts walking again

It is long guys hope you enjoyed plz comment guys … i will wait for your lovely comments …

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