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“Was that love at first sight” DEVAKSHI FF- episode 6

Sooo hello guys… I am back and just four more episodes and then I will end it.. as I am not really getting comments plus I have so many classes works holiday homework ? and so many things so I am not getting time..
Now let’s just bring it on….

Dev:why didn’t u XPress earlier that u love me..
Sona:I didn’t know…
Elena:leave but first let’s just take a selfie..
They pose.. but mr. Our mr. Dixit is busy seeking Sonakshi,s glances., ?
Finally dev and Sona after some cosy moments… leave eo where dev goes home..


Next in Sona. S rooom solena are busy chatting when elena gets a challenge on musical.ly(guys if u aren’t aware what it really is.. then it’s an app, kinda similar to dub smash or funimate)
It’s the juju on dat beat challenge…Song ☝️
She pushes Sona to make her video.., when Sona is making Saurabh comes and says that chudail dance karna shuru ho gai…
…..”……………….,,,……., ………………

Leap of 3years..
Sona and dev are doing really welll.. all have passed with really good marks when their family accepts their relationship and their marriage date is fixed….

Lol ?

So guys I know you might be ? ‘ye kya ho gaya ”
But this is the truth I will end it in the 10th épi…
Until next time comment and take care..
Silent readers wake up..???

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