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unexpected love- i love that

Im a big fan of swasan …. Almost most lovable telly soaps have been bringing in a pattern of love story.
As far as fans have been used to this expected twists … I think this one factor has been nailing a show to a hit…..
first all the soaps feature a lead pair that becomes fan’s fav, may it be tharuv or swalak……..
first they hate then the hero loves …they love , move around as couple , stabilize their relation ..
then comes the trump card character…. Until his introduction we don’t realize that he’s the turning point. Obviously the character under sleeve on exposure turns to be the main lead.

The bang on between those characters is even more compared to the previous pairing that nails on audience.
A lot of twists that may irritate the audience, pushes them to an extend of not watching those shows.. but still I think the right twist of bringing in the male lead –their chemistry has been the reason for holding fans to that soap…


This romance is a kinda feeling that never wears out especially swasan have had the spark, chemistry between them, inspite of their separation and all those dragggy, irritating tracks … One never will disagree with the fact that they must at some point of time have reconsidered watching the show which they must have thought of quitting due to their lead pairs…..
More than introducing mere lead pairs, love, marriage…. This surprise characters that turn out to be lead never fails to impress anyone…….especially swasan, thahaan….
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