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Udaan 5th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Udaan 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Chakor packs her bags, when she comes to look at her mangal sooter in the mirror and get sentimental. She takes sindoor from the drawer and put it on. Every piece of cloth reminds her of memories with Sooraj. Champa brings her a letter from Sooraj and cheers that he remembers her birthday. She thinks about thanking him, then decides not to call him until he does. He wrote her a riddle to find her gift in the house where sky is not visible. She heads towards basement.
The goon informs Kamal Narayan he has hidden bomb somewhere nowhere will discover till evening. Kamal Narayan laughs in appreciation, awaiting Chakor’s end. Chakor comes to basement and finds another letter, asking her to reach where her name shines. She heads towards her parent’s house then wonders where does her name actually shines?

She enters the house and looks around. Her father enters the house, asking what was she looking in the trunk. She wonders where can her name shine, then recalls her trophy. There in the cupboard was another letter. The next letter reads that her gift is at the largest place of the village. Chakor judge the name at once.
Tejaswini comes calling Chakor, as she isn’t safe here. Kamal Narayan spits over her shame. Tejaswini questions what he has done to Chakor, he wants to kill her but she won’t let him even touch her. Kamal Narayan wonders what a love she has with her daughter in law. She comes to grab his collar this time, asking why is he stone hearted. That girl saved him from sin of murdering his own son. Kamal Narayan says he wants to kill Chakor as she let Sooraj live. He pushes Tejaswini away and shouts at her to leave this place. Tejaswini boasts he cannot kill her, as he must have done this really early. But she won’t let him kill Chakor as well. Kamal Narayan says Chakor isn’t home, but wherever she goes he would kill her. He has placed a bomb to kill her. He would cheer with each piece she tears into. He sends her to find the bomb now.
Chakor reaches the tree with a number of gifts tied to the tree. She cheers and collects all of them. There was a letter, reading gifting her is the most difficult task. She doesn’t like things easily, and she never celebrated her birthday as bandhwa children have no birthday. These gifts are for each of her birthday, from her husband Sooraj. Tears fell off Sooraj’s eyes. Imli reaches to hug Chakor a happy birthday. Chakor guess Sooraj took Imli’s help in doing this all. Imli tells her that Sooraj gave her the instructions. They sit to open the gifts. Tejaswini comes stop Chakor from opening these boxes, as there might be a bomb in any of these. Chakor says they must find the bomb and dispose it in time, she needs to look into them.

PRECAP: Kamal Narayan watches the bomb packed inside a stuffed toy. Chakor instructs everyone to keep an eye on anything suspected. Imli was watching over the unloading of gift packs when she finds a box suspected.


Update Credit to: Sona

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