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Twinj:Immortal struggling love Chapter 50 ( golden jublie)

Note: the story is followed by the Titanic story line bt nt exactly the same. Changes is made according to my fiction.
As everyone knws hw great this story is bt if i fail to reach ur expectations plz excuse me.
(I am nt going to drag it)

Chapter 50:


Kunj s pov:
We both ran upstairs but all the ways are blocked with water.
Some how with all efforts we came to upstairs where the ship officers were trying to send ppl safely in boats. The first priority was given to ladies n kids.
‘Twinkle, u go. I wil come,’ I said making her go into boat.
‘Kunj…how can I leave u,no…I can’t, ‘ twinkle replied being adamant.
‘Twinkle please go…I will be there, ‘ I try convincing her.
‘Mam…get in soon,’ the cop ordered her. I made her to sit in the boat and all the time we were lost in eo eyes, we had some talks which meant nly fr eyes.
I stepped back and tried to return coz I knw my twinkle won’t be able to leave me alone here. I moved away frm the place.
After few seconds I heard ppl shouting I turned to see the hustle bustle near boats I panicked and ran to the place to see twinkle jumped outside of the boat. She landed in one of the floors.
‘Oh ..god….’ I thought n ran downstairs.
*end of kunj s pov*

Twinkles pov:
I wasn’t able to leave him here, he went away frm the place so I just jumped away frm the boat. I ran upstairs to meet him.
But he noticed me i ran to him n hugged him.
‘What’s wrong with u ? Who the hell told u to jump?’ He asked me while hugging.
He was concerned about me.
‘My heart…..my heart said me to do,’ I replied him.
‘Kunj….if we can’t live together let’s die together….’ I said cutting him.
His eyes watered.
‘I love u,’ He said placing a peck on my lips.
‘I love u too,’ I said running my hands in his hairs.
‘We have to move out of here,’ He said n dragged me upstairs.
We were almost covered by water till our necks.
Many of the boats were filled with ppl and carried.
As the water entered into ship the weight increased and ship started drowning at one end.
Kunj held me n ran to the other end. He made me to stand on the pole holding it.
‘What ever may happen don’t leave the pole,’ He cautioned me.
We both were at one end. When the half of the ship sank and the other end broke, the unexpected one!!!
With a huge thud both the halves drowned into water.
Finally she (Titanic) sank!!!
As I fell into the cold icy water kunj held my hand n brought me up.
‘Come on swim’ He shouted.
No one had any idea what was going on thr. Bt all I wanted either to live with him or to die with him.
He caught hold of a wooden door and made me sit on it.
But he remained in water.
We held eo hands…
‘U will be fine,,,,’ He said shivering in the cold.
We just looked into each other eyes and remembered everything that happened and how our lives changed.
A small smile played on our lips.
We seemed happy for eo coz love is eternal but the fact of not living together for life pricked us.
*end of twinkles pov *

Me: with a prosperity of love they both closed thr eyes and freezes to death in the middle of the icy cold night.

Precap: LOVE and FATE talk.


Hope u ppl liked it…here is my 50th epi tq fr each n everyone fr ur love n support.
Do share ur views.
as promised I posted it today nly.
I replied to each n everyone’s cmnts

P.S: if possible give ideas like which story u want next.

Urs lovingly

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