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Twinj- Being My Husband’s Mistress (chapter 3)

Chapter 3

Twinkle was standing in front of the mirror looking at her reflection and shedding tears and asking some unspoken questions.

Inside the room.

Kunj woke up with the noise of water. He sat up holding his head and scanned the room.

In a fraction of second his eyes showed guilt seeing it but next second it gets tranformed into anger and satisfaction..

He heard the voice of crying, hearing it he just smirked.

Took a pen and paper from the table beside wrote something on it and placed a packet above the paper back to table.

He stood up wore his clothes finding his items.

She heard the sound he was making finding his belongings from the bathroom, wiped her tears and came out wearing a bathrobe.

He smiled victourisily seeing her tear stained face.

She came towards the dressing table and took watch and hankey and gave it to him.

“So my wifey still remember me to give my things.. Not bad. Atleast some things are not changed.” He said indirectly taunting her.

“Sorry sorry. My mistress.” He corrected himself.

He patted her cheeks and came closer to her.

“Dont think you will be free now. You are going to face hell.” He whispered in a dangerous voice in her ear and left the place.

As soon as he left. She slide down with the help of bed and cried sitting on her knees.

She stood up after some time and went to pack her left belongings.

She packed in her bags while doing this her eyes travelled to the side of bed where the packet and a letter was kept.

She confusingly picked it up and opened the letter to read.

After reading it she cried more and kept the letter and packet in one corner of her bag hiding it from herself. Hoping it to be a nightmare.

While on the other side.

Kunj reached his home.

Alisha came and opened the door for him with a bright smile..

He completely ignored her and left to the room making her sad…

She came behind him in “their room”..

“Why are you behaving like this kunj ?” She asked him not able to take his ignorance.

“Like what?” He said planely and moved towards the cupboard and started taking out his clothes…..

“Kunj. I am not a kid. And stop playing this stupid innocent games with me.” She said.

“I am noot playing any stupid games now. I have work, I need to go.” He said

She came and back hugged her.

“I love you.” She said in choking voice tears rolling down her eyes.

“But I dont.” He said remaining unaffected by her tears.

“Then why the hell did you marry you?” She sounded angry and pulled him by his collar.

“I already said I am not intersted. After all this you were ready to marry. Not my fault.” He said removing her hands and started doing his work.

“Not your fault. Right. Its not sure. Its that bl**dy gold diggers fault. Right? Remember Mr. Sarna she is not your wife. I AM. So better stay away from her otherwise I do have to take some unwanted actions.” She said warning him.

He pushed her away such that she fell on bed. He came deathly near to her face and said with a dangerous voice and red shot eyes.

“You are no one to say her anything. Understand? And I dont care what actions you wanna take. Just go ahead. But remember you are bl**dy no one to me. I dont belive in this f**king marriage. So better be away.” he said scaring her and went inside the washroom leaving her alone in the room….

After some time he came out of washroom and found her no where in the room.

“Thank god. She is gone.” he murmered to himself.

He called someone.

“Did she reached there?” He asked the person on call.

“Yes Sir.” The reply came from otherside.

“Okay. Take care of her and you know well what you have to do.” He said.

Other person agreed and cut the call.

“Welcome to hell MY MISTRESS.” he said with a smirk.

to be continued.

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