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Twinj: A journey that led to U (part 26)

Hey lovelies…
Its been LNG na..
Tqs for all ur sweet n encouraging comments and sorry for making u guys wait so LNG…
BTW my last xm got postponed?
And very sry to Chiku and sidmintwinj , I cudnt upload it early even after repeated promises…maaf kardo yaar

Recap: the terrace party arranged at Tao , kunj is mesmerized as he sees twinkle walking towards him


Part 26 :

Kunjs POV :

Twinkle was walking towards me and I knew I was staring at her like der was no tomorrow, but I cudnt help it…she looked way beyond beautiful to have my eyes of her…
May b she caught me staring at her…
And then she looked straight into my eyes…she held my gaze like I held hers..
I cud see AM staring at me, probably asking me too break the eyelock ,but as I said I had no control over it…
She smiled as she finally halted ryt in front of me…
‘Kunj its high tym u behave urself’ I mentally scolded myself…
I smiled back at her…

T: its a wonderful place…
K: well I’m glad u liked it
T: standing here alone?
K: jzz came here for some fresh air
T: oh

Soon dey were disturbed by a lady…
K: hey…Ayesha..
A: hi kunj

Twinkle stood their not knowing who the new entry was

K: ayesha, meet our creative director at teens, Latika
A: hey.
T: hlo..
A: the party is awsm kunj…very NYC place
K: seems lyk
A: well I need to take this call..so excuse me
K: ya sure
T: smiles

Twinkle hadnt seen her before in office so she didn’t know why ayesha was der

Kunj understood her dilemma
K: she’s covering stories for us globally for the next event..
T: I didn’t know DAT we wud soon b working on new project
K: I made an announcement in d aftnoon in office
T: ohh ,may b I missed it
K: ohh…

Kunj didn’t know how to carry on the convo ,he was short of words…she held him spellbounded…

T: I vl jz catch up wid my colleagues
K: yaa

As she walked away from him he stood der staring at her… He felt a blow on he’s shoulder..
He turned to see it was AM and Sanchu standing behind him…

S: kya baat hai bhaiya…kuch zyada kush lag rahe ho aaj
K: nai, aisa kuch nai hai
A: well lying is ur daily routine so lyk always we vl take ur no as yes
S: vaise aaj bhabi bohot khoobsurat lag rahi hai na??
K: ( looking at her) voh toh hai…
A: nazar hatane mein bohot takleef ho rahi hai na tujhe
K: hmm…vaise she looks beautiful everyday but today she’s looking extra good

AM and S were staring at each oder ,,,kunj was making bold comments today abt twinkle and it seemed hard to believe for them
A: kunj tum teek ho na
K: yaa…
A: I mean aaj kuch zyada hi openly baat kar rahe ho…so I was jzz worried

Kunj turns sidewards to face AM, and keeping a hand over latter’s shoulder
K: jab koi acche dekhti hai ,wats wrong in accepting it
S: well if it was someone else we wudnt b surprised but its bhabi na

Then the office ppl walk along side them
K: duffer ,usse idar bhabi maat bolakar
S: ohhh hoo….this means u want me to call her as bhabi but not here…ha ha smart ban Gaye ho aap
And winks at kunj

Kunj realizes what he jzz said….
K: galti se nikal gaya,vaisa kuch nai hai
A: hmm…hmm…vaisa matlab kaisa?
K: yaar armaan abb tu bhi iske saat shuru mat hojana
A: but on a serious note, wats gng on?
K: nothings up….everything is normal
A: but kunj d way u were staring at her , lyk as if ur seeing her for one last tym….I doubt
K: I said na she looked beautiful dats it

S: per bhaiya…
Soon he was cut short by kunj
K: Per ver kuch nai…..I don’t have tym for ur nonsense questions…
And if its possible hope not to c u till d party finishes….
And kunj goes from der b4 sanchay cud react
S: bhaiya mujhe aise kaise chodke jasakte hai
A:(smiles) bohot kuch pak raha hai uske demaak mein….chood de usse

Kunj walks to a less crowded area at the end of terrace…..

Kunjs POV :
Abb mujhe kya ho raha hai….y am I praising her so much…..well but I’m not faking, she srsly is looking gorgeous today… Kuch toh baat hai issme….
She’s way different from oders….
Wat is it? Wat is it DAT always drags me towards her? Is it her shyaari or the way she looks at me….???
I looked up ,and I cud see her smiling from a distance….
May b its because of both I thought…..
I smiled too.
I said u ryt her smile is contagious…..
I want to confront her abt those papers….
But don’t know how….
And somewhere in me I cud sense a different feeling in me….very SPL and content one….
I didn’t know what it was….
Was it love ? Infatuation? I don’t know
But i knew one thing well, it wasn’t jzz a mere attraction.
It was beyond DAT….
But I luv dis feeling….it felt like I was flying high in air..
.it felt scared…..
But whatever d feeling is I need to soon find out….
But she loves kunal na….oh god….I’m too messed up….I saw her accepting he’s proposal but still I can’t accept DAT it happened….
My feelings are still growing stronger for her….

Twinkles POV:

I know I
am ryt now busy talking wid my colleagues…. But I wasn’t practically der….
I was thinking abt kunj….
I Had to agree…he was looking hot….all girls were staring at him and I’m one of them…..
Though I deny I was growing fond of him day by day….I donno is it a good sign or no but it feels good, that’s all I know…
We can’t have control over everything data happenning to us…and ryt now I can’t control myself from staring at him…
I started walking towards him…I didn’t know what vl I talk to him….I was thinking of an excuse, but what I didn’t realize was I reached near him…
He smiled at me ….I reciprocated…
Now neither I had an excuse to initiate a convo nor tym to think of an excuse…
Ohhh only god can save…
Oh babaaji plz….for one last tym savee.
I won’t ask for it again’ I mentally prayed..


Precap: twinj dance

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