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The Untold Love Story Episode 1


The Untold Love Story Episode 1


Hello guys how r u all thank u so much for liking my intro this means a lot to me as it is my first FF????? pliz keep supporting me .

NOTE:if u find any mistakes pliz do tell me n also u can visit my IF page or message me any time……….. So here my ff goes….
New York is shown ,the city of love a beautiful view is shown n the scene shifts……….to a bungalow (a very lovely bungalow) the garden,the fountain are shown n than inside the bungalow the wonderful house rooms corners are admirable than in the biggest room in house is seen the room was so beautiful with a very big bed n on the bed is shown a beautiful girl,sleeping like sleeping beauty (lol)
her hairs are all over her face……………………than enters a maid who calls of her ma’am pliz wake up it’s almost 8am u have a flight to catch at 10am
The girl wakes up immediately with hers eyes looking at the maid at furious anger…..the girl happens to be Thapki aka Koyal Chopra

Thapki-“WHAT THE…..it’s almost 8 n u r waking me know don’t u know I always wake at 7 than how can u forget that ..??”

Maid-“Sorry Sorry..ma’am I forgot about ur flight as I saw aditi madam going out so I…I thought u have cancelled the flight…I’m really sorry.”

Thapki-“Ok Ok it alright know prepare my steam bath I just come ..(maid turns to go ) Thapki-n by the way where did aditi go?”

Maid-“she went to the office to cancel her appointments as she is also going with u.”(n she goes)

Thapki gets of the bed wearing a small night shorts which has floral work n a plain red T-shirt n she takes her towel n heads to the bathroom.

Thapki comes back from the steam room in a yellow royal towel n starts getting ready as she opens up her closet there was a lot of different sections of shoes ,bags,clothes,watches,jewelry,etc..(u guys know she is modern too) as she selects accessories for herself (gulabi ankhein plays in bkground).

The scene shifts to India ,noida its night time
A track is shown n a lot of boys n girls r standing aside n cheering,spots of light is shown than those lights come closer they are bikes a lot of bikes ,Yes Frenz it’s a bike race everyone is cheering just one name,BIHAAN,BIHAAN………….?n someone shouts there is bihaan,BIHAAN comes so fast on his bike(brothers bkground song plays).

Bihaan-“hey guys I won again see I told u all no is is better than me (while taking to his frenz he got off his bike n started hugging his frenz who were all boys) than a girls comes to him.

Girl-“hi bihaan u r so gorgeous……no no I mean ur racing,can I get ur autograph……..”

Bihaan-“oh hi cutie of course u can here (n he gives his autograph) after signing that he asked the girl.”
Bihaan-“hey beautiful do want a ride………………Yes than hop on.”
(As I said he was a flirt)

The girl sits at the back of bihaan on the bike n Bihaan n his frenz on the other bikes rode of together.

The scene shifts to New York
Aditi comes back from office n calls out Koyal…….koyal…she thought that she might be still sleeping but by the time she came upstairs n saw Koyal all ready on time n she looked gorgeous….a dark red sleeveless dress which is only till her thighs n above the knees (as u know she is a modern girl also) a red Gucci high heels shoes n a black lather handbag with goggles on n dark red lipstick( omg I can imagine her beauty).

Thapki-“WHAT…..u thought I wouldn’t be ready by time did u …well that’s wrong I guess .”

Aditi-“OH I’m sorry di I forgot to wake u pliz don’t be mad at me (she holds her ears….apologizing).”

Thapki-“Ok it’s ok my love come we are getting late……lets go papa must be waiting hahaha.”

The screen freezes on Bihaan n thapki’s deprecate faces……….???

pre-cap: Bihaan gets shocked on seeing KOYAL at the AirPort
He gets lost on her beauty,️Thapki meets her dad…..

Sorry guys I won’t be able to update part 2 tomorrow because I’m having some commitment but on Wednesday for sure..n pliz keep supporting me n if you have any requests pliz message me on IF
THANK YOU ☺️☺️☺️…….

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