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The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 5)

(Yuvaani  helps Sayyam into the house . She goes in front of his room )
Yuvaani:Krishna !Krishna!
Krishna :(comes out )yes Yuvaani
Yuvaani:take sayyam into the room plz. He drank too much today (leaves unable to walk properly due to being drunk )
Krishna :(takes Sayyams arm and puts it around her shoulder . She takes him to the room and helps him get in the bed . They both fall on the bed together .)
Sayyam:Krishna .(speaks with his eyes closed ) u r happy .(hiccups ) about marrying Yuvaan right …..
Krishna:Y do u want me to marry Yuvaan (she holds his face . ) tell me Sayyam . Why ?
Sayyam:because ……because ur….happ……happiness …lies in (hiccups)Yuvaan
Krishna :and …..

Sayyam: and ..I want u to be….happy .
Krishna :(her eyes get wide )y do u want me to be happy
Sayyam:because ….because i….i..(he falls sleep before he can finish the sentence )
Krishna : (sighs) what did sayyam want to say to me
Krishna :(turns around to see Yuvaan)
Yuvaan:we r getting married tommorow and u r doing this Krishna :(she forgot about her position with Sayyam. She quickly gets up but Sayyam doesn’t let go of her hand . He holds it tightly even though he’s asleep )
Yuvaan:this man will never mend his ways(he removes Krishnas hand from Sayyams) I came to tell u Krishna that tomorrow we r gonna do ballroom dance . U and me . Krishna :(fake smiles )that’s nice
Yuvaan:I’m just so happy we r getting married(he hugs Krishna )
Krishna :(breaks away from the hug .)I’m really tired I would like to sleep .
(Yuvaan leaves .)
(Krishna gets ready . She is unable to pull up the chin for her blouse . Sayyam pulls it up for her . His hands touch her bare back . It reminds her of the night .she stops thinking and turns around )


Sayyam:I thought I could help u a bit .
Krishna:Thanks I appreciate it .
Sayyam:u won’t be mine anymore . But I hope u will give me the right to love my child
Krishna :This child isn’t only mine Sayyam. It’s OURS.
Bhavna:(comes and glares at Sayyam. ) Krishna is not ur wife anymore . So get out of here . And Krishna get ready quickly for the dance .
Sayyam:yes . How can I forget that .
(Bhavna leaves )
Sayyam:(still stands there looking at Krishna )I wanted to tell u something .
Krishna :yeah tell me before it’s too late
Sayyam:I …..
(But Yuvaani comes and takes Krishna along with her)
Yuvaani:oh my gosh Krishna r u ready ? U r getting late for the dance . Come on .
Krishna : but ….
Yuvaani: no but just come .
(they leave . Sayyam watches them leave)

(Yuvaan tries to go up to Krishna to hold her hand for the dance but trips over a cord on the floor . He lands on the floor )
Suhani:Yuvaan r u OK ?
Yuvaan:I think so……(he tries to get up but falls back on the floor ) I twisted my ankle I think .
Yuvaani:oh no Yuvaan how r u gonna dance
Suhani:he can’t dance
Yuvaani:I have an idea . Sayyam y don’t u dance  with Krishna ?
Sayyam:me ? How can i..
Suhani: Yuvaani is right Sayyam . Y don’t u do the dance . Besides it’s gonna be a short dance . U can’t do much since Krishna is pregnant
Krishna : I have no problem dancing with Sayyam
Sayyam: alright . If it’s fine with Krishna then I’ll dance
Yuvaani: well then go . Start the music !
  (The spot light hits Krishna and sayyam. Tum hi ho plays )
(Sayyam sits on his knees and let’s put his hand out  for Krishna . She holds his hand and the music gets louder   he gets up and puts his hand around her waist .)
” Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa”
(She closes her eyes . She felts his hands on her skin giving her electric currents . She goes away but he brings her closer . He kisses her on neck then her cheeks.)
” Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho”
Yuvaani:(smiles and recalls making Yuvaan trip on purpose )
Yuvaan:what the heck is Sayyam doing .?
Yuvaani:o come on Yuvaan . They r just dancing . Stop being so sensitive

Precap:Yuvaan is about to put the garland around Krishna but someone stops him .

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