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The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 2 )


(Krishna stands outside looking at the dark night sky )


Krishna :Mom , Dad wherever u r I hope u r watching me

(Someone puts a hand on Krishna’s shoulder . She turns around to see Suhani . )
Suhani: what happened beta?
Krishna :nothing Aunty . I’m just missing mom
Suhani:(sighs) yeah I’m missing her too . I wish she was here . And what’s going on between sayyam and u ?
Krishna : Um..nothing . Really aunty don’t worry everything is fine.
Suhani :are u sure ?
Krishna : (smiles ) yes I’m sure .

(Suhani leaves , that’s when someone with a face mask  grabs Krishna and holds her mouth so she wouldn’t scream . The guy removes her dupatta and it falls on Sayyams hand . He kicks the man with the mask that it sends him on the floor . He runs when sayyam tries to hit him again. Sayyam goes to Krishna and puts the dupatta around her. She hugs him tight . He gets shocked while she cries in his arms . He takes her to the room and makes her sit on the bed . He gives her a glass of water)

Krishna:Sayyam thank u . I don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for u .
Sayyam:it’s OK
(She gets up but slips and falls on the  bed with sayyam . Their eyes lock .
Ya Allah Waariyan plays .
Sayyam puts his hand on her cheeks . And touches it . Krishna quickly pushes him and gets up )
Krishna :I don’t want to repeat yesterday mistake
Sayyam:are u saying I did it on purpose ?
Krishna : Fine pretend yesterday’s one was accident but today . What were u about to do now ?
Sayyam: I was just …… I don’t know (he leaves making the door slam behind him )
 Few  weeks later ……
(Krishna and Sayyam join the others at the living room . Yuvani and everyone else are sitting there . Krishna feels weird . She felt a little sick and dizzy. She was about to throw up . She runs  to the bathroom and throws up.She comes back )
Bhavna: r u OK ?
Krishna :I’m …….(she faints and was about to fall on the floor but falls in sayyams arms )
(The doctor checks Krishna . Everyone worries )
Suhani:what happened doctor ? Is she gonna be fine ?
Doctor :There’s nothing to worry about . These kind of things happen is this state
Dadi:What do u mean ?

Doctor :I mean she is going to be a mother
(Everyone gets shocked .Sayyam stands there looking shocked .)
Sayyam thinks : what did i do ? How can I make a such a big mistake ?
Suhani:How can that be possible ? Nothing of that sort happened between Krishna and sayyam
Sayyam:(lowers his head) the doctor is right
(Krishna comes back to sense . The doctor leaves)
Krishna :what happened ? Why is everyone staring at me like this .
(Bhavna sits down on the bed next to Krishna )
Bhavna : u r.. pregnant
Suhani:Sayyam I never knew u can stoop this low . I’m disgusted to say that I ever gave birth to u . But how can I forget that u r Sambhavs son! Like father like son .( she raises her hand on sayyam but Krishna stops her)
Krishna :no aunty what r u doing
Suhani:he forced himself on u
Krishna: he is not that cheap . He didn’t do anything like that . Whatever happened was both of our fault .
Sayyam:(smiles ) see Suhani Birla? Krishna is saying the truth herself . I think it’s become a habit for u to blame me for everything .
Suhani: But how did this happen ? As far as I know u and sayyam don’t share that sort of relation
Krishna :that night ……(she explains everything to her )
Sayyam: I’ll accept this child . It is my child . I’m not like the kind of person who will leave their own children like some people (he looks at suhani)

Precap:sayyam goes and hugs Krishna . She gets shocked .

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