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The Memories Related To U -2 shot-part 1

a man is seen doing work on his laptop
a lady enters
lady; shr my dear plzzzzz leave this have or dinner and sleep plzzzz
yes the man was shr
shr : yup mom just a minute
she shuts his laptop
mom; that’s it let it go just leave this work and come to dining table
shr: OK u go I m coming
mom: pakka???
shr : yup u go I m coming

she leaves
shr opens his laptop and sees the display pic
the pic was of a girl a beautiful girl with a black shiny eyes pink rosy lips with wide smile on it
shr smiles seeing the pic
shr: I love u yar plzzzz be back
shr eyes had a tear which he didn’t let to flow
he gets up and goes to take dinner
he takes dinner with his family without talking with anyone just quite
then leaves to his room
he goes to the balcony and sits on the chair and closes his eyes
a smiling face revolves in front of his eyes


same girl
girl shout: u can’t catch me shr
shr: I will just wait and watch
then he runs before the girl
they were running on a beach
girl; noo u can’t catch me
shr : sumu dnt underestimate me
yes the girl was suman
sum: yeah yeah Mr malhotra
they starts running
finnally shr catches her

shr: see told ya I will catch u
sumu: you r very bad Mr malhotra
shr: hahahhaha y because I caught u????
sumu; hahah yup
shr: I m not bad u r moti Mrs malhotra so u cant run
sumu: hawwwww
shr: hooooo
sumu: I m not gonna to u
shr holds her and hugs her from back

shr: and now???
sumu smiles
shr: enough enough u can’t remain without talking to me
sumu: no its lyk that
shr: its lyk that only
sumu: nope
shr: bet???
sumu: yeah bet
shr; OK
sumu: you r gonna lose
shr opens his eyes
shr: sumu plzzzz dnt prolong the bet yar plzzzz be back I agree I can’t remain without u plzzzz u too agree naw yar
shr goes under his blanket and sleeps

sumu:: shr shr shr wake up new yar see I m here I lost the bet see I m here now talk
shr wakes up screaming sumuuuuuuuu
shr mom comes
mom: kia hoa???? shr???
shr: WO WO sumu WO WO

mom: shr relax relax relax
shr hugs his mom
mom: shuuuu shr nothing happened relax
shr again goes beneath blanket again his mother leaves after sometime
shr closes his eyes
sumu : shr drive slowly
shr: oh gosh sumu I m already driving very slowly
sumu: speed of 100 is not slow
shr: relax sumu yar u r lyk a kid seriously
sumu: I , not kid
shr: u r a kid
semi: no
shr: yes

sumu: no
shr: yes
semi: noooooooo

shr: yeeeeeessssss
sumu: no
shr: no
sumu: yes
shr: that’s it yes
sumu: u cheated
shr: thank u thank u
sumu smiles
shr also smiles and gets mesmerized seeing sumu both share an intense eye lock
suddenly a truck comes in front of them
sumu: shrrrrrrrr

shr : oh god
sumu revolves the steering
and got saved
shr: oh god
sumu: thank God shr kia kr rae the ap
shr: tmhein dekh raha tha
sumu: what???
shr: han seriously
sumu: oh god shr
both leave together
———- a tear slips from shr eyes which he wipes and get into sleep
shr attends a lot of meeting and gets tired and sits on the chair closes his eyes
sumu: icecreaaaaammmmmm
shr: no no
sumu: Maine kud Jana h
shr: kudu kudu jaldi
(kud means jump)
sumu: shr plzzzz
shr: sum an no
sum: plzzzzz
shr ; noooo I said naw no

sumu: plzzzz apko mere kasam
shr: fat the wauk he applies break
sumu: yeahhhhhh
both get down go to ice cream parlor
both eat ice cream parlor and were going towards the car
shr reaches the car sumu stops in the middle of road to fix her irritating shoe
but a car hits her and on the very next minute share was lying on the road in the pool of blood
shr shouts ; sumuuuuuuu


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