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The Fragile Trust (Chapter 7) ~ Ria

The Fragile Trust
Chapter 7

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• • • • •


It had been a week since me and Twinkle had gone to the beach. I’d rather prefer calling it a date, although a highly unofficial one. Twinkle seemed to be a beauty epitome to me right from the time she had entered the college. Stalking her from the past two years had been a great pleasure the entire time.

“Kunj, is this correct?”, Twinkle asked forwarding me her notebook. Apparently, Twinkle wasn’t doing well in statistics. She insisted me to help her and obviously I didn’t want to miss such an opportunity although I couldn’t understand what her good was. Scoring a ‘B’ grade in statistics when the entire class fails in the subject of course doesn’t make you bad in it.

Our fingers brushed against each other’s while I took the notebook from her hand and she immediately drew her hand back. I went through her notebook and looked up to talk to her. She was looking at me expectantly and as soon her eyes met mine, she pulled the corner of her lower lip in between her teeth and started chewing it. I wonder how it would feel to kiss her! I shifted my gaze from her eyes to her lips and back to her eyes while she kept staring at me expectantly.


“Twinkle, I like you”, I admitted pushing her against the wall of my hall. She stared at me blankly probably trying to register my words and in a minute, I felt the radiating heat between the two of us. I moved closer to her and she continued staring at me. Innocently.

I saw the colour on her cheeks rising and I couldn’t help, but smile looking at her. “Twinkle, I need a reply”, I said moving closer to her brushing our bodies against each other’s. She looked down flustered while I tightly held her hands against the wall and laced up our fingers together perfectly. She looked up at me after a minute and pulled her lower lip between her teeth again. I kept shifting my gaze from her eyes to her lips.

I slowly rested my mouth against hers and I realised that I’d never tasted anything better than this before. I glanced up a shot to look at Twinkle trying to understand whether she was uncomfortable with this intimacy, but she was enjoying it closing her eyes although she wasn’t responding. I bit her lower lip, exactly at the place which she pulled between her teeth and kept chewing. She let out a moan and in the process, our tongues entwined with each other’s.


‘Heaven’, was the only word that struck my mind when we pulled back. Twinkle had her head bowed down which made me smile. She was a shy girl. “Twinkle, look up at me”, I insisted, but she was too flustered and she wanted to hide the risen colour on her cheeks.

I stepped back and muttered, “Naina, must be waiting for you.” I didn’t want things to become awkward between and this was probably the best solution. She looked up at me, but her eyes didn’t meet mine. She was still flustered and I wanted to give her the time she needed. I knew it wasn’t a one-sided crush, but she needed time and space to open up.

She gathered her notebook and walked towards the door. “Twinkle”, I called her gripping onto her wrist. She didn’t turn around to look at me, but I knew she was smiling all to herself.


I kissed her temple and muttered, “I like you.” She smiled and slipping her foot into her sandals quickly left from there. I ruffled up my hair and couldn’t help, but smile. ‘The irresistible girl of my dreams!’, I thought.


I made myself a cup of coffee. It was certainly growing colder outside and a cup of coffee would help me a lot. I poured the coffee into a mug when my phone vibrated. I reached out to the phone which was placed on the counter end. I sipped my coffee and unlocked my phone to found a text from Twinkle. I smiled and opened her message.

Twinkle : Come out to the patio.
Me : Surprising! Do you want to talk?
Twinkle: Yeah. Come out nah.
Me : Twinkle, come over.

I waited for her reply and walked towards the patio. I could see her at her patio. She was continuously shifting her gaze from her phone to my patio. I smiled seeing her restleness. My phone again vibrated and I quickly opened the message.

Twinkle : Why?

This girl was so innocent, I swear! I could wait my whole life for her one reply and still I won’t be disappointed if she doesn’t tell me what she feels because her eyes reflect everything she feels.

Me : May be we could have some more kissing sessions.

I waited for her to receive the message. I wanted to see her expression. I kept staring from inside my apartment. She looked at her phone probably after receiving the message. She read through the message and her eyes immediately shot up searching for me on my patio. She looked back into her phone after a while completely flustered.

Twinkle : Never. I don’t need to get my doubts cleared from you. I’m going to sit in the library from tomorrow.
Me : As if I can’t come to the library.
Twinkle: Of course you can, but we can’t be having any ‘Us’ moments.
Me : Twinkle and Kunj make a wonderful ‘Us’. Never really thought of it. Thanks for making me realise it.
Twinkle : I can’t believe you’re flirting with me Mr. Sarna.
Me: Believe me, even I can’t.
Twinkle: Will you come out to the patio or no?

I received her message and was about to reply when I received another message from her.

Twinkle: I’ll talk to you in a while. Naina’s shouting at the top of her voice so, I’ll just figure out what happened.

‘Could it be something dangerous’, I wondered and gulping down my coffee, quickly slipped my foot into my shoes and ran towards her apartment.


“Hi”, Tushar greeted me as I barged inside the apartment. “So this was the danger!”, I remarked. I don’t think Tushar even heard me because he shouted for Naina across the room. “Coming Tushar”, she replied and sat on Tushar’s lap without noticing my presence. She pulled him towards herself and Tushar’s hands immediately straddled over her waist. “Shameless”, I mumbled under my breath.

“Hi Naina”, I greeted before they could start kissing in front of me and Naina jumped from Tushar’s lap and stood up. She settled her hair and said, “When did you come?” “When you comforted yourself on Tushar’s lap”, I replied.

“Anyway, where’s Twinkle?”, I asked noticing her absence. “I think she’s out on the patio”, Tushar replied. “Okay, you both continue then”, I stated and walked out on the patio.


“I saw the danger”, I muttered. Twinkle spun around to look at me and excitedly shouted, “How come you’re here?” “Just came to look over the danger”, I replied.

“You care for me so much!”, she doubted. “Itni shiddat se ki aap pe ek kharoch tak na aane de”, I replied. I talked to her in Hindi for the first time. Although I stayed in India for a few years, but I’m not quite comfortable speaking Hindi with everyone around.

“Do you know Hindi like, the proper one?”, she asked me cutely. I walked towards her and replied, “Yeah. Don’t you?” “I do. But I’ve the English accent so, I prefer talking in English”, she said and I lifted her up.

“Ek baar aazmake dekhiye, shayad aap ko ham bohot khub lag jaaye”, I flirted. She let out a laugh and pecked my forehead ever so gently.

• • • • •

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