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The Difficult Love ~ Chapter 3

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Chapter 2

Twinkle’s pov
I slowly opened my eyes, just to find myself lied down on a bed with a doctor beside me and the same boy who had clashed with her. The doctor was guiding that boy about some medicines and soon he left. I fear engulfed me, as I saw him approaching me with a wide smile. I quickly got up and realised that my dress was changed, I was wearing a white top with black night suit pants. “Who changed my dress? Why did you do this?” I started crying again at my fate. The boy looked at me with a weird expression and he held me by my shoulders trying to calm me down! “Don’t touch me! Go away! Dare you touch me! Why does it always happen with me?” I said crying and trying to get out of his hold. “Why me? How dare you change my clothes, uh?” I said cursing my fate.

As I was busy freeing myself from his grip, I saw a lady in her late fifties entering with a mug in her hand. Seeing me struggle she quickly freed me from that boy keeping the mug on the table. “Look beta, he did not do anything, I changed your clothes because you were wearing that disgusting dress. I just wanted you to feel relaxed.” She said in a sweet tone. It felt like after ages I had met a true woman, a good hearted human being on this planet. I hugged her tightly. She hugged me back and caressing my hair. “Please save me from this boy! I don’t know what was he trying to do with me!” I said sobbing. “Beta, don’t worry he’ll not do anything wrong with you.” She replied breaking the hug.

“Beta what’s your name? And are you facing some problem? Why did you react in such a way? He was not doing anything wrong.” She said looking concerned. I nodded my head in a no, I didn’t want her to know that I was a pr*stitute! I didn’t want her to change her behaviour with me, if I would have told her, she would change her attitude towards me so it was better so stay quiet. “Why were you walking on that road so late at night, it was good that Kunj saved you otherwise it would have been difficult for you since weren’t in a good condition. And where do you stay? Kunj will drop you at your home tomorrow morning and you can sleep here tonight.” She said smiling. Such an angel I thought to myself. And I got to know the boy’s name is Kunj “Beta say something..” she prompted. “Actually.. I have no place to live!” I replied as a drop of tear fell from my eye. “Beta.. no place to live? Tell me clearly, where are your parents?” she asked, “Parents? Huh!” I replied with a faint laugh. “I don’t have parents, in fact I don’t have anyone in this world! I’m alone in this cruel world!” I continued. “What do you mean to say beta? You don’t have your parents with you? I’m so sorry!” she replied. “No aunty you don’t need to be sorry!

Its my fate!” I replied. I saw aunty’s confused expression, “Aunty its ok you don’t get deep into my life, I have a cruel fate, terrible past and probably a dreadful future ahead. I’ll leave from here, not becoming a burden on you!” I remarked. I saw Kunj and that lady with confused expressions. “Beta.. see if you have any problems please share it with me, I promise I’ll try to help you out!” she said, “You can’t!” I said and started walking ahead with the intension to move out from the house, when I felt someone pulling me, I found myself landing up on Kunj’s chest. “You can share your problem with us, we will help you out.” I released myself and saying “Dare you touch me! You all boys are the same!”

“First of all I’m not that kind of boy! And secondly I’m not at all interested in you, I mean just look at you!” said Kunj angrily. “Kunj!!” Aunty screamed. “Talk with respect, she’s a girl!” “Is it? Then she should learn to speak with some courtesy! First of all I saved her from falling and brought her here and now she’s showing so much attitude!” he replied angrily and left the room.

“See beta, you can stay here till the time you want to! And don’t feel sad about Kunj’s behaviour. He’s not that kind, maybe he’s just tired, you also take rest, I’ll send my daughter’s clothes, you can wear them.” I just smiled saying “Thank you aunty! I owe you for this.” “No beta.. don’t thank me, you’re just like my daughter”, she smiled hugging me. “Oh! I forgot to ask what’s your name?” asked aunty. “My name is Twinkle.” “Nice name”, aunty said “I’m Usha. Okay now you sleep, and if you need anything please call me.” I smiled and she left the room, after ages I will be sleeping peacefully today! I thought! I lied down on my bed peacefully and pulled the blanket over me.

So I’m back with my ff, I hope you all liked the episode, even though I know it was boring but still I would be eager to know your views! And sorry for no Twinj moments, but I will surely add them in the further episodes.


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