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The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 6

Hi guys. Sorry about the late updates. I have not been feeling that motivated. Also been recieving less comments. I dont know if its because you guys are getting bored or? Anyways here is the next episode!

Episode begins.

( Everyone is in the hall. )

Yuvani: Ok! Everyone listen! I was thinking, we should all go out somewhere! On a holiday!

Suhani: Wow what a good idea Yuvani!

Krishna: No, i dont feel like going. You all go.

Karan: Come on yah Krish, dont be a joy kill.

Yuvani: Yes! So its settled. Everyone prepare will go tomorrow morning!

( Its night. Krishna is packing clothes in a suitcase. Sayaam comes there. He holds her hands. )

Sayaam: Krishna are you sure you have no problem in going? If you do then its okay, me and you will stay home.

Krishna: Sayaam, its fine. I dont mind. And anyways i need some time away to clear my mind. All i need in my life is you. And your support and care.

( She smiles. Sayaam kisses her forehead. )

Sayaam: Of course. Always and forever.

( Its the next day. The family arrive at the holiday house. )

Yuvani: Yay! We are here! Karan come i want to see our room!

( Yuvani goes and Karan carries her heavy suitcases. All laugh at them. )

Suhani: Come!

( They all go inside. Krishna and Sayaam hold hands and go into the house. )

Krishna: Sayaam look! Our room is so big!

Sayaam: Yes but why are there two single beds?

( Krishna frowns. )

Krishna: Its okay. No problem, we can sleep separatley for a few days.

Sayaam: Really? You will be able to sleep without me next to you?

Krishna: Yes? Why not? And anyways im not the one who will have a problem. I know you cant sleep without holding my hand.

( Sayaam looks embarrassed. )

Sayaam: Its a habit….

( Krishna hugs him. )

Krishna: I wouldnt have it any other way!

( Sayaam smiles. )

( Sayaam and Krishna hear music from the hall. They look confused and go. Everyone is dancing as a family and having a good time. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, Krishna come join us!

( Yuvani and Karan dance with Sayaam and Krishna. They all smile and laugh and are having a good time together. )

( Sambhav is hiding and watching. He thinks to himself: Ok. Enjoy for a while. But soon you will not be able to live happily. Ever again. Sayaam you betrayed me right? Now watch what I do. )

( Its night. Krishna and Sayaam get ready for bed. They sleep in the separate beds. )

Krishna: Good night.

( Sayaam smiles and turns off the lamp. )

( Krishna sleeps peacefully whilst Sayaam tosses and turns. He calls her quietly. )

Sayaam: Krishna! Krishna!

Krishna: What….Im sleeping Sayaam…..

Sayaam: I know but i cant sleep.

Krishna: So? Why do I care? Let me sleep.

Sayaam: Can I sleep with you?

( Krishna doesnt reply. Sayaam gets into Krishna’s bed. )

Krishna: Sayaam! Move!

Sayaam: Krishna i cant sleep when im not next to you. Please?

Krishna: There is no space for you!

Sayaam: Im not the fat one who is taking up most of the bed. Now shut up and sleep.

( Krishna lovingly punches him. They cuddle and Sayaam holds her hand. They sleep together. )

( Sayaam wakes up in the morning. He admires Krishna sleeping. He kisses her and lays down to go back to sleep. )

Episode ends.

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