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The Chronicles of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 5

Episode begins.

( Sayaam brings Krishna into the house. Krishna goes straight to her room. )

Suhani: Sayaam beta, come sit.

( Sayaam sits. )

Suhani: Are you ok?

Sayaam: No ma. I dont understand anything. Why is he doing this? Why did he hurt Krishna?

Suhani: Sayaam, calm down.

Sayaam: No. How can I face Krishna? Becoming a mother was her one dream. She was so happy. And now her happiness has been shattered.

Suhani: Right now you just need to focus on helping Krishna get over it. You go to her I will make some food for you both.

( Krishna is crying in her room. Sayaam comes there and sits next to her on the bed. )

( They sit in silence for a while, Krishna is still crying. )

Krishna: Sayaam, what did i do to deserve this?

Sayaam: Krishna, none of this is your fault, ok?

Krishna: But we were going to be parents….

Sayaam: Its okay. We can try again.

( Krishna leans on Sayaam’s shoulder. He holds her hand and they sit together for a bit. )

( The mysterious figure is watching them. They remove their black mask. Its Sambhav. )

( Sayaam and Krishna go to eat. )

Suhani: Krishna we have made all your favourite dishes!

( Krishna manages to smile. She is served food. Sayaam eats. Krishna tries but is really weak. He sees this. )

Sayaam: Krishna, its okay. I will feed you.

Krishna: Sayaam….

( Sayaam feeds her. He helps her drink water. )

Krishna: Thank you.

( Sayaam continues to eat. Baby comes to the dining table. )

Baby: Mummy ji look! My baby scan pictures!

( Everyone look at Krishna. Suhani smiles at Baby. She takes the pictures to look at them. )

Suhani: Wow…

( They continue to gush over the pictures. Krishna leaves. Sayaam puts his head in his hands. )

( Krishna is in her room. She cries. She sees a knife. She holds it and is shivering. )

Krishna: Im sorry Sayaam.

( Sayaam enters and sees the knife. He is shocked and runs. He takes it from her just in time although there is still a small cut where there is blood. )

( Sayaam shouts at her. )

Sayaam: Krishna have you gone crazy?!!

( Krishna cries. Sayaam rushes and gets a first aid box. He plasters up the cut. He holds her arms. )

Sayaam: Krishna, what were you thinking?

Krishna: I thought if i cant be a mother then what is the point in life? I might as well die.

( Sayaam tightens his grip. )

Sayaam: And what about me? I dont matter to you? Huh? What would i have done without you?

( She cries. Sayaam softens his tone. )

Sayaam: Krishna, this wont solve anything. You cant just give up on life. It doesnt work.

( Krishna hugs him and cries into his shoulder. He hugs her back. They break away. )

Krishna: Sorry Sayaam. I love you. And i will never leave you. Ever.

( Sayaam kisses her. )

Episode ends.

Sorry for the late update and VERY short episode! After this episode things will be less sad for Krishna as i have rounded it off in this episode.

Please keep reading and leaving me feedback! Appreciate the comments!!

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