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The Chronicles of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 3


Episode begins.


( Sayaam leads Krishna into the hall. Its dark. )

Krishna: Sayaam, what happened to the lights?

( All the family and some guests shout surprise and the lights turn on. The hall is decorated and there is a banner that says Congrats Sayaam and Krishna! Krishna smiles. )

Krishna: So this was a surprise for me?

( Sayaam nods. Krishna hugs him and kisses his cheek. Everyone hug and greet Krishna. )

Yuvani: Krishna, how did you like our surprise baby shower?

Krishna: I love it! I cant believe you did this for me!

Suhani: We would do anything for you Krishna.

( Baby stands at the side, bored. )

( The mysterious figure is shown messing with the electrics. )

Bhavna: Krishna, Sayaam come sit.

( Sayaam and Krishna sit together and open gifts from everyone. They smile and laugh togeher. Suhani smiles and thinks: Please keep my children happy like this always. )

( Krishna and Sayaam go to cut the cake together. Everyone claps. They feed eachother lovingly and Sayaam kisses Krishna’s forehead. )

Yuvani: So cute yah!

( They feed the elders and smile. )

( The guests are all chatting. )

Krishna: Sayaam i left something on the terrace i will just go and get it.

Sayaam: Its okay, i will get it.

( She holds his hand. )

Krishna: Thank you.

( Sayaam goes to the terrace. He gets what Krishna needed and is about to leave but sees a note. He reads it aloud to himself. )

Sayaam: You thought you had got rid of me forever. Well you were wrong. Im coming for you. All of you.

( Sayaam is shocked. He leaves. The mysterious figure was hiding on the terrace. )

( Sayaam returns to the hall and hides the note in his pocket. Krishna smiles as he puts his arm round her waist and sits with her. )

Yuvani: Look i bought sweets for everyone.

( Yuvani feeds Krishna and Sayaam. She hugs them both. )

Karan: Wifey, feed me too!

( Everyone laugh as Yuvani feeds Karan. Slow music starts to play. Sharad and Bhavna, Baby and Yuvaan and Karan and Yuvani dance together. )

Krishna: Sayaam will you dance too?

Sayaam: Of course.

( Sayaam helps Krishna get up. He puts his arms round her waist and she puts her hands round his neck. They slow dance together. )

( Sayaam whispers in Krishna’s ear. )

Sayaam: I love you Krishna and i will be with you always.

( He burys his head in her neck and breathes in her scent. She kisses his cheek. )

( All of a sudden it goes dark. )

Yuvani: What happened? Are there more surprises i didnt know about?

( Sayaam pulls Krishna close to him as he is scared something is going to happen to her. )

Sayaam: Are you ok?

Krishna: Yes im fine.

Suhani: I will go and see what happened with the lights.

( Suhani leaves. Meanwhile Sayaam takes Krishna to sit down. )

( Everyone is talking as normal. All of a sudden Suhani screams. )

Sayaam: Maa!

( Sayaam runs to suhani. She has been electrocuted. Her head is bleeding minorly. )

Yuvaan: I will call the doctor!

( All are gathered in Suhani’s room. She is awake. )

Suhani: What happened to me?

( Yuvani is beside her. )

Yuvani: Actually ma, the doctor said you had an electric shock.

Sayaam: I think someone messed with the electric system.

( Sayaam is pacing the room looking distressed. )

Suhani: No problem beta. Im ok now. Wait where is Krishna?

( Krishna is sitting in a chair. )

Krishna: Im here aunty. Actually, Sayaam and Yuvani wont let me stand so.

( Suhani is relieved. )

Suhani: Ok you all leave im okay now.

( Everyone start to leave slowly. )

Sayaam: Yuvani, can you take Krishna to our room. I will be there in a moment.

( They leave. Sayaam talks to Suhani. )

Sayaam: Ma, i went to the terrace and found this note just before you fell unconcious.

( Suhani reads the note. )

Suhani: Im sure he did this!

Sayaam: For now ma you just take care. We will see what to do tomorrow. At the moment no one in this family is safe.

Suhani: Ok beta dont worry.

( Sayaam hugs Suhani and goes to the electricity room. )

( He finds another note and reads it. )

Sayaam: I have already started my doings. And slowly i will snatch every bit of happiness away from your family. You just wait and watch….

( Sayaam looks on. )

Episode ends.

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