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The Chronicles of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 2

Episode begins.

( Sayaam and Yuvani are talking in the hall. )


Yuvani: So its settled?

Sayaam: Yes!

( They high five eachother. Krishna comes and sits. )

Krishna: What’s settled?

( Yuvani shakes her head and signals Sayaam no. )

Sayaam: Um Krishna, we were just thinking tomorrow night we would have a small party.

Yuvani: Yah nothing too big, just invite some close friends.

Krishna: Okay! Should be fun right?

( The doorbell rings. Karan enters. )

Krishna: Karannnn!

Karan: Krishhhh!

( They hug. )

Yuvani: Karan, your here finally.

Karan: Yes in time for Krishna’s….

( Sayaam and Yuvani look at Karan. )

Karan: I mean the small celebration tomorrow!

( Karan hugs Yuvani. )

Karan: I missed you!

( Sayaam and Krishna smile at them. )

( Its night. Krishna is in her room, trying to get something off a high up shelf. She clutches her stomach, struggling. Sayaam comes to the room. )

Sayaam: Krishna! How many times have i told you not to do these things yourself!

Krishna: Sayaam, i can do it.

( She screams and is about to slip. Sayaam catches her in his arms. They have a cute eyelock. )

Sayaam: Look! This is what i knew would happen.

Krishna: Sorry, what’s my fault?

Sayaam: Krishna, you’re pregnant. With my children as well!

Krishna: Ohh? So what about me i dont matter? If i fell and hurt myself, you would scold me?

Sayaam: I didnt mean that.

( He kisses her forehead and holds her face. )

Sayaam: You are the most important thing in my life. I love you.

( Krishna pulls a sad face. )

Sayaam: You also love me right?

Krishna: No…i dont…

Sayaam: Are you lying?

Krishna: Yes….

( She hugs him. )

Krishna: I love you Sayaam. A lot.

( Sayaam smiles. )

Sayaam: That i already knew. Before i married you girls outside went crazy for me.

( Krishna puts her arms round Sayaam’s neck. )

Krishna: Yes but your mine now. Only mine.

( They smile and Sayaam kisses her cheek. )

( Its the next morning. Sayaam and Krishna sit at the dining table. )

Baby: Krishna here. I made your favourite kheer!

Krishna: Really? Thanks!

( Sayaam thinks: Why all of a sudden is she being like this with Krishna? No i dont trust her… )

Sayaam: Uh, Baby i will eat some first. Just see if its okay for Krishna. The doctor gave us some advice on what Krishna should eat and if it doesnt taste right, i wont let her eat it.

( Sayaam is about to taste it. )

( Baby thinks: Oh god if Sayaam eats it, im done for. )

Baby: No wait Sayaam, i just remembered i forgot to put my special ingriedient in it! You wait i will add it.

( Baby drops the bowl as she takes it to the kitchen. She starts acting. )

Baby: Oh no! My whole dish for Krishna has gone bad!

( Sayaam smirks. He thinks: I knew she had done something to it. I wont let anyone hurt Krishna. )

( She fake cries. )

Krishna: Its okay Baby. You made it for me with love thats enough for me.

( Everyone continue to eat while Baby is relieved. )

( Yuvani, Karan and Sharad decorate the house for the party. Krishna comes to the hall. )

Krishna: Wow! All the preparations look so good! Can i help?

Karan: No!

( Krishna looks confused. )

Yuvani: Uh, Krishna. You rest, we have done everything.

( Sayaam comes. )

Sayaam: Krishna you come with me.

( He holds her hand and starts to take her. )

Krishna: But Sayaam….

( He takes her to their room. )

( He hands her a gift box. )

Sayaam: Here.

Krishna: What is this?

Sayaam: I want you to wear this tonight.

( Krishba admires the dress. )

Krishna: Its so beautiful.

( Krishna smiles and hugs him. )

Sayaam: Yes but it will look even better on you. Oh and i got an extra large size!

( Krishna punches him but smiles. )

( The mysterious figure is seen lurking outside the window. Face is not shown. )

Episode ends.

Please give your ideas and requests for what the mysterious figure can do to the family and Krishna.

Will have to limit uploads to 1 a day. May upload 2 at weekends.

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