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The Chronicles of Kriyam: Episode 15

I have skipped to Yuvani and Karan’s wedding as i didnt want it to drag with all the rasams. This is the last episode of season 1. Enjoy x

Episode begins.


( Its the day of the wedding. Krishna gets Yuvani ready by adorning her in jewellery. Yuvani cries thinking about how she has to leave everyone. )

Krishna: Yuvani, dont cry yah. Im 100 percent sure by tomorrow you wont miss us anymore.

( They laugh. Krishna wipes her tears and they hug. )

Yuvani: Im seriously gonna miss you.

( Sayaam is standing at the door watching sadly but still smiling. )

( Everyone watch as Karan puts the sindoor on Yuvani and follows all the rituals. They stand for the rounds. Everyone cry as they throw flowers on the two. )

( Its finally time for Yuvani to leave. One by one she slowly hugs everyone. She refuses to go. Sayaam hugs her and they cry. She clings on to him as he leads her to the door. He kisses her forehead and puts her hand in Karan’s. They wave as they leave. All smile. )

( Its the next day. Everyone is gathered in the hall. Krishna is bringing tea for everyone. She faints and the tray crashes on the ground. )

Sayaam: Krishna!

( They all take her to the bed. The doctor comes and checks her over. )

Doctor: Its okay she just fainted over low sugar levels. And there’s some good news. Krishna is pregnant.

( All are shocked and smile. Baby looks angry. )

Suhani: Thank you doctor.

( Suhani hugs Sayaam. )

Suhani: Beta, my first grandchild!

( Krishna wakes up. )

Krishna: What happened to me?

Suhani: Krishna you are pregnant! You are going to be a mother!

Krishna: Really?

( Krishna is happy. All leave Sayaam and Krishna alone. )

( Krishna hugs Sayaam. )

Krishna: Sayaam, im so happy! Im going to be a mother! Your going to be a father!

Sayaam: I know. We can start the next chapter of our lives, together.

( Sayaam kisses Krishna’s forehead. She smiles. )

Episode ends. Season 1 ends.

This episode didnt have much speech so sorry! It was just explaining what happens at the end and season 2 will start from this.

Season 2 will start tomorrow.

Please leave your ideas and requests for the season!

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