“Oh no! what will we do now?” I heard Sally shrieking. I was waiting in a restaurant, which was our favourite hangout spot, for these two to bring some food. It was a self service restaurant. I was starving. I headed towards them as I heard her scream. Both of their faces were horror-stricken. “What happened?” I asked them. “Woh, we don’t have money. This dumbo hasn’t brought money and I don’t have change. The problem is we have ordered and the food is billed. And they don’t have change. What shall we do now?” Sally told me worriedly. I took my wallet. To my shock, I didn’t have change either. I searched for my credit card. It wasn’t there. God! What will we do now? Sally and Sasha sensed my feelings and gave me a shock filled expression. I gave a helpless look to them. “Mam, do u have card?” The man at the cash counter asked me. “Actually…” Sasha fumbled. “How much is the bill?” A manly voice made me startle. Oh Jesus! It was Mr. Bumpy. How did he come here? “Sir, here’s your bill” The man replied. “No. I asked for their bill.” Bumpy said pointing us. “I’ll pay for them” We three were shocked to the core. “Here’s their bill sir. Do u know them sir?” The man asked. “Mind your own business” he replied aggressively, which silenced that man. I hate this. I don’t want to eat food paid by this man. I cursed myself for not bringing my card. “No thanks. We don’t need your help.” I told him. He gave a sharp look at me and then at that restaurant man. “Gini, be quiet. This is a good opportunity. I know u hate this. We can pay rudra later.” Sasha told me. I was sceptical, but we had no other go. “Thank u Rudra.” She chirped. He just nodded his head. “So, friends??” Sasha asked him. “What!!” sally and I shouted in unison. “Sasha, no!” I warned her. She didn’t pay any heed to my words. He just nodded his head in approval looking at us. This shocked me more. What’s wrong with him?? Sasha grinned widely at him while he left the place. This man is another mystery.
“Merry merry Christmas! Merry merry Christmas!!” I sang in joy as Christmas was around the corner. That wasn’t the actual reason. The main reason is I am going home for this Christmas. It was a heavenly feeling. I will meet my mystery man. “Why are u shouting like this goondi?” Bumpy’s blunt tone broke my chain of thoughts. “Bumpy!!!” I screeched intentionally. He closed his ears, annoyed. I laughed at him. “Goondi, u are too much!” he told me. “I know!” I replied with a mischievous smile. Life is very uncertain. It brings more shocks and surprises every day. I never dreamt even in my wildest dreams that this Bumpy and I will become the best of friends. I still don’t know how it happened. But, I know one thing. Bumpy is such a nice person at heart. Though he might look a hard nut to crack, he is a beautiful person from inside. After that restaurant incident, we had been at loggerheads often. But as time passed, I realised that he is a man of good thoughts. When he helped me when I was lost in this new city 2 years ago, a friendship which would last forever, blossomed between us. Yeah, It has been 2 years since I joined this college and since bumpy’s and my friendship developed. That incident was a huge nightmare for me and his timely help just made me talk to him and behave with him in a better way. That developed into an everlasting friendship between us, later. He calls me goondi, as I look like a goon. And I call him bumpy, for which he yells mad in anger. He is an orphan, who lives with his grandma in Bangalore. My hatred and mistrust against men changed after I met him. He made me realise the goodness of a selfless friendship. I am glad that we are friends. He has completed his course and is pursuing house surgeon here. So, we meet often. “So, when will u come back goondi?” he asked me. “After new year” I replied. “Will miss u bumpy!” I told him. “Hmm” he replied. “So, u won’t miss me!” I huffed in anger. “Of course.. Not goondi!!” he yelled as he started running. “You !!” I yelled as I chased him. I chased him so fast that I didn’t realise that I collided with someone.

I opened my eyes as I found myself in the arms of that person. That person came into my view. It was him. My mystery man. My SHIV. I looked at his chocolaty orbs as I looked at those after a long time. I was unable to move my eyes from his. His eyes locked mine. I remembered when I saw him at the bus stop. My encounters with him and then my proposal, everything flashed into my mind. And then his rejection.


“Look, u are immature. This is just an attraction. Keep your mind away from all these distractions and just focus into your dream. Your dream of becoming a doctor like your father. Don’t let these distractions and attraction affect your dream. First, fulfil your dream and then let’s think about it” He said all these in a go. I felt all my dreams and hopes crashing down to the ground. The locket, which I had in my hand, was dropped into the ground. I felt hot tears streaming down my cheeks. May be, he is right. This is an attraction, perhaps, according to him. But, I will prove myself and will go back to him again. This is my promise. Gini mathews’ promise.
***************************END OF FLASHBACK*************************
But, I realised in these years that my feelings towards him were not attraction and it was something beyond that. I worked, am working and will work hard to prove him that my feelings towards him were true. Though, I felt bad and upset due to his rejection, It was his rejection which made me score higher in my higher secondary, which in turn, gained me an admission in this college. I will prove Shiv that what gini can do.
“Gini, are u ok?” bumpy’s voice brought me back to reality. I straightened myself and looked shiv painfully. I nodded my head. “What are u doing here?” Shiv asked me. How the hell he can behave normally? Ok, fine. I am ready to pass all his tests. “Well, I am doing medicine here” I replied casually, as if unaffected by him. “What are u doing here?” I asked him. “I came to meet Mr. Sharma. Can I know where his room is?” He asked me. “First room in upstairs.” I replied. He went from there. “Who’s he?” Bumpy asked me as he placed my hands in shoulder. While I was struggling to answer him, I failed to notice a pair of blood shot eyes looking at our direction.
Guys, deesh here. I know that the story is progressing very fast. I can’t help it guys. Sorry for that. Happy pongal/ sankranti / lohri to all my friends and sisters. Have a great one. Keep supporting. I typed this chapter in hurry. Hope u liked this chappy. Thanks for reading. Love u guys.

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