Rudra – Vidyut Jammwal.
“Hey you! Come here!” I turned as I heard a voice. I was walking along the corridor of my college. It was my first day in college. I had gained admission in a popular medical college in Bangalore. I looked at the direction from where the voice came from. It was a gang of boys. Ragging. Well. I know how to deal with these idiots. As I walked towards them confidently, someone bumped into me from nowhere and I lost my balance and fell down. And that person fell beside me. Urgh! And that ragging group burst into laughter looking at me. My blood boiled in anger. I hated that person who bumped into me. I would kill him. I turned and looked at that person. He stood and glared at that group. “Sir, We didn’t laugh at u. We laughed at this girl” one of them said pointing me. How rude!! I will definitely teach a lesson to this ragging group. And what did he call that Mr. Bumpy? Sir?? I looked at them confused. “Don’t dare to laugh at girls. Today’s girls are worser than boys. They can pay back to u guys too” He told them aggressively as he ruffled his hair. He was tall and he looked like a body-builder. “Are u planning to sleep here?” he asked me sarcastically. I glared at him angrily. I tried to get up, but to my bad luck, I slipped and fell down again. He laughed at me , clutching his abdomen. My anger grew no bounds. “How dare u can laugh at me?? It’s all because of u bumpy!!” I yelled at him. “Bumpy?? How dare u can call me bumpy??” He yelled back. “It was u, who bumped into me and because of that I fell down.” I shot at him. He looked at me and mused for a second. Then, he forwarded his hand towards me. I grabbed that and I pulled him with my full force that he fell beside me with a thud. I got up swiftly. “Today’s girls can pay back to u guys too” I said as I smirked at him. The ragging group watched this with awe. Mr. Bumpy looked at me with anger reflecting in his eyes. I laughed at him the same way he did at me when I fell down. “Tit for tat, Mr. Bumpy!” I said as I moved from there. The crowd looked at me as they had seen a ghost. “Hey gini! Come yaar. It’s time for the class” Sasha said as she dragged me from there. Sasha and I gained admission in the same college. Anu is in Kochi, where she is pursuing her B.com. We both got admission in this college, which is popular because of our marks. Matty is so happy that I am going to pursue medicine in this prestigious college. And his happiness is more precious to me than mine. My mind went back to the past happenings that happened 3 months ago. As they flashed into my mind, I felt a layer of tears covering my eyes. “Gini!” Sasha’s call brought me back to reality.
“Gini, what do u want to eat ?” Sasha asked me. “Anything” I replied uninterestedly. We both were sitting in the canteen. “Why are u dull yaar? Bury the past and live the present” Sasha told me. I just gave a blank look to her. “Ha, I forgot to ask u. Sasha, Do u know who’s that bumpy?? Why everyone is calling him sir?” I asked her deliberately to lighten the atmosphere. “You mean Rudra? Well, he is our senior and he is a man who can stand no nonsense” She told me. “Oh. So, Mr. Bumpy’s name is Rudra.” I told her. “Yaar, don’t call him like that. He is so handsome” she said to me. Uff. She can never change. “Sasha!! U are impossible!” I told her. “Oh my god! How did this happen?” I heard a loud cry. Sasha and I turned to see who it was. It was a girl who was behind us. From her looks, I guessed that she would be a fresher like us. I saw her weeping. Immediately, Sasha and I went there to check her. I placed my hand on her shoulder. She jerked and looked at us. “What happened? Are u ok?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “Why were u crying?” I asked her. “Woh…” she fumbled. Why everyone does this fumbling business? Each incident happening here reminds me of him. “Tell us” Sasha told her. “Then, u have to promise me that u guys will not laugh at me. Promise?” She said as she extended her hand. I and Sasha exchanged confused glances. Why would we laugh?? “Promise” we said together in unison. “Actually, diya has met with an accident. She is very critical. It is all because of that idiot Gautam. He only pushed her from the terrace. I don’t know what will happen to her. I am so worried for her.” She said it in a go. Gosh! How did this girl speaks this fast? “Don’t worry. She’ll be ok. Waise, who’s diya? Your sister?” I asked her.
“God! Then who’s she?”
“She is the lead of a tv soap” Sasha said leaving me in shock. “What??!” I yelled in shock. “Woah! U also watch that!” that girl aked Sasha excitedly. “Yes, I do.” Sasha replied. Gosh!! Why are they like these?? Uff! Dramebaaz!! “What’s your name?” I asked her. “Sally” she replied with a smile. “Sally?? Is sally your real name?” Sasha asked her. “Sally is short for Salma. Sounds cool na?” She asked us excitedly. I could not control my laugh looking at her childish expression. I laughed at her and they both joined me. “And u both are??” she asked us after our laughter session. After a long time, I am laughing like this. “I am Gini and She is Sasha. We both are freshers. Are u one too?” I asked her. She nodded in yes. “So, friends?” she asked us as she extended her hand. “Forever.” We both replied as we placed ours on hers. Life is so mysterious. Every day, we meet different people from different walks of life. Today, I met 2 persons with entirely different shades. Rudra and Sally. Little did I know that they are going to be a part of my roller coaster journey of life.


“Wow! Sashu, I love pizza!” sally squealed in delight. They were gorging on the pizzas amidst their chattering. Sally is an amazing company. She makes me laugh every time as Matty does. I looked at my phone and unlocked it. My vision started blurring as tears covered my eyes when I saw my Shiv’s picture on it which is my wallpaper.
Guys, deesh here. Well, gym boy has entered. Hope u will all like him. Presenting my Sally sisso who’s playing an important role in this ff. James bond, hope u liked her entry. And about shiv, u’ll know about that in the next epi. Sorry for disappointing as many were expecting his reaction in this epi. But a little more wait. You’ll know about him in the next chappy which I will post on monday. Hope u like this chappy guys. Thanks for reading.

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