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The Changed Destiny- SwaSan (Episode 5) SURPRISE

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SwaSan engagement with a surprise.


Sumi gets a call and after talking
Sumi: Swara I am going to MM to fix the marriage date so that we can announce it today in your engagement. You become ready and come to MM on time with Ragini as Aryan and Laksh are going with me. And yes I have kept the dress and the accessories on bed, Ragini will make you ready.
Swa: Ok Mom. Bye.
Sumi: Bye and after saying this she leaves to MM with Aryan and Laksh who were waiting in the car outside.

AP welcomes Sumi.
AP: Namaste. Come Sumi Ji.
Sumi: Namaste. How are you and everyone at house?
AP: Everyone is fine and Pandit ji will be here in few minutes.

They all settle down and started talking with each other all were present there except then Swara as she was in Godadia Mansion and Sanskar as he went out with some other important work. After few minutes Pandit ji came and started discussing about the marriage date. After some talks.
Pandit: The best timing for marriage is after 3 days and other than this the timing is after 4 months.
AP: No pandit ji 4 months is too late.
Sumi: Yes, so I think we should fix the date after 3 days right AP ji.
AP: Yes, I think we should surprise them ( she tells a plan to everyone which is muted ).
RagLak: ( together) Wow it will be interesting and so exciting. ( both see each other then turn their faces to other sides)

Uttara: Yes Mom it is so exciting then can we go and prepare for the plan.
AP: Yes you go and do the preparation for plan and we will see the other stuff.
Ragini, Laksh, Uttara and Aryan went to a different room and started to do the preparations which is a secret and will reveal later.
Everyone was doing the preparations and after doing her work Ragini went to Godadia Mansion to make Swara ready.

All the guest had arrived while Sanskar was waiting for his lady love ready in Brown and Golden Sherwani with Laksh in Dark Green Sherwani. After few minutes Swara arrived with Ragini. Swara was wearing Pink and Golden Lehenga with Ragini in Green and Blue Lehenga. Both were looking extremely beautiful. Seeing them Sanskar and Laksh gets mesmerized. Swara takes blessings of elders and then was made to sit with Sanskar. Suddenly DP comes on stage holding the mike gaining attention of everyone.

DP: A very warm welcome to all the guests present here. Thank you so much for coming here. Today I want to share a good news with you making a anouncement. Today my son Sanskar Maheshwari is gonna get engaged to Swara Godadia who is a doctor and I have a hope that as Sanskar is a Good Son he will also show up being a Good Husband taking more responsibilities. I highly encourage you to give your blessing to this newly gonna be couple. So lets start with the ring ceremony and then we have a surprise for the couple.
Ragini brings Rings. Sanskar makes Swara wear the ring and then Swara makes Sanskar wear the ring.
DP: ( in mike ) Attention please. So now we have a big surprise for the couple. And the surprise is…. As the marriage date is fixed after 3 days so we are gonna held the sangeet ceremony today only and haldi with mehndi day after tomorrow. So everyone is invited to the Mahendi and Haldi day after tomorrow. Right now lets start with the Sangeet ceremony.
Swara was so shocked that her life is changing so fast whereas Sanskar was happy that now he will be married to his love of life for whom he fell on first sight only.
Their thoughts get disturbed by Uttara and Aryan.
Utt: Guys this is getting boring so to addlittle bit of fun we are gonna start our sangeet by presenting a performance by Ragini di. So please give a big round of applause.
The lights go off and falls on one girl. She is non other than Ragini. The song plays Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan from Roy. Ragini starts doing the steps as per the song. All clap for her after finishing the dance.
Ary: Guys even boys can dance and we are gonna show them. So lets give a round of applause for our next performer Laksh bhai.
The lights fall on Laksh now he is dancing on the song Badtameez Dil from Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. Everyone clap for him too.
Uttara and Aryan leave from there giving the host responsibility to Ragini and Laksh.
Rag : Now lets welcome our next performer Uttara to prove that girls are best.
Uttara dances on the song Drama Queen with a group of boys and girls dancer. All clap for her.
Lak: Lets prove girls wrong by giving a performance by Aryan.
Aryan comes and performs on the song Vele Vela from Student of the Year.
Girls and Boys were fuming in anger because both team were doing equally good.
AP: Bacho you should not fight like this both did good. Ok now stop this and do the fun together. No more fighting.
Rag: Ok Mom.
Uttara take Raglak and Aryan at a side and
Utt: Guys now we have to do performance together.
Rag: Ya Uttu otherwise Mom will be angry.
Lak: I didn’t know that you are scared of your Mom. I mean I thought you are self independent women who is scared of no one.( teasingly)
Rag: Oh just Shut up. You better stop your non sense talks on concentrate on the performance because I want everything to be perfect in my Brother’s and Bhabhi’s Sangeet.

Lak: Oh hello your bhabhi is my sister also. So even I want the same.
UttYan: ( Uttara and Aryan together) Stop Itt….
Both look at each and then towards RagLak.
Rag: ok.
Utt: Now me and Aryan will dance on one song and you both will dance on one song.
RagLak: What. And both look at each other.
Laksh was little bit happy inside but igmores that feeling.
UttYan: Yes you both will dance on one song and that is final.
RagLak: No means no.
Rag: And you both are younger than us so we will tell what is final.
Utt: Di please for bhaiya and bhabhi. PLEASE
Rag: Fine.

Lak: But I have a condition. You have to behave nicely with me, not fight with me and become my friend.
Rag: Oh hello you and me are doing this for bhaiya and bhabhi. You are not doing any favour for me that I will listen to your condition.
Lak: Ok fine I will not dance.
Ary: Bhai please for di.
Lak: (whispering in Aryan’s ear) This is the only time we can make them listen to us. So be quite.
Lak: ( to Rag) Accept my condition and I am ready otherwise no.
Rag: Ok fine but you also will not fight with me and talk politely.
Ary: Let’s go now.

Uttara and Aryan go to stage while RagLak go for their performance.
Utt: Now without boys and girls fight we have our next performer Ragini Di
Ary: With Laksh bhai. So a big round of applause.
The spotlight falls on RagLak dancing on the song Radha from Student of the Year. After finishing the dance.
Rag: Now lets have next performance by Uttara and
Lak: Aryan.
UttYan dance on Dilli Wali Girlfriend from Yeh Deewani hai Jawani.
All clap for them. After that all the elders and youngers dance on song Gallan Goodiyaan.
Rag: Let’s have a couple dance with the new couple that means Swara Bhabhi and Sanskar Bhai. All clap.
Swara first refuses to dance but then everyone start saying so Swara agrees.

The song plays Sanam Re

O ho….

Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe main
Tera intezaar karun
Dheere dheere dil ki zameen ko
Tere hi naam karun

Khudko main yoon kho doon
Ke phir na kabhi paaun
Haule haule zindagi ko
Ab tere hawaale karun

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re
Tera mujhpe karam hua re

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

(Swara pov

Sanskar asked me for my hand which I gave. He brouvht me to the middle of the dance floor. I was way too nervous as everyone was seeing us with the main spotlight on us. The second reason behind my nervousness was that this was the first time I was so close to a man and the first time doing couple dance that too infront of everyone. He slightly started moving with the beat with my hands on his shoulder and his on my waist. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Like it was feeling that I was in the safest place. He slightly held my hand and gestured throught his eyes to not worry. Wait how did he get to know about my nervousness. I smiled slightly. He turned me around and pulled me towards him due to this sudden jerk I just hit his chest with my back. I was so lost in my thoughts that he pulled me normally but because of my I just got a sudden jerk. I could feel his hot breathe on my shoulder and I just closed my eyes to feel the moment don’t know why.)

O ho…

Tere kareeb jo hone laga hoon
To toote saare bharam re

Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re
Tu mera sanam hua re

O ho…

Baadalon ki tarah hi toh
Tune mujhpe saaya kiya hai
Baarishon ki tarah hi toh
Tune khushiyon se bhigaya hai
Aandhiyon ki tarah hi toh
Tune hosh ko udaaya hai

Mera muqaddar sanwara hai yoon
Naya savera jo laaya hai tu
Tere sang hi bitaane hain mujhko
Mere saare janam re

( Swara’s Pov continues
He again turned me and pulled me closer to him. Really really closer. We just stared in each other eyes lost. Don’t know for how long we stared but we kept moving with the beats. His eyes were showing the truthfulness and purity he has in heart. My heart started beating faster and faster with the increasing proximity between us. But suddenly I got again the same thought that all men are same and I avoided to make a eye contact.)

Sanam re, sanam re (sanam re..)
Tu mera sanam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re (sanam re..)
Tu mera sanam hua re
Karam re, karam re (karam re..)
Tera mujhpe karam hua re
Sanam re, sanam re (sanam re..)
Tu mera sanam hua re


Mere sanam re mera hua re
Tera karam re mujhpe hua ye (x2)

(Swara pov continues
My chain of thoughts was broken down by the applause of the people. I was just gonna leave alone but I stopped and held his hand slightly and left with him because it could make a wrong impression on people that I left him alone. We went and sat back on the place.)

Rag: So now we have a surprise game for everyone. All the couples who want to participate please come at a side.
Bhai – bhabhi please you also come. Please for me and Uttara bhai please come.
Utt: Yes bhai.
Ary: You love me the most di so for me please come na.
SwaSan: ( together) Ok. And both look at each other. Sanskar and Swara agrees for participating.

Lak: So now we have place the cloths on the floor and the couple who dances on the cardboard paper without putting their leg down till the end will be the winner.

All the couples stand on the cloth. UttYan, RagLak and SwaSan also stand on their cardboard papers.

The songs plays Ishq Wala Love.
( Guys please bear this last song)

Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala love

Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

(Swara pov
He just placed his hand on my waist and my hands moved toward his shoulder. We slowly started to move slowly according to the beat on the cardboard paper watching to not go out of the border and automatically our eyes met. And again I felt myself again losing in his innocent eyes which may be fraud. But this time I just lost myself. My heart took over my mind. )

Meri neend jaise pehli baar tooti hai
Aankhein mal ke dekhi hai maine subah
Hui dhoop zyada leke teri roshni din chadha
Ishq wala love

Jhanke badalon ki jaali ke peechhe se
Kare chandani ye mujhko ittala
Leke noor sara chand mera yahin pe hai chhupa chhupa hua
Ishq wala love

(Swara’s pov continue
We were just lost in each other but we came in senses when a couple- the girl stepped on her partners shoe and got disqualified . I looked around and saw two – three couples were out and only five more couples were left.)

Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

( Swara’s pov continue
We were moving slowly slowly watching out to not gwt out of border. When Sanskar signalled me to watch to our left. I saw on our left Ragini and Laksh were participating in the game but I controlled my laugh when I saw Ragini and Laksh were fighting with each other. Ragini then intentionally stamped her heel on Laksh shoe for which he started jumping like a monkey. I know he is my brother and I should not say him monkey but he should be like this for teasing others. Seeing that Uttara and Aryan started laughing and got out of border. I saw Sanskar smiling seeing me. Suddenly I lost my balance and was about to fall when Sanskar held me from my waist really close to him preventing me from falling.)

Kyon na aise hota
Jo milte tum ho jaate gum saath mere
Hote hote hoga samjhaye hum
Tham jaa aye tham O dil mere
Toota jaata jaata taara jab gira
Zara zyada zyada maangu dil tera
Kabhi zyada zyada maane na dil ye sarphira
Ishq wala love

Bada ye dil nadaan tha, par aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Jo khone ka tha dar tujhe pata nahi kyu zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Hua jo dard bhi toh humko aaj kuch zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Ye kya hua hai kya khabar yehi pata hai zyada hua
Ishq wala love
Agar ye usko bhi hua hai phir bhi mujhko zyada hua
Ishq wala love

Surkh wala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
Ishq wala ( ×2)

( Sankar’s pov
She is indeed beautiful just like an angel. Till now I never fell for any girl but seeing her face I don’t know it is just that get lost in her face. Her face is full of innocence but her eyes always reflect a pain. Don’t know what but I feel sad seeing her like that. But know I am in love. The Love at First Sight. We were dancing or just slightly moving lost in each other’s eyes. I signalled her to see RagLak who were fighting. I saw her controlling her laughter by just smiling. I started smiling starring at her. I thought she might feel awkward thinking me smiling as a joker but she just smiled back. Suddenly she lost her balance and was about to fall down when I held her from waist protecting her from falling down. We were again engaged in an eyelock but suddenly we came in senses when everyone was clapping.I made her stand straight. We looked around and saw all the contestants lost. We were the winner.)

Rag: So the winner of this game is Sanskar bhaiya and Swara bhabhi.
Everyone clapped for them. Then everyone had dinner and left from their.

All Maheshwari’s and Godadia’s were sitting in hall to discuss the functions for the marriage.
AP: Tomorrow Swara and Sanskar you both go and do the shopping for the functions and we will see the marriage preparations as really less time is there.
and if you want to ask something then just call us.
San: Ok Mom.
AP: Swara beta day after tomorrow we will do your Mehndi and Haldi ceremony in Godadia Mansion and Sanskar we will do your Haldi ceremony over here.
Swa: Ok aunty.
AP: No aunty now call me Mom or Maa.

Swa: Ok.
Sumi: Now we will take a leave and I will send Swara in morning tomorrow.
San: No need aunty I will pick Swara from your place only.
Sumi: As AP ji said to Swara to call her Mom you also have to call me Mom.
San: Ok aunty means Mom.
Sumi: Now it is fine and you can come home whenever you want. It is your home only. Ok now we will leave as it is getting dark.
AP: No wait Sanskar will drop you all home.
San: Ya.
Sumi: Ok.
Sumi, Aryan and Laksh leave in one car and Sanskar with Swara leaves in his car as Swara came to MM in Ragini’s car.

SwaSan Car –
Swara was really tired. Sanskar notices this.
San: Swara are you fine?
Swa: Yes, I am fine.
San: Tomorrow I will come at 9: 30 am. So be ready.
Swara does not reply.
San: Swara. Swara.
Sanskar then sees Swara sleeping peacefully.
San: ( in mind ) She is looking so innocent in sleep. Sanskar concentrate on your driving. After few minutes they reach Godadia Mansion. Sanskar goes towards Swara’s side.
San: Swara, Swara wake up.
Swara wakes up .
Swa: Oh I am sorry. I don’t know how I slept. I am sorry.
Swara gets out from the car.
San: It’s ok. Tomorrow I will come at 9: 30 am. So be ready.
Swa: Ok. Bye.
San: Bye.
Swara goes and gets changed. After getting changed in some comfortable clothes she sleeps on bed hugging her teddy. On the other side Sanskar also gets changed and sleeps.
End of this part.

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