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Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 15

The episode start with bihaan call thapki and thapki get scared to answer she close the phone,
Bihaan: why she cut my call , Bihaan get worried,
Happy sing: what happened your girlfriend didn’t answer ,
Bihaan ignore him and continue working , he finish and ask happy sing that he want to go home,
Happy sing: you can go but tomorrow come early ,
Bihaan goes to the house he enter and didn’t find thapki,
Thapki in the hospital tell vaus she will go home and she will come tomorrow to see dadi
Vaus agree ,
Bihaan get angry and try to call thapki again thapki come behind him ,
Bihaan: thapki …he hug her and says where were you I got worried and why you close your phone,
Thapki: Bihaan I go to meet old friends her name is …
Bihaan: I don care what her name I want to know why you didn’t tell me you will go out !!!
Thapki: sorry Bihaan I will tell you next time so tell me how was your first day at work ..
Bihaan recall all what happened in the work and smile it was good I was going to do something wrong but I remember you and stop really thapki you are special you can’t do something wrong I will go to sleep because I have to get early tomorrow..
Thapki feel guilty she says in her mind why I lies to Bihaan I will tell him the truth tomorrow.

In shardda house, shardda look at druve pictures and remember when she fall and druve hold her she smile and says I love u druve…


In pandy nevas, Babji and vaus are worried about dadi , druve goes to his room and sleep,
Aditia feel that druve ignore her, preeti and suman bhui planning to bring thapki to house because they miss her when she help them in doing work, in the morning vaus call every one and tell them that she will let Bihaan and thapki return to the house Druve get angry and says did Bihaan forgive you mother, vaus get shocked from druve,
Druve: I know Bihaan is selfish he will never return to the house in fact now he forget us,
Vaus shout: druve Bihaan will return to the house,
Babji: this family should stay together and bihaan should return to the house,
Druve: I don’t care I will go to the work, Aditia was running to give druve lunch box he left with meet her she feel sad, preeti tell Aditia to not feel sad druve have a lot of work she tell her to go to his office and give him the lunch box Aditia agree.

In thahaan house, Bihaan call thapki to do his hair ,
Thapki: wait Bihaan…
Bihaan: thapki hurry up..
Thapki: let me do you’re her she do his hair she says Bihaan I finish,
Bihaan see his hair and say no try to fix it from the front thapki come closer to Bihaan face and fix his her and say now you look good Bihaan hold her hand and thapki get shy …
She says Bihaan…..his phone ring ,
Bihaan: every time someone destroy our moments, thapki smile and says answer your phone, Bihaan answer: yes I will come ,
Bihaan: thanks my lovely wife for doing my hair,I will go now yes I forget I wanna tell you today at 8 there is surprise you have to come to the restaurant and don’t forget at 8 love you bye, Bihaan left,
Thapki: I want to tell you Bihaan but I know you will get angry I will tell you today at night .

In koyal office, koyal was doing work suddenly a paper come from under the door was written hi , koyal smile and take the paper another paper come written can you be my friend,
Koyal: maybe I will maybe not …
She open the door she sees raj, she recalled the first time she met him,
Raj: hi koyal can you be my friend in work..
Koyal: if you promise me to take me to dinner I will be you friend,
Raj agree.

In druve office, druve remember vaus saying that bihaan and thapki will return to the house he get angry and says I will never let you Bihaan return to the house, suddenly geet shout for help druve run to her he found her arm broke he says who did this !!
Geet: there is a man hit my hand , druve where he go call him , the worker come druve fired him, The worker get shocked and leave,
Geet in her mind: druve you will be a game in my fingers you will do anything I said …

Bihaan take thapki to the dinner he saw koyal in the restaurant with raj,
Aditia go to druve office she sees druve hold geet hand she tears ,

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