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Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 13

The episode start with bihaan get a job and he returned home and sees thapki was average her weight in a meter bihaan smile and remember when he said to her you should loss weight he come to her and says
Bihaan: thapki what are you doing?
Thapki : bihaan from today I decided to loss some weight for you I will do some exrisis and it will help me and my child.
Bihaan put his two hand in thapki shoulder: you will do that for me?
Thapki : yes bihaan I can do anything for you .

Bihaan: but thapki i dont want you to loss weigth because you always look beautiful ,
thapki get shy and says thanks bihaan
Bihaan: so what did you cook for dinner do not tell me you didn’t cook because of your diet,
Thapki: oh my dear husband I cooked for you the special dinner that you will love come let’s eat ,Bihaan and thapki eat dinner, thapki was waiting for bihaan to tell her about the job that he get,
Thapki : bihaan did you want to tell me something,
Bihaan: oh yes the food is good thapki,


Thapki : bihaan look to my eye , bihaan look at her ,
Thapki says : you didn’t get the job right,
Bihaan: actually I found but they will not give me enough money ,
Thapki : you found one really bihaan am so happy where ?
Bihaan: in a garage I will be working in fixing care and bike but I promise you thapki I will found another one,
Thapki go to the kitchen and bring sweets and say let’s celebrate your first job that you get, bihaan smile and take a pice from the sweets and feed thapki and thapki feed him,
Bihaan: thanks thapki I thought…
Thapki : you thought wrong I don’t care how mach money you get I care how mach work you do ,
Bihaan: I love u thapki I can’t imagine my live without you ,
Thapki hold his hand i love u to bihaan ….

Meanwhile, shardda making new plan to come back to druve .
She dress up as a girl called geet, she says from tomorrow druve I will work with you in channel business.

In the morning, bihaan was getting ready for his first day at work thapki go to him and says you look hunsmamd bihaan, bihaan smile and says this hunsmamd man is your husband, thapki was tidy the room bihaan go to her
thapki : bihaan do you need something,Bihaan but his two hand in her shoulder and says you know what I want, thapki get shy and remove his hand bihaan you need to think about work not me,
Bihaan: I can’t stop thinking of you my heart always call your name , thapki look at him and tears bihaan take her hand and put it in his heart and say listen every time my heart is beat he says thapki, thapki get emianol and hug him, Bihaan phone rang thapki cut the hug bihaan answer the phone,

The manager: you asked for a work so if you didn’t come I will bring another man for the job you have 10 minutes to come ,
Bihaan: I will come ,
Thapki : bihaan what happened?
Bihaan: nothing thapki i will go now bye he goes,
Thapki : bye bihaan all the best , bihaan turn his face and look at thapki he go to her and kiss her in front of her head and says if you need anything call me and he says to the child bye tack care of your mother until I return, thapki smile and says bye bihaan, bihaan goes.
In koyla house, aunt ji says to koyla that thapki come yesterday and she want to meet her ,
Koyla: you mean thapki that was with me in school I remember her where she live,
Aunt ji: besides us she is our neighbours, koyla I will go to meet her I forgot to tell you mother that I got a job in company,
Aunt ji : really am so happy now you will go for a job so you will get marry ,
Koyla : no mother I don’t wanna get marry until I found my truth love than I will married him and live happily ever after .
Aunt ji : koyla this is your dream so stop dreaming there is no truth love in live and tomorrow there will a man will come to see you get ready ,

Koyla: uf mother you bring man’s that I don’t like I will not marry anyone until I found truth love bye mother I love u.
Aunt ji : I will kill my self if you didn’t marry koyla oh God what a dream girl I hope she really found truth love and marry him,
Koyla go to thapki house and ring the bell and thapki open the door,
Thapki : koyla I miss you she hug her ,
Koyla: I miss you too thapki ,

Thapki: come inside,
Koyla: maybe in other time now I will go to office I just come to say hi ,
Thapki : am sorry koyla I didn’t invite you to my wedding,
Koyla: you got married congratulations .
Thapki : also I will be a mother soon,
Koyla: am really happy for you thapki now I have to go bye I will meet you later .
In druve channel, geet enter and ask for a job druve sees her he tell her can you work as a as assistant manager for me geet get happy and says yes yes I can druve in his mind this girl could help a lot in this office I employees you for the job geet get happy and says my plan work as I want .

Koyla meet bihaan again, thapki visited dadi in hospital, geet about to fall down druve hold her .

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