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Thapki pyaar ki + my imagination Episode 12

The episode start with thapki hearing woman shouting for help, thapki run to the woman house to help her, she look at the woman was sitting in a couch and was saying help someone help before I kill my self thapki recognize that she know this woman and smile,

Meanwhile, Aditia take the tape record to a man to zoom the pic to know if it is thapki or not, the man zoom the picture it was nothing shows , Aditia feel disappointed and return home druve come to home with a happy mood,
Vaus: why you are smiling druve?!
Druve: will actually maa today I got a special deal in the office that’s it ,
Vaus: druve I think we should bring Bihaan and thapki home,
Druve: no maa it was Bihaan idea to go out of the house we didn’t force him if he wants to come back he can but we not going to tell him to come back,
Vaus: even that druve I want Bihaan to return home…
Druve: maa Iam done with bihaan sense the day Babji bring Bihaan to the house all problems come with him .


Vaus: what happened to you druve?!!!
Druve: I open my eye to the truth, why Bihaan should live in a house if he is not belong to it and you not his mother and Babji not his father so why he should live her !!!
Vaus: druve what are you saying Bihaan your brother you was love him he save your live once.
Druve: I accepted Bihaan as my brother when he was homeless but now we know that kosi his mother and we not his family.
Vaus: druve what are you saying are you losing your mind!!!!!!
Druve: maa please from today I don’t want to her Bihaan name, he goes.
Vaus crying ?: what happened to our family why druve hates Bihaan!!!!
Druve in his room he think about the paper ? that he found in Babji room,
And says: you want Bihaan to take all your money ? and make him the owner of the house but why Babji you think Bihaan will manage everything more than me and I know why you want Bihaan to work in the channel to make him take my place I will not let Bihaan return to this house ever again . And thapki all what she did is breaking my heart ?, both of them I will do the impossible to make them never return to the house this is my promise ?.

Thapki enter the house and hug the woman who screamed for help,
The woman: who is you !!!
Thapki cut the hug my aunt ji me thapki koyal friend do you remember me,
Aunt ji : yes thapki I remember you ,
Thapki: but why you was calling for help,
Aunt ji : this girl koyal drive me crazy she refused to get marry and today she didn’t accept my friend son I call for help because if she refused another man I will kill my self,
Thapki laughs and says I will speak to her but where is she,
Aunt ji : she go for interview for getting a job ,
Thapki: even my husband go to look for a work.
Aunt ji : you got marry you didn’t tell me.
Thapki: also am pregnant am sorry I didn’t tell you,
Aunt ji: congratulations thapki it is okay am really happy to see you again.

Meanwhile, Bihaan go to do interview and they show a girl beside him look to the clock and smile she says to bihaan excuse me can i go before you to the interview,
Bihaan: sure you can.
The girl enter and she get the job, Bihaan enter after her,
the manager : if you come before the girl you sure get a job but she is lucky ?, they show koyal face smile and saying my luck come from my mother because she was always lucky, Bihaan get angry ? Bihaan: what she tack my place he about to yell at koyal he remember thapki saying don’t get angry if you didn’t get a job ,
Bihaan says to koyal : look girl don’t meet me again or I will show another face from me,
Koyal : are you mad you didn’t get a job in fact I don’t blame you sometimes you need to not trust stranger like me if you go first you will get the job see later angry bird .
Bihaan: I just wanna uh…. I will not return home until I found a job I promise you thapki.
Druve was doing work in his computer Aditia come to him to tell him that she think that the woman that hit her is not thapki, druve get angry and says Aditia you still thinking about what happened it was thapki and stop looking for another answer for what happened,
Aditia: why you are angry druve?!!
Druve: it just the work pressure sorry Aditia I didn’t mean to yell at you.
Aditia hold druve hand it okay I understand.
Bihaan was walking in the street he sees Babji buying vegetables, he about to go to him he remember what happened and go to another place suddenly his phone rang Bihaan answered,
Bihaan: hello who is this?
Vaus: Bihaan it me your mother,

Bihaan: about to cut the call …
Vaus: please Bihaan don’t cut my call I want to tell you something.
Bihaan: what do you want hurry up say?
Vaus: Bihaan my son please return home am sorry,
Bihaan: that what you want so listen to my answer carefully I will never return home because you not my mother anymore I tell you before that when you break the trust with thapki I break my relationship with you he close the phone ?, vaus crying and saying please Bihaan return home …..
Thapki was in anut ji house she drink with her tea and tell her that she live beside her house so anytime koyal come from work let her visit me, thapki go to her house and call Bihaan,

Bihaan: hi thapki ,
Thapki: Bihaan what happened did you get a job?
Bihaan: almost I get a one but that girl I will show her I just wanna slap her face…
Thapki: who girl Bihaan I didn’t understand!!
Bihaan: all I mean I didn’t get a job .

Thapki: oh sorry Bihaan it okay you return home tomorrow you will get one,
Bihaan: no thapki I promise you I will get one today he sees a poster and says to thapki I get one already,
Thapki: how where?!!
Bihaan: I will tell you when I return bye.
Thapki: bye Bihaan I hope he really found one.
Bihaan take the poster and enter the place and the manger employ him for the job.

Thapki meet koyle, Bihaan sees thapki average her weight, druve let geet be his assistant manager.

Hello pooja, NaiTan, anchal, sulbi, Rifa, kudrat, lee_na everyone even silent reader how was your day and I hope you like this episode and there is new track that I will start it soon .


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