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Thahaan : Shot 1 by NaiTan

Hello to all … NaiTan here … Inspired by all of u … I decided to write a 3 shot …. I don’t know whether all would like it because there wouldn’t be Thahaan much . But the 3rd shot is a surprise . I hope u would like that .
And I am sorry Alm.Abi because I used ur idea .
It starts when Bihaan loses cricket match and is asked to leave Pandey Nivas . Thapki asks them to stay back .
Thapki – Maa Sirf aaj raat ke liye ruk jaaiye
( Maa Plz stay just for tonight )

Bihaan- Nahi Mrs.Katyal . Hum aapke saath kabhi nhi Reh sakte . Jo kuch bhi aapne aur aapke pati ne kiya Hai voh bahut galat kiya .
( No Mrs.Katyal . We will never stay with u . Whatever u and ur husband did was already very wrong )


Thapki signs maa . And she convinced Bihaan . Next morning they leave and Bihaan finds a old small house with help of his friends . The whole family rests . Bihaan and maa go out to the market to buy basic needs with whatever money they have . Thapki is also in the market . She sees them .She goes to them .

Thapki- Maa aap yahan ? Aapko kuch chahiye ? Main aapki koi madad karoon ?
( Maa u here ? You need anything ? May I help u ? )

Bihaan- Nhi Mrs.Katyal . Hume aapke aisaano ki koi zaroorat nhi . Chaliye maa .
( No Mrs.Katyal . We don’t need any favour of yours . Let’s go maa )

Thapki- Bihaan main tumse abhi bhi bahut Pyaar karti hoon . Plz Mujhe 1 mauka toh do . Plz Bihaan .
( Bihaan I still love u . Plz give me 1 chance. Plz Bihaan )

Bihaan- Mauka aur voh bhi tumhe de ? Galti se bhi yeh mat sochna Thapki . Humse koi umeed mat rakho .
( Chance and you ? Don’t u dare think that Thapki . Do not expect anything from me . )
And Bihaan and maa move . Bihaan is subconsciously thinking something . They do not see a speeding car from other side . Thapki notices it and pushes them and in the process gets hit by the car .Thapki lies in pool of blood . Bihaan and maa are still in shock . When they get back to normal , they see crowd behind and get shocked seeing Thapki in that state . Bihaan lifts her in his arms and takes her to hospital . Doctors operate her . After 2 hrs the OT light goes off , but doctor doesn’t come out and after 4 hours he comes out .

Bihaan- Doctor Saab Thapki kaisi Hai ? Usse kuch hua toh nhi Na ? Sab theek Hai Na ? Boliye Na …
( Doctor how is Thapki ? Nothing has happened to her Na ? Everything is OK Na ? Plz say something )

Doctor – Mujhe maaf kariyega Mr Pandey . Thapki ab iss duniya mein nhi Hai . Voh Mar chuki Hai .
( I’m sorry Mr. Pandey . Thapki is no more . She is dead )
Bihaan falls on his knees and shouts … No this can’t happen . He runs to OT … Hugs her body and taps her face and says

Bihaan- Thapki tum aise nhi jaa sakti . Apne Bihaan ko chodd ke nhi .
( Thapki u can’t go like this . You can’t leave ur Bihaan like this )
He cries badly . Meanwhile Vasu called everyone and tries to console Bihaan . Kabir is also shocked when he enters OT . He notices something and asks everyone to leave . After sometime he comes out .

Kabir- Chaliye aap sab apne Pandey Nivas . ( All come back to Pandey Nivas )

As they reach home , Kabir gives keys to him and Bihaan looks at him .

Kabir – Jis kaam ke liye main yahan aaya tha voh toh poora ho gaya . Mujhe tumse badla lena tha Bihaan . Par tumhe toh tumhari zindagi ka sabse bada dukh mil gaya.
(For the motive I came here , it’s fulfilled now. I wanted to take revenge from u Bihaan . But u got the biggest sorrow of ur life )

Bihaan looks at Kabir .

Kabir – Aise mat Dekho . Thapki tumse Pyaar karti thi . Usne kitni baar bola ki yeh shaadi Nakli Hai . Aur voh sahi Keh rahi thi . Humne kabhi shaadi hi nhi ki . Voh sab jhooth tha . Par tumne uska vishvaas nhi kiya aur ab tumne usse humesha ke liye kho diya . Ab main chalta hoon . Tumhe tumhara ghar Mubarak ho . Main Thapki ki body leke jaa raha hoon . Main isse jalaonga .
( Do not look at me like this . Thapki loved u . She always tried to prove that this marriage is fake . And she was right . We never got married . Everything was a lie . But u didn’t trust her and now u lost her forever. I’m leaving . Your house is ur’s and I am taking Thapki’s body with me . I will burn it . )

And Kabir takes the body with him . Bihaan realised Thapki was never at fault and breaks down and shouts Thapkiiii …

6 Months Leap …
Pandey Family received an wedding invitation from one of their old friends . They get shocked seeing the name on wedding card .
Who’s name was there ? What did Kabir notice in hospital ?
Get to know in next episode … Hope u liked it . I know that it’s short . But Plz do comment . It’s three shot … As much as I planned . Do comment ??

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