RECAP- Bihaan had heard at night, Thapki talking over phone with Arjun and he misunderstands her that she is going to a garden to meet him and have love proposals. Then Bihaan sleeps….
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Thapki gets up from sleep and notices Bihaan not on his bed.
Thapki- “He doesn’t get up so early in the morning but where is he today?”
Thapki checks the washroom but doesn’t find Bihaan there. She takes bath and comes out. She hears Vasundhara’s morning aarti. She goes down.
Thapki looks here and there but doesn’t find Bihaan anywhere. She goes inside the temple. It is obvious that Bihaan won’t be there in the temple as well. She waits for Vasundhara to get over with the prayer.
After the prayer,
Thapki- “Sorry maa, today I got late to come do-wn. I was act-ually…”
Vasundhara- “It is okay beta I can understand. Come let us have breakfast.”
Thapki nods and goes to have breakfast.
Dhruv- “Bauji, today I will not go to office. I have some work.”
Balwinder knew about Thapki’s plan from before.
Balwinder- “Okay it doesn’t matter. I will be able to handle the office. Thapki will go with me.”
Thapki- “No bauji, sorry I won’t go too.”
Balwinder- “Why?”
Thapki- “Woh I have some work.”
Balwinder- “Both of you got some work at the same time.”
Vasundhara- “Your habit of questioning in everything didn’t go.”
Balwinder- “Okay okay Thapki bitiya, you stay back. I will be able to handle the office alone today.”
Thapki wonders why nobody is mentioning anything related to Bihaan. And she herself cannot ask about Bihaan lest they start teasing her for her husband again.
Thapki- “You will han-dle alone? I mean…”
Balwinder- “Yes. You and Dhruv are already going to stay back. So I will be alone only.”
Thapki- “No I mean Bih…”
Balwinder- “Oh Bihaan, he didn’t inform you? He has gone out of station early morning due to some critical case suddenly. I thought he has informed you already.”
Thapki’s face becomes pale a bit.
Thapki- “Where?”
Balwinder- “To some remote area, a village type most probably.”
Thapki- “He went alone?”
Balwinder- “Yes alone. Why?”
Thapki- “No I mean what case?”
Balwinder- “It is a very sensitive case actually. Other officers were feeling afraid to tackle it. Some illegal activities are going on in that remote village so no one other than Bihaan has been courageous. So he confirmed the case.”
Thapki- “Was it dec-ided beforehand?”
Balwinder- “No it wasn’t. We had thought to hand over the case to the local police station there but suddenly today at 3 a.m in the morning Bihaan knocked my door and informed me that he wants to leave then and there.”
Thapki- “Oh. You did-n’t stop him?”
Balwinder- “No. If our CBI bureau officers are somewhat able to do work for the country, it feels proud. And I know he would do it.”
Thapki- “When will he ret-urn?”
Thapki’s concern for Bihaan and lines on the forehead could be easily visible. She herself didn’t know how she started worrying for him.
Vasundhara speaks in between.
Vasundhara- “Thapki, my child, you have also become a quiz mistress like your father-in-law? I know he went without informing you, so you feel tensed. But don’t worry my child, nothing will hapen to him. He will return within a day or two.”
Thapki doesn’t say anything more and turns to go.
Vasundhara- “Thapki, won’t you have breakfast?”
Thapki- “No I-I..”
Vasundhara- “I know out of worry, you are not feeling to have food. But you know very well how much Bihaan is concerned about you when you don’t have food. That day also he was asking you to have food on time. Have your food on time for Bihaan’s sake.”
Thapki sits to have breakfast. She eats a little of it and then goes away. Everyone else leaves the dinner table. Dhruv goes back to his room too. Balwinder leaves for office.


Thapki is about to sit on Bihaan’s bed when she reminisces Bihaan saying to her, “Don’t dare to come near me, stay two miles away from me or my things.”
She moves away from his bed quickly, “No Bihaan I won’t sit there, don’t get ang-ry, I-I…”
She looks up and finds nobody.
Thapki- “Why am I feeling like this? He beha-ved so rude with me since the last few days then why am I worry-ing for him? Just beca-use he worried for me too at times? But why he didn’t in-form me and go?”
Thapki slept for a while. She wasn’t feeling good. She wakes up in the afternoon 2 p.m.
Thapki takes out her phone. She thinks of calling Bihaan once.
Thapki- “Shall I ring him once? Will he pick up my call? But if he picks up, I will say maa was gett-ing worried. Okay then I will call him.”
Thapki calls him and it rings but he doesn’t pick up. Suddenly it disconnects.
Thapki- “He cance-lled my call.”
She looks in her mobile and finds “No network.”
Thapki- “How foo-lish I am! The network went away so it discon-nected.”
Thapki goes outside the room in search of network with her mobile. Unknowingly she walks through the balcony. She gets back the network. She rings again. Suddenly she could hear Bihaan’s phone ringing somewhere near her. She gets happy and smiles. She turns back.
Thapki- “You came back Bihaan Si-sir? I was so wor-.”
She could find nobody. She becomes sad again. But the phone was yet ringing.
Thapki- “If Bihaan Sir is not here, then from where am I hear-ing the phone ring-tone?”
She tries to train her ear to listen to the faint sound and she reaches near Bihaan’s confidential room.
Thapki- “Is the phone ins-ide? But how will I open it?”
She remembers how Bihaan opened the door on the reception day.
Thapki- “It has a pass-word but what is it?”
She puts her fingers on the passcode box and thinks.
Thapki- “As far as I remember, he was utt-ering some-thing, G-O-D-M-A-A-P-A”.
And she types it, the door is unlocked.
Thapki runs inside and finds his mobile phone there. She quickly picks it up.
Thapki- “Bihaan Sir left his mob-ile back at home?”
She takes a look at around the room and is astonished to see the statues and the sketches. She goes near the statues and reads each of it.
Thapki- “These are the memo-ries of Bihaan Sir. I could have never ima-gined this. He was a gui-tar player and he does sket-ches and pain-tings. He loves his mother and father so much. But then he is an-gry on his mother why. His good memo-ries are all here. Why has he lock-ed all his good mem-ories like this?”
She looks at the sunflower bowl. She reads the note on it.
NOTE: “This is for you maa, this flower was given to me by Chotu at the station. One of my best memories when I was impressed by a few heart touching lines by Chotu, hence I captured the memory here in this room. When you become completely cured and I am able to forgive you, I will hand this over to you. Love you maa.”
Thapki was completely into the emotions of Bihaan’s little note.
Thapki- “Bihaan is talk-ing about Chotu I mean my Chotu bhai? What lines did he say to Bihaan and when did he give the flo-wer? I have to talk to Chotu soon. Now I thi-nk Maa and Bihaan’s issue is real-ly serious.”
Thapki notices an idol of God Shiv and Goddess Parvati and Ganesh sitting on Shiva’s lap. The idol was created by Bihaan. She reads the note on it.
NOTE: “Maa and bauji are my God and Goddess and I sit on their lap. And the eight characters of my passcode of the door is G-O-D-M-A-A-P-A means MAA PA are my GOD. If in case I forget the passcode, the statue will help me to remember.”
Thapki- “Brilliant, Bihaan Sir you are comple-tely an intelli-gent and elig-ible officer but abo-ve that, you have a heart even soft-er than me. But I know due to some rea-sons, you have chan-ged your exter-nal appearances. I will do some-thing so that you for-give maa soon.”
Thapki prays to the God’s idol.
Thapki- “Bhagwanji, I know you know every-thing what is wrong with Bihaan Sir. It is your duty to unite the moth-er and son. Could you stay aw-ay from your chil-dren? Then why are you hurt-ing maa and Bihaan. And ple-ase bhagwanji, Bihaan Sir left his mob-ile too here. Please keep him safe. A wife is asking for her hus-band’s safety and…”
She stops.
Thapki- “What am I saying? How can it be? Why did I utt-er this? Sorry bhagwanji, you know the truth right. We are going to separate soon. But…”
She looks at her mangalsutra.
Thapki- “But how can I deny this ever? We have been mar-ried in real. How can I deny from thin-king him as a husband? Will I be able to rem-ove these signs from my life ever? God give me stre-ngth and take care of him.”
Thapki was about to pick up the next sketch. The sketch was the temple scene when Bihaan patted Thapki. But before she could see, she heard Vasundhara’s call.
Vasundhara- “Thapki where are you? Come to me. I have to talk something urgent.”
Thapki wipes her tears, takes Bihaan’s mobile too and goes outside. She locks the gate again. She goes downstairs.


Bihaan is driving his car and thinks of Thapki.
Bihaan- “Thapki, today you are going to get the love of your life and you will get all your happiness in life. This case could have been solved by the policemen too but I came purposefully. If I stayed back there at home, my presence could have irked you or I would have ended up hurting you by behaving rudely. This could have spoilt your mood and excitement. I am sorry for not informing you but I had to. I don’t have any mobile phone too so that no one can contact me. On your special day, I didn’t want to disturb you so I didn’t even search for my mobile phone. All the best Thapki, stay happy in your life. Soon we will divorce each other and I will myself hand you over to your beloved.”
Bihaan drives away the car.


Thapki comes running towards Vasundhara on the balcony.
Vasundhara- “Thapki where were you? Dhruv is leaving for the garden, I saw him going. You forgot our plans?”
Thapki- “No maa, I remem-ber. I will also leave now.”
Vasundhara- “Bihaan’s mobile?”
Thapki- “Yes maa, he left it at home.”
Vasundhara- “This boy is like this only. Okay give it to me. I will keep it in his room. You go now.”
Thapki gives the phone and leaves. On the way Thapki calls Aditi and Arjun to come to the garden as soon as possible.
Dhruv is in his car and gets stuck in the traffic. Thapki gets dwon from her auto and crosses Dhruv’s car by walking from the side and takes an another auto from the other side of the road. Aditi and Arjun were coming from other streets.


The place has been well decorated by Arjun’s men. Thapki and Aditi reach there before Dhruv. Arjun too arrives from behind.
Arjun- “Dhruv has not yet arrived right?”
Thapki- “No but he is on the way. Are you rea-dy Aditi?”
Aditi- “Yes but I feel afraid.”
Thapki- “I thou-ght you are more coura-geous than me.”
Aditi- “Now don’t tease me.”
They see Dhruv coming.
Thapki- “Go Aditi. Go in-side the green room. He shou-ld not see you.”
Arjun- “Thapki let us go and hide as well.”
They sit down behind a table.
Dhruv arrives there and looks for Naina.
Dhruv- “Naina where are you? You called me and you are only missing?”
Aditi comes out of the green room and blindfolds Dhruv from behind.
Dhruv- “Who is it? Naina?”
Aditi tries to imitate Naina’s voice and covers her own mouth with a handkerchief.
Aditi- “My sweet sixteen boy, I am here.”
Dhruv- “What is this Naina open the blindfold.”
Aditi holds Dhruv’s hands, “No you will not open it my boy, you have my swear.”
Dhruv- “But why are you doing?”
Aditi- “I planned a surprise for you that is why I called you here. At home, uncle aunty would be there so I couldn’t.”
Dhruv- “What surprise? Tell me fast and open the cloth.”
Aditi- “Wait wait sweet sixteen boy. Here I brought a cake for you. We will eat together but first tell me that you will always be with me throughout the life and love me.”
Dhruv- “Why are you joking? I know you always joke but not about this okay.”
Aditi- “Dhruv Pandey, this time I am serious.”
Dhruv- “I know you very well. You always joke. Now end it please.”
Aditi- “You don’t believe me. Okay wait. I will prove myself that I am not lying, I am serious.”
Aditi holds Dhruv’s arms tightly.
Dhruv- “What are you going to do?”
Aditi- “I am going to kiss you on your lips and prove that I am serious. And it will be a love kiss.”
Dhruv- “No Naina, you can’t do this please.”
Aditi holds him more tightly and holds him by his collar and goes close. Dhruv couldn’t see but he could smell the perfume from Aditi’s clothes coming nearer. Dhruv tries to resist himself and suddenly shoves her away.
Dhruv- “No Naina. It can’t be. I don’t love you and never will. I only love Aditi…”
Thapki and Arjun come out of their hiding places. Aditi smiles. Thapki unfolds Dhruv’s eyes from behind. Dhruv opens his eyes and notices Aditi. He is shocked.
Dhruv- “Aditi? Naina?”
He looks here and there and notices Thapki and Arjun behind.
Dhruv- “What is all this?”
Arjun comes and hugs Dhruv.
Arjun- “Dhruv, congratulations.”
Thapki- “Congratu-lations bhaiya.”
Dhruv- “Will anybody tell me what is happening actually?”
Arjun narrates him the full story from the beginning.
Dhruv turns towards Thapki and goes towards her, pulls her ear.
Dhruv- “Thapki sis, this is actually your plan. You are way too naughty.”
Arjun- “Why naughty? We had no other option to make you confess and hence we did this plan.”
Dhruv- “But Aditi, you also? You included yourself in their plan?”
Aditi doesn’t answer and smiles to herself.
Arjun- “Now it is Aditi bhabhi’s turn to confess her love to Dhruv bhaiya.”
Aditi- “I?”
Thapki- “Then who? The way you confessed it before me, do it here as well. Let us go Arjun. Leave them alone for now.”
Arjun and Thapki leave.
Dhruv- “Aditi now tell me. I want to hear those words.”
Aditi- “Now?”
Dhruv- “Yes.”
Aditi closes her eyes.
Aditi- “I love you Dhruv, I love you so much.”
Dhruv hugs Aditi tightly and kisses her on her forehead.
They both dance on the tune of
“Jeene laga hoon pehle se zyada, pehle se zyada tumpe marne laga hoon…” from Ramaiya Vatsavaiya movie.
[I have started to live more than before, more than before I have started to die on you.”]


Arjun drops Thapki at the gate.
Arjun- “Thapki, my sis, don’t worry about Bihaan Sir so much. He will soon return.”
Thapki- “I hope so. Okay Arjun good night.”
Thapki enters the house and finds Vasundhara and Balwinder.
Balwinder- “Thapki, what happened at the garden?”
Vasundhara- “Tell fast.”
Thapki- “They confe-ssed at last. We are success-ful.”
Balwinder- “Thapki how did you make this possible? They were so very adamant.”
Thapki- “I did some-how.”
Balwinder- “But how?”
Thapki thinks how to tell bauji about the last plan. She feels shy.
Vasundhara- “They confessed that’s it. Don’t you see Thapki upset for Bihaan. Don’t embarrass her with questions again.”
Thapki- “Maa did Bihaan re-turn?”
Balwinder- “No he will not return today.”
Thapki- “Did he speak to you?”
Balwinder- “No I called him but then I got to know from Vasundharaji that he left his phone here. I assumed he won’t return today because reaching that place will itself take half a day.”
Thapki- “Okay.”
Vasundhara- “Thapki don’t worry child.”
Thapki- “Maa you call Aditi’s fam-ily here for dinner. Till then I will take rest.”
Thapki goes away.
Vasundhara- “Don’t you see Bihaan’s bauji how sad and gloomy she has become. Why did you send Bihaan?”
Balwinder- “Vasundharaji, don’t you see them always fighting? If they stay apart, may be love will increase between them. And by the way Bihaan is in CBI. He has to do his duty as well. He will return by tomorrow or day after.”
Balwinder calls Krishnakant.
Balwinder- “They have agreed at last. We will do our finishing work. Please be here for dinner and bring Aditi along with you.”
Krishnakant gets happy and informs Poonam about it. Paan also gets ready. Krishnakant calls Aditi. Aditi was still with Dhruv.
Krishnakant- “Aditi where are you? Balwinderji invited us for dinner. We are leaving. Do come in time.”
Aditi- “Okay papa.”
Both Aditi and Dhruv leave for Pandey nivas.


Thapki takes a book from the shelf and tries to read it to deviate her mind. But she couldn’t. She keeps back the book. She takes Bihaan’s mobile from the table. She looks at his pictures in his mobile.
Thapki- “Bhagwanji, ple-ase keep him safe. He is alw-ays angry on me, he gets irk-ed seeing my face but I will ne-ver think wrong for him.”
Vasundhara calls Thapki. Thapki keeps back the mobile and goes downstairs. She notices Aditi’s parents and Paan. She takes their blessings. Aditi and Dhruv too arrive.
Thapki- “Maa bauji uncle aunty, isn’t it time to get Aditi and Dhruv bhaiya marr-ied?”
Dhruv- “Thapki…”
Thapki- “Bhaiya, every-one knows about it.”
Paan- “Thapki, you are still naugh-ty like you were be-fore. That day I thou-ght you became a quiet girl by mis-take.”
Thapki- “Bhaiya ple-ase don’t tease.”
Paan- “Sorry.” He holds his ears.
Balwinder- “What do you say Krishnakantji?”
Krishnakant- “Let us tie their knot.”
All sat around the dinner table happily and all started gossipping, discussing to call for the pandit(sage), fix the marriage date and all were laughing.
It was only Thapki who sat quietly.
Paan- “What happened Thapki? Again you became a silent girl? Aren’t you happy?”
Aditi- “She is the only one who did so much. Won’t she be happy? She is happy.”
Paan- “Oh it means Bihaan is not here so she is sad.”
Thapki- “Bha-iya, it is not like that.”
Vasundhara- “Okay everyone listen to me. Tomorrow is a very special day. It is the “Karwachauth Day”. On this day, married women fast for a full day till the moon comes out for her husband. And then her husband makes her to drink water and break the fast. So we thought on this day, we will do the engagement for Dhruv and Aditi.”
Poonam- “Yes. We agree to it.”
Vasundhara- “So tomorrow we will have everything here itself. Today, you have to stay back at our house only.”
Poonam- “But how?”
Vasundhara- “What how? Today before sun rises, I will have to give “sargi”(it is a food given by mother-in-law to her daughter-in-law to have it before the sun rises, and after that they fast the whole day. It comprises of fruits specially.) to my daughters-in-law. If you don’t stay back, how will I do it? Won’t you fast Aditi?”
Aditi- “Yes aunty, I will fast for Dhruv.”
Vausndhara- “Don’t call me aunty anymore now. I will become your mother-in-law soon.”
Aditi- “Okay maa.”
Vasundhara- “Thapki, you will also have to fast for your husband’s long life.”
Thapki- “Yes maa, I will.”
Thapki was much worried for Bihaan and she agreed to fast just for his well being, long life and safety.
Thapki(in mind)- “If this one fast may put him out of all dan-gers in his life, I will fast for him. He has done so many thi-ngs for me, why can’t I do this lit-tle thing. Yes I will do it.”
Everyone completes their dinner.
Balwinder- “Krishnakantji, you had to stay back if not for the Karwachauth but for the engagement function as well because it will take place from here only.”
Vasundhara- “Okay then I have arranged the guest room for Aditi’s parents. And Aditi, you can stay with Thapki tonight because she will be alone today, Bihaan is not there and she is feeling so worried for him.”
Aditi- “I will.”
Dhruv- “Come Paan, you will stay with me okay.”


Bihaan has somehow managed a place to spend that night. As Bihaan lies on a small bed like the huts have, he thinks about things in his life. He is unable to sleep at a new place.
Bihaan- “My work got over so quickly today, the policemen helped me out. They could have done the work on their own as well but it was good only that I helped them out. Tomorrow, once more for the last time I will visit the villagers and will leave for home in the afternoon.”
Bihaan looks at the time in his watch. It is already 11 p.m.
Bihaan- “I wish today Thapki got back her life’s happiness. I have been much annoying to her till now. Tomorrow, when I return, she will be quite calm I know. I will not annoy her anymore or say anything. I will live like my ownself and she like hers.”

Dhruv notices Paan tensed and Paan sleeps quietly.
Dhruv- “What are you worried for?”
Paan- “Nothing Dhruv.”
Dhruv- “You can tell me.”
Paan- “Actually, I am worried about my oil business factory. Yesterday few people came to threat us not to continue business there otherwise they will burn our factory. I tried to explain them but I don’t think they will sit quiet.”
Dhruv- “What is the issue for?”
Paan- “Nothing, just that their leader is also having an oil business but it is not doing well in the market so they want to hamper our success.”
Dhruv- “You should have asked us for help.”
Paan- “No Dhruv, now you need to concentrate on your marriage. I will manage it. If required, I will take Bihaan’s help don’t worry.”
Dhruv- “Okay but if you need me, feel free to tell.”
Paan- “Good night.”
They both sleep.


Aditi goes and lies down on Bihaan’s bed. Aditi calls Thapki to sleep beside her.
Aditi- “Come Thapki sleep.”
Thapki thinks of how Bihaan scolded her to go near his bed.
Thapki- “No, you sl-eep there comfor-tably. I will sleep on the flo-or.”
Aditi- “Thapki don’t act now. I do remember how we both used to sleep together on a single bed and fight with the pillows. We used to have so much fun.”
Thapki- “That was bef-ore. But now…”
Aditi- “But now what? You learnt to do formalities with me?”
Thapki couldn’t say much and she sleeps beside Aditi.
Thapki(in mind)- “Bihaan is not here. He will not kn-ow it then. I cann-ot refuse Aditi.”
Aditi- “So we have to get up at 3 a.m. You are an early riser. Call me okay.”
Thapki- “You sleep. I will call you at the corr-ect time.
Thapki closes her eyes.
Thapki is not able to sleep. The clock struck 12 midnight.
She gets up and sits on the bed.
Thapki(in mind)- “How is Bihaan? He is fine or not? Bhag-wanji, please keep him well and goo-d. I am doing fast also for his well be-ing.”
She looks at Aditi who was fast asleep.
Thapki- “Bhag-wanji, my best friend also got her love. Please keep her happy alw-ays.”
She sleeps again.

Bihaan was trying to sleep. He gets up. The time was 12.30 a.m.
Bihaan- “Why can’t I sleep? I feel someone is remembering me. But who? Is it maa?”
He hears some noise. He goes outside the room gate. He notices the open cultivated lands in front of him. It was too dark outside. He couldn’t see through. He felt somebody standing in the fields and calling out to him. “Bihaan Bihaan, are you alright? Please be safe. Come back soon. Bih-aan Bi-haan Biha-aaannn….”
As he tries to go near, the shadow disappears. He was hallucinating. Bihaan was feeling too cold outside. He goes into the room.
Bihaan- “Who was it? Were I hallucinating? Or was somebody there? But who knows me here that will call out to me like this?”
Suddenly he remembers the voice was stammering “Bih-aan Bih-aan…”
Bihaan screams louder.
Bihaan- “Thapkkkkkiiii…..”

Thapki, as she slept, she was into a nightmare. She was visualizing how Tarun and Shankar were humiliating and hurting Bihaan at that mutilated house, how Shakti tortured him etc. and when Tarun shoots his gun, she gets up suddenly from sleep… “Bihaaannnnn….”
Aditi too gets up hearing her scream. She looks at the time. It was 1 a.m.
Aditi- “Thapki what happened? Did you see a bad dream?”
Thapki(shivering)- “No, noth-ing can hap-pen to him. No leave him pl-ease.”
Aditi shakes Thapki up.
Aditi- “Thapki…What will happen to whom?”
Thapki- “Bihaan. Aditi, is Bihaan al-right?”
Aditi- “My dear, he will be alright. What will happen to him? Since he joined CBI, he has already handled such cases for a hundred and one times. Don’t get scared and try to sleep.”
Aditi makes Thapki to lie down and runs her hand through Thapki’s hair. Thapki sleeps.
Aditi(in mind)- “Why is Thapki behaving in this way? I know the truth behind their marriage, but I am seeing a change in her. Is it really a change or just because Thapki can’t see anybody in danger, she is getting anxious. May be I am wrong but I have to keep an eye on her. I don’t want her to get pains in her life anymore.”
Aditi sleeps again.

Bihaan sits on his bed with a worried face. Bihaan reminisces the old things, how Thapki saved him from Tarun and his gang, how she fed him the piece of aam papad when he had fainted, how she took care of him when he was at the orphanage, how she cared for his family members and all these thoughts started pouring in his mind.
Bihaan- “Is she really getting worried for me? I have always been an enemy to her. But then why am I getting this feeling? Okay I will return soon tomorrow.”
He again sleeps at 1.30 a.m.

The clock strikes 3 a.m. Vasundhara goes to call Aditi and Thapki. She finds Aditi has already awaken. Thapki was still asleep.
Aditi- “Maa, Thapki slept late at night. She was not feeling well and was worried for Bihaan.”
Vasundhara- “Okay, I will feed her the ‘sargi’ and then she can sleep again and take rest. Don’t wake her. I will bring the things here itself.”
Vasundhara brings the plate. She calls Thapki. Poonam too arrives. Thapki wakes up.
Thapki- “What happ-ened? Is it 3 a.m?”
She looks at the time and tries to get down quickly.
Vasundhara- “No no, you sit on the bed. I will give it here only.”
Vasundhara hands her the “sargi” plate and feeds her a fruit.
Then she hands a new bright red saree and jewellery to Thapki.
Vasundhara- “Tomorrow, you will wear this for the evening worship.”
Thapki looks at the saree. She finds it too beautiful.
Thapki- “Thank you maa. I will wear this.”
Vasundhara feeds Aditi also and gives her an orange red saree and jewellery.
Vasundhara- “This year, you are not married so I could not give you a completely red saree but next year I will give.”
Aditi- “This saree is also very beautiful.”
Vasundhara and Poonam goes away.
Thapki and Aditi finish their respective plates before the sun rises. Thapki then goes to sleep. Finally the clock strikes 6 a.m and she gets up from sleep.
On the other hand, Bihaan too gets up at the inn and leaves the place quickly for the village. He was in a hurry to reach home after that.

PRECAP- Thapki sees the moon and Bihaan makes her drink water. Thapki hugs him tightly, “Why didn’t you in-form me and went away alone? I bec-ame so worried for you.”
Bihaan hugs her back too.


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