First of all let me say one thing, this is the longest chapter of my ff that I have typed… While typing, I could not understand where to stop it but at last I had to…. Anyways I know many of you complained that were less of Thahaan scenes.. Yes my readers, it is true and I also know it. But till chapter 13, I was building the base of thahaan relationship. They were unknown to each other and were simply maintaining distances. In between many situations happened between them….And Aditi Dhruv part till their own patch up, they will have scenes where Thapki is playing a main role…Actually my script is built up like this…I didn’t include many characters to confuse my readers but whomever I included, I gave them prominent roles. At holding their hands, our Thahaan are moving forward…
But I am happy to say that from episode 14, thahaan relationship will actually progress and from the next episode, Adidhruv part will be decreased and thahaan will increase separately and more thahaan parts will be continued till the last part of my ff…I am yet a long way to go… Please have patience friends in reading so much….And yes, after reading this chapter and the precap, you will understand how slowly adidhruv will decrease and thahaan will increase..And the next chapter will also have surprises..Okay I gave lots of lectures…..So here I go…..




Bihaan holds Thapki by her waist and hands and prevents her from falling doen the stairs. Thapki switches on her mobile light and looks into Bihaan’s eyes. They both have an eyelock and “Na na na” plays in the background.
Thapki removes herself from Bihaan. Bihaan looked much angry.
Thapki- “Sorry, I could-n’t see you in the dark and the water fell upon you.”
Bihaan doesn’t reply and moves aside to let her go upstairs.
Thapki- “I said sorry,” and she looks at him.
Bihaan- “After committing mistakes, you just can’t say sorry. You should have walked with a lamp and not like this.”
Thapki- “You were also coming down with-out any light. How do I know?”
Bihaan- “You don’t know because you were much busy over phone. I came down to fetch the jug of water. Everyday you used to keep but you didn’t today…”
Thapki got angry at this.
Thapki- “It is my phone and who are you to spy on me? And I am not yo-ur servant. By cour-tesy I used to get the water jug be-cause I res-pect you for what you did for me. But from now, you do alone.”
Bihaan takes the empty jug from her hand and throws the jug on the stairs. It breaks.
Bihaan- “From now no one will carry the jug. Is that clear?”
And he goes back to his room.
Thapki(in mind)- “Why is he show-ing that anger to me? What I did? I was talk-ing with Aditi only. And by the way, it is my per-sonal space. He broke the jug in such a way.”
She goes to the room and looks at Bihaan. He had slept on bed. She sleeps on the floor as usual and switches off the light.


Thapki gets up from sleep. She gets ready for the morning aarti as usual.
Thapki- “Today, I will be joi-ning my new office. But bauji as-ked me to go with Bihaan Sir but I can’t. He is too rude.”
She goes downstairs.
Bihaan gets up from sleep after sometime and gets ready for office too. He stands in front of the mirror and thinks of whatever happened last night.
Bihaan- “Why did I behave like that? It is her personal life, she is right. May be I got angry because she poured water upon me and also she didn’t do her work of bringing water to the room.”
He hears the aarti song sung again by Thapki.
Bihaan- “She started again…”
He goes downstairs and stares at her from far.
Bihaan- “She looks innocent but she is not otherwise who speaks over phone late at nig…Again why am I thinking all these? Let me have my breakfast.”
He goes and sits on the table. The family members come and they too sit down. Thapki sits beside Balwinder. Bihaan and Thapki, both look at each other strangely and again turns their faces.
Bihaan(in mind)- “I think she felt bad with my behaviour that is why her face is like that. Should I say sorry?”
Thapki(in mind)- “Look at his face, as if he is going to eat me up. I will not tole-rate his rudeness without rea-sons anymore.”
Balwinder- “Bihaan, so after breakfast, you are going to take Thapki with you to office. I will come later.”
Bihaan nods.
Thapki(in mind)- “He didn’t argue to-day why? He has so much of mood swings.”
After breakfast, Bihaan leaves silently, Thapki follows. Bihaan comes near his bike and hands over the helmet to Thapki. But he doesn’t speak. Thapki takes the helmet silently and wears it.
Bihaan(in mind)- “So she has learnt to wear a helmet now. Oh sorry, I only taught her how to wear it.”
Thapki sits behind him and holds the side of the bike. Bihaan looks at her face through the bike mirror. They leave.


Aditi goes to the kitchen.
Poonam- “Why are you jumping and smiling like this for no reason?”
Aditi- “Maa Vaani will come to our house today. Wow, after years, she is going to come to the house.”
Poonam(smiles)- “When?”
Aditi- “Straight from the bureau after her working hours. She joined bureau as a personal assistant to Balwinder uncle.”
Paan comes to the kitchen to drink water and he hears.
Paan- “What? My second little sister is going to visit us? It has been years since I met her.”
Aditi- “Bhai, it is just two to three years only since you met her.”
Paan- “Ha but still, I miss our bonding so much. Me, you and Vaani..how great were those days. At that time, I didn’t know that Vaani will get married to my best friend Bihaan. These two never met each other at that time. Even I didn’t know that Dhruv was his brother. Even you and Dhruv also didn’t meet each other at that time. And look today how things changed. But my bad luck, I couldn’t attend my sister’s wedding because I was out of station for business work.”
Aditi- “Bhai, don’t feel sad. You will meet her today.”
Paan- “No, I will give her a surprise. I will go to the bureau to pick her up. Don’t tell her please. In the meanwhile, I will meet Bihaan also.”
Aditi- “She will be very excited to meet you bhai. Okay I will go and get ready, she will be coming.”
Aditi leaves from there.
Poonam- “Paan, I think Vaani is coming to execute any plan I think.”
Paan- “I also think so. I will talk with her on the way, don’t worry.”

Bihaan is riding the bike and almost approached the bureau, tries to ride in between a bus and a car and by mistake, Thapki holds him by the shoulder. Bihaan stops his bike just at the gate of the bureau and both of their helmets clash. Vaani gets down from bike.
Bihaan- “I am tired of finding you scared in everything. And each and every time you end up in pulling my jacket.”
Thapki doesn’t answer and goes inside.
Bihaan finds it confusing.
Bihaan- “She didn’t answer me back, Gajab..”
He goes to park his bike.

Thapki(in mind)- “You have be-haved enough rude with me Bihaan Sir. I will main-tain a dist-ance from now. It is be-cause bauji asked me to come with you that is why I came on bike with you other-wise…”
Somebody comes from behind and pats her. It is Arjun, the other officer.
Arjun- “Hello Vaani.” and forwards his hand.
Thapki- “How you kn-ow me?”
Arjun- “That’s a good question but the answer is C.P. Sir informed me that you will be joining our bureau from today, I saw your picture so I recognized you.”
Thapki- “Okay.”
Arjun- “Are you in the habit of speaking less?”
Thapki- “No, I don’t find it comfor-table to talk much with men.”
Arjun- “I know you stammer while speaking but doesn’t matter, your qualities matter and not your mouth. And for this reason may be Bihaan Sir married you. Come I will show your desk.”
Thapki follows him. She sits on her desk.
Arjun- “If you need any help, you can call me or Pari. We are in charge of the articles here.”
Thapki- “Okay my plea-sure.”
Balwinder comes and calls Arjun. Bihaan too enters the bureau and finds Vaani seated.
Bihaan(in mind)- “I think bauji arranged the place for her and made her to sit. I was busy talking to the security downstairs so got late.”
Balwinder- “Bihaan, go do your work. We have lot many cases pending. Arjun, come with me. I have something to talk to you.”
Bihaan goes to his cabin and Arjun goes to Balwinder’s room.

Balwinder- “Arjun, you know what you have to do. Isn’t it?”
Arjun- “Yes.”
Balwinder- “For that you need to talk to Vaani. But remember, she is a quiet and shy girl. You need to be friendly to her.”
Arjun- “I understood that.”
Balwinder- “Then go. Your mission starts.”
Dhruv arrives at office and is hesitant to do any work. He opens a file and sits quietly. Arjun comes to him.
Arjun- “Dhruv, what happened? You are so off minded since last few days.”
Dhruv- “Nothing as such.”
Arjun- “Then do your work.”
Arjun goes to Thapki who was doing her work with full concentration.
Arjun- “Vaani.” And he sits on her table.
Thapki- “What happe-ned? Do you need some-thing?”
Arjun- “Yes. Your help.”
Thapki- “My help?”
Arjun- “In uniting Aditi and Dhruv.”
Thapki- “How you know about it?”
Arjun- “CP Sir told me to talk to you. Since few days, I have been noticing Dhruv off minded and I informed CP Sir. He then sorted out the reasons with me and asked me to talk to you.”
Thapki- “Oh.”
Arjun- “I can’t tell you my mental condition upon seeing Dhruv like this. He is my best friend and above all my brother. I don’t have anybody of my own, I am an orphan.”
Thapki- “Arjun, I can under-stand what you are going thro-ugh. Dhruv is my brother too and I also don’t have any-body in my family, I have also been an or-phan too.”

Bihaan is doing work in his cabin and finds few articles incomplete. He thinks of going to Thapki for it.
Bihaan- “Again I have to see her face.”
He goes outside from his cabin to Vaani’s desk.
Arjun- “Yours and my thoughts and life match somewhat. We both are orphans and we care for Dhruv. Can we be friends? You are Dhruv’s sister, similarly you become like my sister too.”
Thapki feels she got someone who is simiar to her.
Thapki- “Friends…”
Thapki shakes hands with Arjun and smiles.
Bihaan comes there and sees their handshake.
Arjun and Vaani start sharing some childhood facts and they both laugh. Arjun cracks jokes and Thapki laughs hard.
Bihaan feels irritated, he goes, holds Thapki by her arms and brings her to a corner outside the bureau. He holds her shoulder tightly.
Thapki- “What happen-ed leave me. It hurts.”
Bihaan leaves her.
Thapki- “What behaviour is this?”
Bihaan remains silent thinking what he did.
Thapki- “I was talk-ing to Arjun and you pulled me out like this. Speak up now.”
Bihaan- “You ask to yourself what behaviour is that. You are laughing and chatting with an unknown person whom you just met today and you ask me to behave?”
Thapki- “So what’s to you? It is my per-sonal space, I can gossip, laugh, dance, sing with any-one I feel like. Last night also you chided me for talk-ing to some-one over phone late at night. Why should I tole-rate your rude behaviour every now and then? By the way we are soon sepa-rating also.”
Bihaan realises his mistake.
Bihaan- “You are right. Sorry. It is a police bureau so I thought to warn you to behave properly and not joke all around. Be serious.”
Bihaan goes away.
Thapki- “Why is he some-times behaving like this and at other times, he becomes nor-mal?”
She goes inside. She goes to Arjun’s cabin.
Thapki- “Sorry Arjun. Bihaan had some-thing important to talk to me.”
Arjun- “Ah I understand.”
Thapki- “Shall we pro-ceed with our plan? I will go to Aditi’s house to-day.”
Arjun- “Okay, you go there and in the mean time, I will talk to Dhruv. Here take my number. If you need any help, you may call me. CP Sir has already given me your number.”

Paan arrives at the bureau. He meets with Bihaan.
Bihaan- “Paan, bhai how are you?”
They both hug tightly.
Paan- “What man, after getting into the CBI, you have almost forgotten me. No phone calls nothing.”
Bihaan- “Paan, you also didn’t bother to call me at all. You went for your business work abroad and you came after a long two years. You don’t know what all went through me these two years.”
Paan- “I heard everything from Aditi. But I am happy that you got married. Sorry I couldn’t attend it. But how come you married without any notice yaar?”
Bihaan became emotional and decided to share everything with Paan atleast. Obviously meeting your best friend after so many days is always emotional.
Bihaan- “Bhai, I will tell you everything of it, everything. Actually…”
Paan suddenly notices Vaani working at her desk. Paan became emotional. Without listening to Bihaan, he rushes towards her and closes both her eyes from behind. Bihaan stops his words and looks on, listens to the conversation.
Thapki- “Who is it? Is it you Arjun? Don’t joke ri-ght now.”
Paan(in mind)- “This girl is still the same, foolish.”
From the side, Arjun speaks.
Arjun- “Vaani, it is not me. I won’t do such things with you.”
Paan- “You can’t recognize me.”
Thapki- “I have heard your voi-ce some-where. Who are you? Leave me.”
Paan releases his hands. Thapki turns and looks at him. Both of them breaks down in tears. Thapki hugs Paan tightly.
Thapki- “Paan bhaiya, I can-not even ima-gine to meet you like this.”
Paan- “My cute sister, you know what I came to give you a surprise. I heard that you got married to my best friend and I came back from abroad.”
Thapki looks at Bihaan.
Thapki- “Bhaiya, this is the best surprise that I can get from some-body and you gave me the sur-prise now.”
Paan- “Why didn’t you come to meet us at all for so many days?”
Thapki- “Bhaiya, please don’t make me emoti-onal now.”
Paan- “I can see that. That old bubbly girl is not within you anymore. You have become so quiet. Since I am back, I will not allow any pains to come near you anymore.”
Thapki- “No bhaiya.”
Paan- “I know you very well okay. We grew up together. But it was my good luck that my sister got married to someone like Bihaan. He will keep you happy always I know that.”
Thapki and Bihaan both look at each other. They knew the reality of their marriage.
Paan- “Bihaan, why are you standing there? Come here.”
Bihaan moves forward slowly.
Paan- “Bihaan, it is my order now. You have to keep my sister happy always otherwise I will break your legs.”
Paan laughs. Bihaan doesn’t utter a word.
Paan- “Okay, so Bihaan, you were saying something at that time?”
Bihaan(in mind)- “Paan, I thought of telling you everything but seeing the love you have for your sister, how can I tell you?”
Bihaan- “No Paan, nothing important. You talk to your sister, I have work.”
Balwinder comes there.
Balwinder- “Paan?”
Paan takes his blessings.
Balwinder- “Bihaan, are you free? I thought of asking you to leave Thapki at Mehta house today.”
Bihaan nods yes.
Thapki- “No. Paan bhaiya is al-ready here bauji. I will go with bhaiya only.”
Paan- “Thapki? Your name is Thapki?”
Balwinder- “Bihaan named her. She stammered in the temple so Bihaan gave her a loving pat and hence Thapki.”
Paan- “Wow Bihaan. I never thought you are so romantic.”
Bihaan goes away from there. Thapki goes to her desk to pack her bag.
Paan- “What happened? I said something wrong or what?”
Balwinder- “Paan, you know how is Bihaan. He and Thapki are not at all in good terms. They are always quarrelling over something or the other. So I thought to send Bihaan with Thapki to your house but you came and spoilt my plans.”
Paan- “Sorry uncle, I didn’t know. I thought to surprise her. Never mind. We will make some other plans together to unite the four of them, Aditi-Dhruv, Bihaan-Thapki.”
Balwinder- “But none of our plans are working. You know that very well isn’t it?”
Paan- “But I am sure whatever Thapki planned will work out because today I saw Aditi very happy.”
Balwinder- “But look at Dhruv, he looks so gloomy still.”
Paan- “Let him be. Arjun is also with us isn’t it? Arjun will do Dhruv’s part. Thapki already did the half part of using the word “LOVE” in front of both of them.”
Balwinder- “Okay, so you go now with Thapki.”
Paan calls Thapki and they both leave.
Bihaan was in his cabin and was looking outside a window. He could see Paan and Thapki.
Paan- “Thapki, I know you have never sat on bike and you feel scared. But during those days, even I never rode bikes. Today I have one, I learnt riding it. Will you be comfortable on bike or shall I get an auto for you?”
Thapki looks at Bihaan in the window and she thinks how Bihaan told her in the morning that she is afraid of everything.
Thapki- “No bhaiya, I don’t feel scared of bike ri-ding. I will go on bike only.”
Paan- “Then sit.”
They leave and Bihaan looks on.
Bihaan- “Thapki, you did that purposely I know. But you look so happy when you are among your own people who know you. It is only me who upset you always that is why you refused to go with me to Paan’s house. Don’t worry, we will soon separate. I am happy you got back your brother. But how to tell Paan the reality of our marriage I don’t know.”


Thapki and Paan reaches their house. Aditi comes running. Poonam and Krishnakant follows.
Aditi- “Vaani you came after such a long time.”
Paan- “She is not Vaani, she is Thapki now.”
Aditi- “Thapki?”
Paan- “Yes Bihaan nick named her.”
Aditi- “Great. We will also call you Thapki from now.”
Poonam- “Come Thapki, come and sit with us. I have cooked your favourite dishes.”
Krishnakant- “Beta, come inside.”
Thapki goes in. After their tea party is over, Aditi takes Thapki to her room.
Aditi- “Thapki, this is my room, I got a personal room at last. You didn’t come for so many months.”
Thapki- “Haha at last. We were chil-dren at that time. How can uncle give you a per-sonal room. How much you used to qua-rrel with uncle to get a personal room. You used to see Paan bhaiya having a per-sonal room of his own.”
Aditi- “You still remember those things?”
Thapki- “How can I for-get Aditi?
Aditi- “I do remember how you used to tease me for this and become papa’s laadli. You used to obey him and I used to get the scolding.”
Thapki- “So you still feel jea-lous about it?” and Thapki winks at her.
Aditi- “Are you mad? We are grown up and matured now. We used to fight in childhood for that reason but you know that not even a single day I could have stayed without you, I used to go to your house and bring you to my house even after we fought.”
Thapki- “That was our sist-erly love dear. I used to wait impati-ently for you.”
Aditi- “But we grew up, we separated and when those incidents happened in your life, you sent me away. I went abroad. But after that I met you on your reception. I don’t even know why and how you left home.”
Thapki- “Leave it na Aditi. I don’t want to remem-ber old things any-more. I am trying to for-get those things since the last two years.”
Aditi- “Okay I won’t say it in front of you any-more. But you asked me to go to your house to know about dadi(grandma), but I got so indulged in my marriage talks and all I couldn’t go.”
Thapki- “Concen-trate on your marria-ge first. You can go later, I am not in a hur-ry. I have waited for two years, I can wait for one or two mon-ths as well. SO now tell me you want to know Akash pers-onally right?”
Aditi- “No. That I said in anger yaar. I am not interested to marry that guy.”
Thapki- “Then why you agr-eed to the pro-posal?”
Aditi- “How will I tell you now?”
Thapki- “Okay let us play a game. You remem-ber in childhood when we used to be con-fused with our own fee-lings, we used to play like this and kn-ew our heart. I will know your heart’s truth today like bef-ore.”
Aditi- “Okay.”
Thapki- “We will ask questions to each other in full sp-eed and the first word that comes to your mind, you will say that okay.”
Aditi- “Heart speak the truth. Food?”
Thapki- “Chinese. Cloth?”
Aditi- “Shorts. Movie?”
Thapki- “DDLJ.” Song?”
Aditi- “Lungi dance. Teacher?”
Thapki- “Sonam Mam. Actor?”
Aditi- “Aamir Khan. Actress.”
Thapki- “Deepika Padukone. Friend?”
Aditi- “Vaani. Enemy?”
Thapki- “Bihaan. Love?”
Aditi- “Dhruv. Sports?”
Thapki- “Truth is out. Stop talking heart. The end.”

There was a pin drop silence in the room. The two girls gossips were ringing like bells in the room and suddenly both were quiet.
Finally Thapki breaks the silence of the room.
Thapki- “Did you realise what you just said?”
Aditi- “I-I?”
Thapki- “You said love is Dhruv.”
Aditi- “No..No.”
Thapki- “You sti-ll want to deny? Your face says so. I can see that.”
Aditi- “I myself never understood it.”
Thapki- “You trust our game right? Since child-hood everything proved true in this game isn’t it? Okay lea-ve the game. But you tell me then why you reac-ted badly on seeing Naina hugging bhaiya? Why you agr-eed to marry Akash when you saw Dhruv bhai-ya came for your alli-ance? Why you felt bad when you heard bauji in the bur-eau talking about bhaiya’s marr-iage?”
Aditi- “How you know all this?”
Thapki- “First you tell me. Then I will tell you.”
Aditi- “What?”
Thapki- “Okay don’t tell. Let bhaiya marry Naina. You mar-ry Akash. It will be good for both of you.”
Aditi- “No. I love Dhruv. I can’t see him with some-body else.”
Thapki is shocked but smiles too.
Thapki- “Haha… See I said you love him. I read it in your eyes. Why did you hide it so long fr-om me?”
Aditi- “Thapki I myself didn’t realise it.”
Thapki- “You didn’t realise ha?”
Aditi- “No. Come on now don’t tease me.”
Thapki- “Okay okay I won’t.”
Aditi- “But I still don’t know whether he loves me or not?”
Thapki- “Buddhu(foolish), he loves you very much.”
Aditi- “Hey don’t call me foolish. Everybody knows who is foolish between me and you. But how you know he loves me?”
Thapki- “Haha….It was all our plan…”
And Thapki narrates the entire thing. Aditi sits on the bed with hands on her forehead.
Aditi- “You, maa, papa, uncle, aunty, Paan bhai, all were involved in it and I couldn’t understand you all.”
Thapki- “So who is foolish now?”
Aditi- “Stop it. I hurt myself so much just because of these silly planning and plotting?”
Thapki- “It was not silly. You both are so very adamant that you would not have con-fessed.”
Aditi- “So Dhruv is not marrying Naina?”
Thapki- “Do you think we will allow him to marry?”
Aditi- “What’s next then?
Thapki- “See Dhruv bhaiya still doesn’t know any-thing about it. He has not yet con-fessed his feelings to any-one. We are on the process. But last night, he told me he wants to meet you.”
Aditi- “But he didn’t call me till now. Does he really want to meet?”
Thapki- “That is what is con-fusing me still. He hasn’t called you yet. Okay listen, if he calls you, don’t deny. Go and meet him but pretend that you don’t know any-thing. But inform me before going. And if he doesn’t call, don’t worry. I am see-ing to it. Even Arjun is helping me. As soon as I get any news from Arjun I will inform you. It is get-ting late, I have to leave.”
Aditi- “I will do as you said. Okay it is already 6 o’clock evening. I think you need to leave before it gets dark.”


Bihaan returns home from the bureau. It is already 6.30 p.m. He goes to his room. He doesn’t find Thapki.
Bihaan- “She has not yet reached home? May be she is busy talking with her long lost family. Paan took her so he will only drop her home I am sure.”
He remembers what all happened that whole day. He himself could not understand his heart or mind. He was feeling restless and uneasy.
Bihaan- “Why am I feeling like this? I never felt like this before. Something is disturbing me from within but what? I know the proper solution to my problem. I have my confidential room. I can go and pour my heart out there because I don’t have anybody to share my thoughts other than that room. Not even Paan neither Dhruv.”
Bihaan goes to his confidential room and unlocks it. He switches on the lights and sits with a pencil and paper. He starts doing some sketches. He himself became unmindful into the drawing that he never knew what he was actually sketching. Suddenly he looks into it.
He has sketched out the temple scene when he had patted Vaani and giving her Thapki name.
Bihaan- “After two years, this is the first time when my life witnessed good moments again, I spoke so well with Thapki and entered the temple by mistake. So I drew this sketch. My confidential room has all the beautiful moments of my life. Since I have become a stone hearted person from outside, I have always left behind all good impressions of my life in this room and became tough again. So that nobody will get to know my soft corners and molten heart from within. So this was irking me. After I drew this, all my good happenings of life becomes limited in this room. It will no longer haunt me outside. I feel relaxed. But why did I patted her, why am I getting irritated, why am I chiding her without any reason? I patted her may be because for the first time in my life I respect and trusted a girl i.e. Thapki. But what is it that is irritating me? May be because she also can’t tolerate me. So it is better she separates from me. So I remove the good moment with her from my life into this room.”
Bihaan’s face was so emotional and nobody could ever say that a tough cop like him could have a soft heart too.
He comes out of the room and locks it. But unknown to him, he has left his mobile phone inside the room by mistake. The iron door is closed.


Paan receives a call.
Krishnakant- “What happened? Where are you going?”
Paan- “Papa, I got a call from the factory. Some oppositions are not allowing our workers to work. I need to go. It is urgent.”
And Paan leaves in a hurry. On the way, Paan tries to call Bihaan but Bihaan’s phone was out of reach. He calls Dhruv but Dhruv’s phone is also switched off.
Paan- “When I need these people, they are out of order. Thank God I took Arjun’s number from Thapki while coming.”
Paan calls Arjun.
Arjun- “Hello.”
Paan- “Arjun, I need your help. Where are you?”
Arjun- “I am on my way to home from bureau.?”
Paan- “Could you quickly come to our house?”
Arjun- “Why?”
Paan- “I couldn’t contact Bihaan or Dhruv. I have to leave urgently for some work. Could you please drop Thapki in her house now? I can’t leave my sister alone at night.”
Arjun- “Yes why not. She is like my sister too. In fact I was thinking to go there to talk about Dhruv.”
Paan- “Okay then you go. I will talk later. Bye.”
Arjun reaches Mehta house.
Thapki- “How come you here?”
Arjun- “Paan asked me to drop you home. He went out for work urgently.”
Krishnakant- “Paan did some sensible work. Arjun, did you speak to Dhruv?”
Arjun looks at Aditi.
Thapki- “Don’t worry Arjun. Aditi knows every-thing now.”
Arjun- “Dhruv is reluctant still. He shouted on me. He said he will marry Naina only.”
Thapki- “But why is he doing this I can’t under-stand. I will go and talk to him at home.”
Aditi- “Let him be. Thapki, you inform me what Dhruv says. If he is still the same, then leave him. Don’t force him.”
Thapki- “Okay baba, I won’t for-ce your Dhruv.”
Thapki and Arjun goes outside.
Thapki- “Arjun, I can go al-one now. Thank you that you came. I will tell you about our plan later how to make Dhruv bhaiya to con-fess okay.”
Arjun- “But can you go alone? They gave me responsibility to drop you home.
Thapki- “I can go. Don’t tell them that you didn’t drop me okay.”
Arjun- “Okay you go. I will follow you behind in my car. Once you reach, I will go my way.”
Thapki takes an auto and leaves, Arjun follows.

Thapki reaches the Pandey nivas and waves at Arjun. She goes inside. Bihaan searches for his phone. He reaches the balcony in search of it. He notices Arjun’s car leaving from near their gate.
Bihaan- “What is Arjun’s car doing here? I mean what is he doing here?”
Bihaan searches his phone again.
Thapki reaches Bihaan’s room. It is already 8 p.m. She freshens up and goes to Dhruv’s room to talk to him. She leaves her phone on Bihaan’s bed by mistake. Her phone rings. Bihaan hears the phone call.
Bihaan- “My phone is in the room. How foolish I am! I am searching outside.”
By the time he reaches his room, the call disconnects. He picks up the phone.
Bihaan- “Oh, this is Thapki’s phone.”
He is about to keep it when a message is received in the phone. Bihaan opens it. It is Paan’s missed call and then Paan’s message.
The message reads, “Thapki siso, I think you are busy so you are unable to receive my call. I hope you are not angry. Sorry I couldn’t drop you home, I had to come for some urgent But I hope Arjun has dropped you home properly. Regards. Bye.”
Bihaan deletes the message in anger. He drops the phone on bed.
Bihaan- “So for this I saw Arjun outside. Thapki, you refused me to go with you so you told Arjun to drop you. Fine. From tomorrow onwards, Arjun will only take you and drop you from office to home. I can’t tolerate your nonsense at all.”
He angrily goes downstairs for dinner.
Vasundhara serves food and Balwinder is also sitting there.
Balwinder- “Where is Thapki? She won’t eat?”
Vasundhara- “No, she said she already ate at Aditi’s house. She took Dhruv’s dinner to Dhruv’s room.”
Balwinder- “Thapki cares for everyone so much. She is a such a good girl. We are lucky to have her as our daughter-in-law.”
Bihaan- “Would you stop it bauji? Stop flattering people so much until they prove worth of it.”
Balwinder- “What happened to you suddenly? You only praised her in the temple last time.”
Bihaan- “That was my biggest mistake and I repent it now. I shouldn’t have done it.”
Balwinder- “I think you are angry on her with something so you are behaving like this. But anger is not everything. I think you should sort it out with her in peace. May be she is not at fault, you are taking things otherwise. It is just a suggestion from my side. Rest depends upon you.”
Bihaan calms down.
Bihaan (in mind)- “May be bauji is right. I don’t know exactly what has happened. So I think I should talk to her once. How can I become foolish being an officer? I believe only on truth and evidences.”
After dinner, he goes to his room. He hasn’t yet got his phone.
Bihaan- “I think I lost it somewhere. But where? Last time I used it when I was in my room back from the bureau. Okay tomorrow I will go and trace it from our transmitter machine in the bureau.”
Bihaan lies down on bed. He tries to remain awake waiting for Thapki to come. He needed to talk to her.

Dhruv- “Aditi, you agreed to marry Akash and now every night you are speaking to him over phone. And when I realised my love, it became too late. So I will keep my phone switched off hence onwards and change my phone number so that you can never contact me anymore.”
Thapki enters the room.
Thapki- “Bhaiya, your dinner is here.”
Dhruv- “You bring food everyday.”
Thapki- “After your marr-iage with Naina, she will bring food for you.”
Dhruv- “Keep it here.”
Thapki- “Bhaiya, Naina called me today. She wants to meet you tomo-rrow at the Bandhan Garden. She has some-thing to tell you.”
Dhruv- “She could have told me. Why she told you?”
Thapki- “What would she do? Your phone was swit-ched off. And she wants to give you a sur-prise. Maa wants you to go there.”
Dhruv- “Okay I will go.”
Thapki says good night and leaves.

Bihaan is still waiting and hears Thapki’s footsteps. He takes one magazine and pretends to read it. Thapki enters the room and looks at Bihaan. She doesn’t say anything and arranges her bed on the floor. She notices her mobile on the table. She picks it up and then sleeps on the floor. Bihaan thinks to speak but finds her eyes closed.
Bihaan(in mind)- “She might be tired. I will talk tomorrow then.”
Bihaan switches off the light and sleeps too. After fifteen odd minutes, Thapki receives a message from Arjun. Thapki opens her mobile and the light of the screen disturbs Bihaan’s sleep. Bihaan remains silent and observes Thapki’s movements. Whatever might happen but a CBI’s habit will never go.
Arjun(message)- “Thapki, did you speak to Dhruv?”
Thapki(message)- “Yes. I hatched a plan already. You need to help me.”
Arjun(message)- “okay I am calling you. Wait.”
Arjun calls her. Thapki looks at Bihaan and thinks it might disturb his sleep. She leaves the room silently.


Thapki- “Hello Arjun.”
Arjun- “Tell me your plan now so that we can work on it.”
Bihaan gets up from the bed and follows Thapki silently. He hides behind a pillar and listens to Thapki’s voice.
Thapki- “Arjun, tomo-rrow at 5 p.m in the eve-ning, come to Bandhan Garden and meet me. I will be there sharp at five.”
Arjun- “So you will not tell the plan now?”
Thapki- “No I will tell tomo-rrow please.”
Arjun- “Okay good night then.”
Thapki- “Good night.”
The call disconnects.
Bihaan(in mind)- “So Arjun calls her at night. Tomorrow she will go to meet Arjun at Bandhan Garden? But that garden is meant for couples right. What is she upto?”
Then again Thapki receives another call. It was Aditi.
Aditi- “Thapki. Sorry to disturb you.”
Thapki- “Aditi, what happen-ed?”
Bihaan(in mind)- “So now Aditi called her but why?”
Aditi- “Thapki, I was feeling nostalgic. I am eager to know what Dhruv said.”
Thapki- “He said nothing. He is ready to marry.”
Aditi- “Whom? Naina?”
Thapki- “Yes.”
Aditi- “Now what to do? What is our next plan?”
Thapki- “Tomo-rrow I told him to come to Bandhan Garden.”
Aditi- “Then did Dhruv agree to come?”
Thapki- “Yes he has to.”
Aditi- “How you did that?”
Thapki- “That’s none of your matter. Tomo-rrow he will surely confess his love. I have made a super plan, he can’t deny it any-more.”
Bihaan was shocked to hear what all Thapki was saying.
Aditi- “Good night then.”
Thapki- “Good night.”
The call disconnects. Thapki turns and Bihaan hides. Thapki goes to the room and sleeps.
Bihaan(in mind)- “So this is the reason she went to Aditi’s house and Arjun too came there, then dropped her at my house. Thapki is planning to make Arjun confess his love for Thapki. No bauji, you are wrong this time. She is at fault. I should have never trusted her like any other girl. So whatever good I had become with you Thapki oops sorry Vaani, no more of Thapki now, I will again become the same as before. You do whatever you feel like. But you will exit from my life soon, we have already applied for divorce.”
Bihaan goes inside the room quietly and sleeps too. Thapki doesn’t notice because she was fast asleep.

PRECAP- Dhruv confesses his love for Aditi and Aditi smiles. They both hug.
Later, Vasundhara announces that day after tomorrow is the “Karwachauth” day. She asks Thapki to keep fast for her husband. Thapki agrees to it.

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