Thapki and Bihaan reaches the lawyer’s office.
The lawyer hasn’t yet arrived. They wait outside.
Thapki is constantly staring at Bihaan, she didn’t have that hatred in her eyes for him.
Bihaan- “Why are you staring at me in that manner? Do I look like any ghost or an alien today?”
Thapki- “May I ask you some-thing?”
Bihaan- “Now what? It is my habit to ask questions, I didn’t know you will also..”
Thapki- “What you said to-day in the temple, was it inten-tionally?”
Bihaan- “Okay this was in your mind for so long? Why should I say anything intentionally? Last night, you misunderstood me thinking I made fun of your stammering, so today I heard you singing a bit good, I thought to clear your misconception about me and said those things. In doing this, I forgot even that I am inside the temple. You know I need to be clear on my part.”
Thapki- “Why you don’t go in-side the temple or what? And I never misunder-stood you. You stood be-side a stamm-ering girl during her hard times. I am obli-ged to you.”
Bihaan- “I didn’t do anything for you, I did for those children. And you have no right to ask me why I don’t go inside temple or anything. I won’t tell you. I am much relieved that we are finally here for divorce.”
Thapki- “Some-times it becomes too diffi-cult to estimate you. Yes even I will be reli-eved too to file the divo-rce.”
The lawyer arrives and they go in.
Lawyer- “Here I got your papers ready. Read them carefully and then sign it. I have made a reason that you both married under extreme conditions, citing examples from Shakti’s incidents, and since it is sorted out, you both want to part ways. Is it done?”
Bihaan- “Excellent. Good points, I wish it happens soon. Give me the papers.”
Lawyer- “Here are the papers. But the court will ask you to stay for an another six months together and then you will receive an another notice.”
Bihaan- “I already know this. Anything new?”
Lawyer- “No Sir, please sign. But I ask you to think once more about it?”
Bihaan- “You already know the truth behind our marriage so stop questioning such things.”
Thapki- “Yes Sir, we are sure and we want to take this step.”
Bihaan signs the papers and then Thapki signs too…

Dhruv is sitting at his desk in the bureau and is unable to concentrate in his work. Arjun, the other officer comes to him.
Arjun- “Dhruv, is there any problem with the case? May I help you?”
Dhruv- “No there isn’t any.”
Arjun- “I see you unmindful since morning. What happened?”
Dhruv- “Nothing, I am unwell.”
Arjun- “Then you shouldn’t have come to office today.”
Dhruv- “I couldn’t stay at home.”
Arjun- “There is something wrong. Tell me. Won’t you tell your best friend?”
Dhruv hugs Arjun.
Dhruv- “Arjun, you have been my best friend and I share each and everything with you. But this time I am unable to take a major decision of my life.”
Arjun- “You can tell me. Let’s see if I am able to help you. You know it Dhruv, I have been staying all alone since my parents died and I have nobody in my family. When I joined CBI, I got you as a brother and best friend.”
Dhruv- “I know it bhai. When the right time comes, I will definitely tell you everything but don’t question me anything right now.”
Arjun- “You may take your time, I am always there.”

Bihaan drops Thapki home and goes back to the bureau.
Thapki enters the house and finds the hallroom empty. She goes to the kitchen and finds a maid.
Thapki- “Where is maa?”
Maid- “Mam is upstairs in the terrace. She asked me to tell you this when you return home. You have to go to the terrace.”
Thapki goes to the terrace. She finds Vasundhara sitting on the table with Balwinder.
Thapki- “Maa you called me?”
Vasundhara- “Yes.”
Balwinder- “Where is Bihaan?”
Thapki- “He went to the bur-eau.”
Balwinder- “Where did you both go actually?”
Thapki couldn’t answer.
Vasundhara- “Bihaan’s bauji, why are you questioning and embarrassing her? She is feeling shy. They are newly married, they can go anywhere they feel like. Let’s talk about our plan for Dhruv.”
Thapki- “Maa, today mor-ning, Aditi was calling me vigo-rously, I saw her mis-sed calls but I was out with Bihaan, I coul-dn’t receive it.”
Balwinder- “Then you must call her now. Listen what she says, then do your work as planned.”
Thapki- “Are they ready to come?”
Balwinder- “Yes. They will arrive anytime now.”
Thapki- “Okay, I am calling her.”

Thapki calls Aditi and Aditi quickly picks it up.
Aditi- “Vaani, where have you been? I was calling you since morning, last night too, I didn’t get your call, I was so worried about your whereabouts and,…”
Thapki- “Okay okay relax Aditi, I am fine, no-thing happened to me.”
Aditi- “Your voice says so you are fine. Okay listen, I want to meet you. I have important things to tell you.”
Thapki- “Yes, even I wan-ted to meet you.”
Aditi- “Can we meet somewhere in the restaurant or something?”
Thapki- “No, I won’t be able to go out of my hou-se. Maa has giv-en me lots of work. Today, girl’s family will be com-ing to meet Dhruv bhaiya’s pare-nts. I want you to also come and he-lp me.”
Aditi gets the major shock of her life.
Aditi- “I hav-have work I mean…”
Thapki- “What Aditi, you just said you are free and rea-dy to meet any-where then why not at home? you won’t help me?”
Aditi- “I am always there for you, I can even give my life for you. Okay I will come within an hour.”
Thapki- “Okay I am wai-ting for you.”
The call disconnects.
Vasundhara- “What she said?”
Thapki- “She will come soon.”
Balwinder- “Okay, the girl is going to arrive soon. You know what to do next.”
Thapki- “I know bauji, you may leave every-thing upon me now.”
Balwinder- “Mind it, before Dhruv or Bihaan comes, you have to do it.”
Thapki nods and they wait for the girl and Aditi to arrive.


Bihaan enters the bureau. Dhruv is unable to complete his work and he throws away a file angrily. Bihaan picks up the file and keeps it on the table.
Bihaan- “Dhruv, what type of behaviour is this? You are throwing papers here and there, not doing your work, bauji took leave for one day and this is what his son is doing?”
Dhruv- “Bihaan, please don’t give me your lectures now, I am not in the mood.”
Bihaan- “You didn’t even have food in the morning. What happened to you?”
Dhruv- “You won’t understand. Everything happened because of you.”
Bihaan- “What you mean?”
Dhruv- “Aditi got angry on me because of you and now she agreed to marr…”
Bihaan- “She agreed to what?”
Dhruv(in mind)- “What am I saying? How can I blame Bihaan? She went away herself to marry somebody else. Oh, I am becoming mad.”
Bihaan- “Tell me. You can’t just blame me for Aditi being angry with you.”
Dhruv- “No leave it, it is okay. I will concentrate on the work.”
Bihaan- “You won’t. It is better that you go home and take some break. You are exhausted.”
Dhruv- “No I am okay.”
Bihaan- “Do you want to prove a CBI blind? I can see you tired clearly.”
Dhruv- “Okay I am going. Will you be able to do everything for today all alone?”
Bihaan- “B for Bihaan Pandey is alone heavy on others. Don’t challenge me.”
Dhruv leaves for home.
Arjun listened to their conversation from his desk.
Arjun(in mind)- “There is something wrong with Dhruv. I have to figure it out. Let him come tomorrow, I will catch him.”


A young girl arrives at the gate and calls loudly, “Balwinder uncle, Vasundhara aunty, Where are you all?”
The three of them notices the girl from the terrace. Vasundhara, Thapki and Balwinder comes downstairs.
Balwinder- “Naina, you have come. We were waiting for you for so long.”
Naina- “I know uncle, you called me and I won’t come it is impossible. But where is Dhruv Pandey? I didn’t meet him since long.”
Vasundhara- “He will come in the evening, he is in the bureau.”
Naina- “Oh my bad luck.”
She notices Thapki.
Naina- “Who is she now?”
Vasundhara- “She is my Bihaan’s wife. They got married few days back.”
Naina- “Bihaan got married? Nobody invited me?”
Vasundhara- “You know Naina, he doesn’t like girls and especially you, that is why we called you in the morning when he is away.”
Naina- “If he doesn’t like girls, how could he marry this girl?”
She goes towards Thapki.
Naina- “Sorry Sister, I am just kidding. Hello, what is your name?”
She forwards her hand. Thapki folds her hand.
Thapki- “Namaste, I am Vaani.”
Naina- “Vaani means voice and speech. You must have a sweet voice and Bihaan fell in love with you right?”
Thapki- “I don’t know.”
Naina- “Oops sorry, I am in the habit of asking silly questions. Tell me where did you both meet?”
Vaani- “In my orpha-nage.”
Naina- “Oh gosh! You stammer? How come Bihaan liked you? He never liked girls who are completely perfect but you…”
Vaani becomes red faced and teary eyed.
Vasundhara- “Stop it Naina. You are always in the habit of joking with these things. She is a girl with an innocent heart so Bihaan chose her over others.”
Naina hugs Vaani.
Naina- “Sorry if I hurt you. I was just kidding. Coming to the point, I am here to help Dhruv and his family.”
Balwinder- “Thapki bitiya, she is Naina. Vasundharaji had a best friend Urvashi who is not alive anymore, she died two years back, even her husband died after that, since then we used to look after Naina and her younger sister. Naina is older than Bihaan but similar age to Dhruv, so since childhood, they know each other well. But Bihaan was a bit reluctant to befriend them so he spent his days into studies and games.”
Naina- “And my younger sister, she is of Bihaan’s age, she is not staying with me nowadays. When she comes back, I will make you meet her.”
Vaani- “I am eager to meet her. Where is she?”
Naina- “She is in the…”
Vasundhara- “Oh Naina, you speak a lot. Come on, stop all these. Let’s do the work that we are here to do.”
Naina- “Okay I am ready. When is Dhruv’s would-be coming?”
Vasundhara- “Oh you speak so funnily, you are going to act as Dhruv’s would-be, so don’t call Aditi as Dhruv’s would-be otherwise you will utter the same in front of her by mistake.”
Naina- “Okay boss, I won’t.”
Thapki’s phone rings.
Thapki- “Ah I left my phone in my ro-om. Okay I will go and rece-ive it.”
Thapki receives the call, it is Aditi.
Aditi- “Vaani, I reached your house. I am waiting near the gate.”
Thapki- “Why, come in-side. I am there in the hall.”
Aditi- “Okay.”

Aditi enters the hall and finds Naina there. Vasundhara and Balwinder are hiding in the kitchen.
Aditi looks at Naina and reminisces once Dhruv showing her Naina’s photo and telling her that they were good friends too before Aditi met him, and after that Aditi and Dhruv became best friends.
Naina- “Hi, are you Aditi? I am Naina.”
Aditi fakes a smile and shake hands with her.
Naina- “I heard from Dhruv about you. You are his best friend. But bad luck, I am going to become his wife soon.”
Aditi- “So you are the girl who is going to marry Dhruv?”
Thapki comes down the stairs with her mobile phone in hand.
Thapki- “Yes Aditi, she is the girl wh-om Dhruv bhaiya will marry.”
Aditi finds her eyes getting wet but she didn’t want anybody to notice it.
Aditi- “Vaani, I forgot a very important work. I have to go. I will call you in the evening.”
Aditi rushes outside and Thapki follows her. Naina goes near the hall window and watches them from far.
Thapki holds Aditi’s hands near the gate.
Thapki- “Wait Aditi.”
Aditi- “What happened?”
Thapki- “Do you really have some impor-tant work?”
Aditi- “Why are you asking me this?”
Thapki- “Be-cause you only told me you are free. You came here to tell me some-thing urgent.”
Aditi- “Yes. But you are busy now with Dhruv’s alliance. That is why I said I will call in the evening.”
Thapki- “No Aditi, you are lying. I can under-stand you when you lie. What is it tell me.”
Aditi- “Why should I lie to you?”
Thapki- “Your eyes says so. You are not happy with some-thing from with-in.”
Aditi- “There is no reason for me not to be happy. I am happy.”
Thapki- “Then why you came back after liste-ning to bhaiya’s marriage thing.”
Aditi- “I remembered important work.”
Thapki- “You are sim-ply lying Aditi. How cou-ld you? Are you in love with Dhruv bhaiya?”
Aditi- “What are you saying all these? Don’t make your own opinions.”
Thapki- “I know you since birth. and I know my sister is suffer-ing from within.”
Aditi hugs Thapki.
Aditi- “Vaani, I am in a dilemma. Please help me.”
Thapki- “I called you to help you only. Tell me.”
Before Aditi could speak, Dhruv enters the gate. He returneed home from the bureau. Aditi and Dhruv have an eyelock. Thapki looks on. Naina sees all these from the window and comes out.
Naina comes running to Dhruv.
Naina- “Dhruv, my sweet sixteen boy, I meet you after so many months.”
And she hugs him. Aditi and Thapki looks on.
Naina- “I thought I won’t be able to see you today but you came early. Wow.”
Dhruv- “How are you Naina? I also met you after so many days.”
Naina- “I also. I am fine dear.”
Dhruv(in mind)- “Aditi, your marriage is fixed with somebody else so I have no right to talk to you like before we used to. Sorry.”
Naina- “Come Dhruv, let’s go inside. Uncle, aunty wants to talk to both of us.”
Naina holds Dhruv by his arms and they walk in.
Thapki- “Aditi, now te-ll me. They went in, you can tell free-ly.”
Aditi- “Stop it Vaani. I came to tell you that I am getting married to someone else and you are imagining all nonsense. You can’t see Dhruv is going to marry Naina and I will marry Akash. We both are just good friends.”
Thapki- “But you said you are in a dile-mma. You want me to help you.”
Aditi- “Dilemma can be anything else. It’s just that I was not ready to get married and I was feeling afraid. That is why I wanted to share with you. I don’t know Akash personally and that’s the reason.”
Thapki- “Okay Aditi. I will come to meet you at your hou-se when I get time. We will think over it to get Akash cl-ose to you. Go home and take rest.”
Aditi- “I will be waiting for you to come.”
Aditi leaves from there.
Thapki(in mind)- “Our plans are not wor-king. Every-thing is going out of hand now. Be-fore it gets too late, I have to think of a master plan. Aditi, I can under-stand your mental state. I will meet you soon.”

Balwinder- “Dhruv, I called Naina to meet you. I am thinking to get her married to you if both of you agree.”
Dhruv- “What? Maa, you told me you will look for a girl but this will be Naina?”
Vasundhara- “Yes. What is wrong in her? She is a good girl or if you have any other choice then tell me.”
Dhruv reminisces how Aditi said yes to marry Akash.
Dhruv- “No, whatever you decide I will accept. I am ready to marry Naina.”
Naina- “Wow Mr.Sweet sixteen, I also will marry you. We even know each other so well.”
Dhruv removes his arms from Naina’s clutches.
Dhruv- “I am going to my room. I need rest.”
Dhruv goes away.
Naina- “Oh, when will our plan work? Nothing is working.”
Thapki comes in.
Thapki- “Enou-gh of all our plans. Now I have thought of some-thing very impor-tant. I will do it.”
Balwinder- “What is it?”
Thapki narrates and Naina agrees to it.
Naina- “Okay so my part is over. But still if you need me again, you may call me. I am leaving then.”
Naina hugs Thapki and Vasundhara.
Vasundhara- “Naina, take care of yourself. You had been staying all alone in your house. Bye.”
Naina- “Bye aunty, uncle. Bye Thapki. Tell bye to Bihaan also from my side.”
Vasundhara- “Again you are joking. You know very well Bihaan can’t tolerate your names. Okay go. Stay in touch always.”
Naina- “Okay okay.”
Naina leaves from there.
Naina is walking towards the gate.
Naina(in mind)- “I am behaving like a good girl and pretended to help you out. But once my younger sister comes back, I will come back to take revenge from you all for whatever you people did to us. May be it takes six months, one year, two years or five years but I will come back. Till then I won’t show my true colours to you all. Goodbye Pandey nivas..”
And she leaves from there.

Thapki is sitting in her room.
Thapki- “Let me go and help maa in the kit-chen for the dinner.”
Thapki passes by Vasundhara’s room when she hears Vasundhara crying and talking about something with Balwinder.
Vasundhara- “You didn’t see Dhruv’s condition? Both Aditi and Dhruv are suffering. I can’t see my children unhappy.”
Balwinder- “Why do you think all your children are unhappy? Something good also happened today.”
Vasundhara- “What?”
Balwinder- “You didn’t notice but I. Bihaan entered the temple today just to pat Thapki. He did this last a long two years ago.”
Vasundhara- “Yes, I also saw that. Thapki will change my boy I hope so. I wish he forgives me soon and starts talking with me again. I can’t see him in pain due to me.”
Thapki goes downstairs. She works in the kitchen.
Thapki(in mind)- “I was right. Bihaan Sir deni-ed telling me but I under-stood there was some-thing wrong between maa and Sir. I have to find it out.”
Vasundhara comes to the kitchen.
Vasundhara- “Thapki, you are working alone? Why you didn’t call me?”
Thapki- “You were speak-ing to bauji then and I came here.”
Vasundhara- “You came to our room? Did you hear anything?”
Thapki- “Yes maa a bit. Why is Bihaan up-set with you?”
Vasundhara(in mind)- “I can’t tell you the reason otherwise your marriage life will be at risk.”
Thapki- “Maa, tell me.”
Vasundhara- “He is just upset. But he will be alright. He will talk with me soon I know. He can’t stay away from his mother for a long time you see.”
Thapki- “Okay I will not force you to tell me any-thing. But maa why were you for-biding me to say about Naina to Bihaan?”
Vasundhara- “Bihaan doesn’t like those girls and that is the reason. In fact he hates all girls in life. You are the first one with whom he is talking so much and he married you. May be your good nature won his heart. Please I beg you, don’t tell him anything regarding this. You have my swear.”
Thapki- “Okay maa I won’t.”
They continue doing work.
Thapki(in mind)- “I know maa there is some-thing seriously wrong that is why you gave me the swear. Even Bihaan Sir don’t want to tell me. I am not ea-ger to know as well be-cause I am an out-sider, after few days I will go away. I may not be told the rea-son but I want to see mother and son happy and I will repair their relation-ship and then go.”

Bihaan arrives home from office and goes to his room. Vasundhara asks Thapki to give him coffee.
Thapki goes to his room. Bihaan is arranging his cupboard. He is in his black vests and trousers.
Thapki enters.
Thapki- “Take your coffee.”
She goes near him.
Bihaan- “Wait. Did I ask you for it? Or is it because I brought you a coffee that morning so you are repaying me back?”
Thapki- “No, Maa as-ked to give it to you that is why. I didn’t br-ing it on my own.”
Bihaan- “Is it really? Then keep it here.”
Thapki keeps the coffee on the table.
Bihaan- “Wait, listen one thing. We are now officially into legal proceedings to get separated, so I don’t want you to do any formalities of wife on your own. Don’t think of it as well.”
Thapki- “I am liste-ning to your lec-tures daily. Please I know my limits very well. I don’t want to even take a look at any rude hus-band like this.”
Bihaan- “You called me a rude? Then who you are? You are the mother of rudeness.”
Thapki- “And you are the father of rude-ness and…”
Balwinder comes in.
Balwinder- “You both are again quarreling? What are you saying father, mother etc. Are you planning to become parents so soon?”
Bihaan and Thapki stand still.
Balwinder- “I am just kidding. Bihaan, from tomorrow Thapki bitiya will join our office. So you are going to fetch Thapki with you daily to office from now onwards.”
Bihaan and Thapki look at each other.
Bihaan- “No I can’t. I have work on different times of the day. She can go alone also.”
Balwinder- “The days on which you will have different work, she will go with Dhruv or in my car. But rest of the days, you will take her. It is my order.”
Bihaan goes to his workroom.
Thapki- “Bauji, tomo-rrow I have to go to Aditi’s house also.”
Balwinder- “Don’t worry. After office, you can go. I will ask Bihaan to drop you there.”
Thapki- “But he will get an-gry again.”
Balwinder- “You don’t worry for that. He gets angry very quickly but his anger melts also very quickly.”
Thapki nods too and goes downstairs.
Balwinder- “Don’t worry Thapki. I will do everything that is possible to unite both of you. Your pair is made by God.”

Thapki serves dinner to everyone including Bihaan.
Thapki- “Where is Dhruv bhaiya? He won’t eat?”
Vasundhara- “I don’t know.”
Thapki- “Don’t worry. I will go and give him his din-ner in the room it-self. I will have my dinner later.”
Thapki arranges a plate for Dhruv.
Vasundhara- “You think of the family members first and then of yourself. God bless you.”
Bihaan(in mind)- “Maa is saying as if she doesn’t know how is Thapki. Thapki is like this only, thinks about others first. But she is in the habit of fainting always.”
Thapki smiles and takes the plate.
Bihaan- “Thapki, have your dinner in time otherwise you are in the habit of fainting always.”
Thapki looks at Bihaan and gives him some odd expressions.
Thapki(in mind)- “How come he became good sudd-enly?”
Balwinder- “Bihaan, you think of her very much. Nothing will happen to her.”
Bihaan eats his dinner quietly.
Thapki goes away.

Dhruv is sitting lonely looking at Aditi’s picture in his mobile phone. Thapki peeps inside and sees it.
Thapki- “Bhaiya, I brou-ght dinner for you.”
Dhruv quickly hides his mobile.
Dhruv- “You are here, I didn’t feel.”
Thapki- “Yes you were busy. You did-n’t come down so I thou-ght to give you the food.”
Dhruv- “No I-I…”
Thapki- “Any prob-lem?”
Dhruv- “No, headache. I mean my head is aching.”
Thapki- “Okay I will bring medi-cine right away.”
Dhruv- “No no, I will be alright.”
Thapki- “Bhaiya, are you hiding some-thing?”
Dhruv- “No, no.”
Thapki- “But your face says so.”
Dhruv- “What is there to hide?”
Thapki- “Okay never mind. Maa and Bauji are hap-py for you. You agre-ed to marry Naina.”
Dhruv- “Hmm.”
Thapki- “Why such face? You are not happy?”
Dhruv- “Ye..”
Thapki- “You only call me sister but you don’t mean me as your sis-ter. I want to help you if you have any-thing to say regar-ding the marriage.”
Dhruv- “No don’t say like that. I don’t have any sister of my own. I mean you as my sister. Actually I want to talk to Aditi once. She is not ready for her marriage I think.”
Thapki- “Why do you think so? She told me she is ready.”
Dhruv stands up with hesitation.
Dhruv- “She told she is ready but I am not.”
Thapki- “What happ-ened? Did I say any-thing wrong? Why are you beha-ving like this? Why are you com-paring your marria-ge with hers? It seems if she marries some-one else, then you will also marry. Why like this? Do you love her?”
Dhruv keeps silence.
Thapki- “You still have time in your hand to think be-fore it gets too late. And the rest is God’s wish.”
Thapki leaves from there.
Thapki goes downstairs and have her dinner all alone. She thinks of Dhruv and Aditi. Then she thinks of Vasundhara and Bihaan.
Thapki(in mind)- “Before I lea-ve this house, I have these two impor-tant works to do. Though I will go away, but I have regar-ded the members of this house as my own.”

Dhruv sleeps on bed restlessly.
Dhruv- “What did Thapki said just now? I love Aditi? I never thought this on my own. How can I fall in love? But then why am I feeling so much hurt upon hearing Aditi getting married to somebody else?”
He goes in front of his mirror and looks at himself.
He reminisces their outing together, working together, eating, joking having fun. And then how they fought in the hostel, how her eyes were wet just upon seeing him unconscious and how her eyes were telling him tales of passionate love.
Dhruv- “I love you Aditi, I really love you. Now I realise why I miss you so much. I will just call you and tell my feelings. I hope you understand.”

Aditi is in her room thinking the same.
Aditi- “What did Vaani say? I love Dhruv? No, he is just a friend of mine, a very good friend. But then when Naina hugged him why I reacted in that way? I fought with Vaani for this? How can I? No I will ask Vaani for forgiveness for behaving like this.”
Aditi picks up her phone and calls Thapki.
Thapki was sitting at the dinner table all alone and having her food when she receives the call.
Thapki- “Aditi, you called me at night at this point of time?”
Aditi- “Vaani, I am sorry my sweetheart. I behaved strangely with you.”
Thapki- “It is okay. I under-stood our mental state. Instead of that, think of the rea-son why you behaved like that.”
Aditi- “That only I can’t understand my dear. So I called you up.”
Dhruv tries to call Aditi but he finds the line busy.
Aditi Thapki Call continues..
Thapki smiles a bit over phone.
Thapki- “You are so idiot. You don’t under-stand what irked you and you beha-ved with me in that way?”
Aditi- “Now don’t tease me Vaani. Your habit of teasing and doing fun didn’t go.”
And they started sharing some childhood experiences and got lost into it. Both the girls were in a jolly mood.
Dhruv calls for some more times but finds it busy again.

Bihaan came back to his room long ago after dinner. He feels like coughing and gets up from the bed. It is already 11 p.m. He takes a look at the jug on the table but there is no jug on it. Then he notices Thapki missing from her floor bed.
Bihaan- “Now where is this girl? She didn’t have food on time. Did she faint again or what? She fills water in the jug daily so I didn’t take a look at it. Let me go and check if she is fine.”
Bihaan comes down the stairs looking here and there and suddenly his eyes fall upon Thapki at the dinner table.
Bihaan- “With whom is she talking at this point of time? I didn’t think she has anyone as such to talk, is it Aditi? Otherwise who else can it be? She is laughing so loudly and talking? But with Aditi, she didn’t behave like this in front of us at all.”
Bihaan overhears the conversation what all Thapki saying next.
Thapki says over phone, “Okay dear, I will come to meet you tomo-rrow and then we talk about it. You are in love and you will acc-ept it in front of me it-self. Now go and sleep. We al-ready chatted for more than an hour or so.”
Aditi- “Actually Vaani, I feel a bit better after talking with you so much. It feel relaxed. Thank you madam. Come tomorrow. We will talk more. Ah, my phone battery is low. Good night sweetheart, love you so much.”
Thapki- “Ah, my ears had been paining so long to hear this from you. Ok sweetheart love you too.”
The call disconnects. Aditi’s phone switches off suddenly.
Dhruv calls her again and it is switched off.
Dhruv- “I think Aditi has been talking with Akash at this time of the night. Then upon seeing my calls, she swicthed off. Okay, my feelings will be buried deep within me. You will never know it.”
He sleeps too.

Bihaan- “Sweetheart? Love you? And that too by Thapki? I can’t believe this. But why am I worrying? Let it be. I will go and fetch water myself.”
He is coming down the stairs in the dark as the Pandey mansion lights are all switched off. Bihaan could see Thapki because she was having dinner in table lamp. Thapki also brings a jug of water upstairs. They both collide and Thapki’s jug of water is poured over Bihaan but Bihaan holds her and both prevent falling down the stairs.

PRECAP- Thapki is working in the CBI bureau. Arjun, the officer comes and sits beside her. They both laugh on something and chat. Bihaan notices this from far. Bihaan comes and holds Thapki by her arms and takes her to a corner.
Later Aditi confesses her love to Thapki in Mehta nivas. Thapki is shocked but smiles too.


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