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Teri fariyaad (episode 19)


Swalak saw Sanskar standing there with blood shot eyes near him broken pieces of pot


(Sanskar who woke up not finding swara near him came in search of her and saw her moving to terrace so he also came behind her but stops listening there conversation)

Sanskar went from there in rage while swalak stood there rooted to spot

Laksh was the first one to came out of trance and tried following sanskar but then he turned to look at swara who was standing there lifeless

He came towards her and held her hand and ran downstairs with her

They came down and straight away went to Swasan room sanskar was coming out holding a bag his eyes were burning in anger

Swara was afraid seeing his anger it’s New to her the rage inside him is something which she never saw while laksh was unaffected by it he has experienced his worst part of anger not once but many times being with him from childhood

Sanskar looked at laksh and then swara alternative and then held swara hand his grip on her was so tight that she winced in pain
He stood there unaffected he dragged her harshly from there mean time laksh tried to stop him but sanskar was not in his senses to listen anything his anger has occupied his brain preventing him to think anything

Finally sanskar reached hall and threw her towards main gate roughly also the bag he was holding which was full of her clothes beside her
Swara was just looking at him blankly what was her fault she was not getting it why sanskar is doing this with her? why? She wanted to scream but her voice betrayed her. Was this the end of there relation? Was this the trust they had in there relation ? So many questions but no answer

Hearing sounds Dp and ragini came down both were shock to see the scenario

Ragini quickly ran to swara and took her in her embrace

Sanskar roared – just get out of my house

Swaraglak looked at him shock while Dp looked at sanskar in amusement he can’t believe just now he was making plan to throw her out and now without his doing anything sanskar himself is growing her out but whatever it was he was happy

Laksh – bhai calm down and listen to us

Sanskar – not a word laksh

Laksh kept quiet sensing his anger it is the first time he is shouting in him

Sanskar claps his hand and said pointing to laksh – so those photos were real

Laksh – bhai let me explain
But sanskar stop him showing his hand

Sanskar angrily – yes or no only

Laksh nodded his head this made sanskar blood to boil more

Sanskar looked at swara in disgust
She was just looking at him teary eyed it pained her the hate growing for her in his heart broke her heart in several pieces

Sanskar shouts – is sahil your brother ?

Ragini looked at him in shock she immediately left swara and stood up
Ragini stammering – how….d…oo…you ….. kn…ow

Laksh looked at her expression confusingly he remembered when he took sahil name in front of swara she also asked same thing from them he got to know one thing that they are definitely hiding something big

Sanskar avoided looking at ragini he knew if he look at her then he will fall weak because in these few months he started feeling his uttara in her

Sanskar with hurt coice- your silence is speaking I got my answers now please you have fine so much favour to me do one more favour just go away from my sight and never show me your face

He was about to move when swara spoke
She stood up and wiped her tears and said with a painful smile – sometimes silence have other meaning also Mr. Maheshwari

She held bag with trembling hands and started moving from there when stoped by laksh

Laksh – bhabi wait …. I am also coming with you (he said looking at sanskar) I don’t want to live with people who don’t have trust on each other

He also stood beside swara
Sanskar was facing his back to them he said – ragini if you want ….

Ragini interrupted him – I will go with dii and laksh I can’t leave them in there worst time when I shared there happy times ( she looked at swara and then laksh he blinked his eyes assuring her )

All three left from there
As soon as they left sanskar turned and looked at the closed gate a lone tear escape from his eyes

Dp pats his head – I am proud of you my child you took right decision throwing them to place where they came from

Sanskar passed him a fake smile and left from there

Dp looked till sanskar disappeared from his sight and started laughing
Dp – seems like Destiny is also with me with our me doing I got what I want…..hhhhhaaaaaaaaa…..Now I will never let those middle class beggars cross my sanskar way ….. I will make sanskar hate them more
He smirked and sat on couch like a total person

Guys bear this emotional drama for one more part then promise only happy parts

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