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TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj – We went with the flow Part 19

Hey, hope you are all well. Like I promised I am back with the next episode
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Twinkle and Kunj were going back to Chandigarh today as Kunj had work the next day.
They were at the airport and the Luthras had come to visit them.
Mahi= Take care and come back soon
Twinkle= We will try to Di
UV= call us when you have reached
Kunj= we will do
Anita= Kunj beta I would like to tell you one thing
Kunj= Jee Aunty
Anita= You are blessed to have a wife like Twinkle always keep her happy and stay happy yourself
Kunj= I will aunty
Twinkle and Kunj take blessings from Anita and leave.
The Luthras go and on the way out of the airport they see the Sarnas
Usha= Anita what are you doing here?
Anita= Mahi sister is going back today with her husband so we went to see them off
Usha= Oh ok


Anita= where are you guys going?
Usha= actually they have a meeting in Chandigarh so we have decided to make it a small family vacation
Anita= that’s nice have fun
Usha hugs Anita and they greet each other and the Luthras leave and the Sarnas go check in the airport
Twinkle and Kunj were waiting in the waiting area whilst the rest of the Sarna family are in the business class waiting area.
Sarna family
Amrita= Mummy Ji we might see Mahi sister on the plane
Veera= Oh yeah she lives in Chandigarh too
Usha= yeah what was her name again
Chinki= Twinkle maa
Amrita= But I can’t see her here
Abhijeet(Kunj eldest brother)= Maybe they aren’t travelling by business class, you know these middle class people
Mihir(kunj 2nd elder brother)= You know what Bhai don’t understand how UV got married into a middle class family
Bebe= Be quiet both of you
Usha= you are both like your father you only care about someones money and wealth not about how the person is like
(Manohar is already in Chandigarh)
The flight announcement is made. Everyone got settled in the plane. Usha wanted to see Twinkle but couldn’t as she was not allowed in the economy area.
Twinkle= Kunj can I now tell you what I wanted too?
Kunj= what that you saw my family members yesterday. I know you most likely did as my family members and the Luthras are good friends.
Twinkle was shocked

Twinkle= then how come you didn’t want me to tell you yesterday?
Kunj= I know how my family members are like Twinkle. You just met them as a stranger and they were probably nice to you. But the moment they will find out you are my wife they will taunt and insult you a lot and I wouldn’t want anyone to be bad to you.
Twinkle gave a side hug to Kunj
Twinkle= at least try to talk to them, maybe things will sort out
Kunj= NO Twinkle I know them very well.
Twinkle= but Kunj
Kunj= Listen Twinkle if you really love me you won’t force me to meet them
Twinkle just stares at Kunj
They reach Chandigarh and were leaving the airport. Twinkle and Kunj were leaving the airport and Chinki sees Twinkle. She is about to call Twinkle but sees Kunj with her. She is shocked to see her brother after so many months. She wanted to go and hug him but couldn’t. She then realised that Kunj was holding Twinkles hand and was married. She smiled as she knew that Kunj had married the perfect girl.
Usha= Chinki what happened why did you stop?
Chinki= maa I need to use the washroom I will be back
Chinki went toward Kunj and Twinkle.

Kunj= Twinkle can I have the car keys please
Twinkle gives him the car keys but they accidently fall.
Twinkle is about to bend down to get the keys but a pair of hands give the keys to Kunj.
Screen Freezes
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