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TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj= We went with the flow Part 18

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Twinkle reached her and Kunj hotel room. She saw Kunj dressed up in his casual denim jeans and a white t-shirt with white snickers. He looked hot and handsome. Twinkle looked at him and couldn’t take her eyes off her Mr. Kunj saw this and smiled. He walked towards Twinkle who couldn’t take her eyes off him. Kunj looked at her and smiled but walked past her. Twinkle was shocked. She turned around and saw Kunj closing the room door that she had left open and smiled. Kunj then walked towards her and kissed her forehead. She then hugged him. She had tears in her eyes as she hugged him. She desperately wanted to tell him how she saw his family. Kunj broke the hug.
K= what happened jaan? why are you crying?
T= nothing Kunj, I want to tell you something
K= tell me
T= do you know today at the Godh Bharai I saw she was about to say something but Kunj interrupted her
K= look whatever happened in the Godh Bharai tell me tomorrow not now
T= but Kunj
K= please twinkle I know you really well, when you start to talk you don’t stop
T= Kunj please listen to me
K= here are your clothes go change

Twinkle reluctantly went and changed her clothes.
Kunj PoV= I know Twinkle that you want to tell me you saw my family members today but I don’t want to break down in front of you again. You will tell me to try to talk to them again but I don’t want anyone to insult you or be bad to you. I know how my family is like.
PoV ends Twinkle arrives
She wore blue skirt and a white top complementing Kunj.
K= ohoo someone is looking pretty as usual
Twinkle smiled= Kunj please listen to me
K= listen jaan, I want to show you Delhi today
T= okay baba now show me Delhi
Kunj and Twinkle enjoy themselves in Delhi (its night time). They visit many places and eat lots of street food. They enjoyed their night roaming about on the Delhi streets enjoying themselves.
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