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tashan e ishq twinj we went with the flow part 17 and a message

TASHAN-E-ISHQ Twinj= We went with the flow Part 16


The next day
Twinkle was ready in her purple and gold lengha choli. She had worn gold Jhumkas and bangles. She was about to apply sindoor in her mang but she saw that Kunj had come out of the bathroom and was looking at her and smiling. She asked him to put the sindoor in her mang and he did. He then made her wear her mangulstura.
K= now you look perfect
Twinkle smiled

K= Twinkle listen I have asked UV to send a car to collect you. You know I have only come for you but I can’t attend the function as it a ladies function only and he stopped as he had tears in his eyes.
Twinkle saw this and wiped his tears. He hugged her. She too reciprocated the hug.
T= Kunj you have to stay strong. I am sure one day everything will be perfect.
K= I hope too
Sometime later the car had arrived to collect Twinkle. She went Luthra Mansion to attend Mahi Godh Bharai. Anita (Mahi mother-in-law) was happy to know that Twinkle had got married to Kunj.
The house was decorated in pink and blue decorations. Mahi is sitting down on a swing. Twinkle was helping out with the preparation. The guest had started to arrive. Soon the Godh Bharai ritual had started and everyone was enjoying themselves and was blessing Mahi. (Sarna family ladies were there).
Usha (kunj mother) was talking to Anita. She looked at Twinkle and smiled.
U= Anita sun yeh ladki kon hai? (who is this girl?)
A= Twinkle Mahi’s younger sister she smiled

U= she is so beautiful ,she has mixed in with everyone so well.
They continued talking. Soon the function had finished and only a few guest were left. Mahi was talking to Amrita (Kunj brother Abhijeets wife) and Veera (Kunj brother Mihir wife). Twinkle was busy clearing up the decorations and instructing the servants what to do.
A= Twinkle beta come her
Twinkle went to her. She saw that Anita was with 2 elder ladies and 1 girl
A= Twinkle beta meet our close family friends. This is Usha, Bebe and Chinki I mean Chanchal .
Twinkle was shocked as she heard the name chinki. She realised that they were Kunj family members. She touched Usha and Bebe feet to take blessings and gave a small hug to Chinki. She began to talk to everyone. Soon Amrita and Veera came to and she greeted them. They were all happy to meet Twinkle. Twinkle was as equally happy. She couldn’t wait to tell her Kunj. After sometime the Sarna ladies were about to leave.
Bebe= Acha Anita hum chalte hai.(Okay Anita we are going to go now)
Twinkle was about to take blessings from them by touching their feets but Bebe stopped her and hugged her. Usha did the same.
U= beta you should come home one day

Twinkle smiled and they left.
A= Twinkle beta I am sure one day everything will sort out .
T= I hope so aunty. I will take my leave too Aunty.
A= okay the car is waiting for you. Try to come with Kunj if possible.
T= I will try my best
Twinkle left and couldn’t wait to tell Kunj that she meet his family. She was also a bit nervous to know how Kunj would react.
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