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TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ Parenthood shot 7

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Here is the link to the previous part in case anyone missed it=Shot 6

3 days later
Twinkle and the baby were admitted in the hospital for 3 days as she was born 3 weeks before and Twinkle also had an operation. Kunj went to collect them from the hospital.
Kunj arrived in the room where Twinkle and their angel were staying. Twinkle was wearing a simple navy blue and grey salwar kameez. She was wrapping the baby in a blanket. She saw Kunj and smiled.
Twinkle= Your already here Kunj?
Kunj= Yes Jaan, You look very pretty today


Twinkle= thanks Kunj
Kunj= if feel like eating you up he said going closer to her
Twinkle taking their angel in her arm= Kunj what are you saying, we are not alone, our angel can her us
He hugged Twinkle from the back, who had their daughter in her arms= Twinkle she is a baby she can’t even understand you she is a baby he laughs. Their baby who was awake also had a smile as she heard her parents talk.
Kunj= see Twinkle even she is laughing at you

Twinkle looking at their daughter= tum bhi papa ki saath mere upar hass rahi hoon (your laughing at me like your father)
Kunj took their angel from her hands of course she is Twinkle, me and her are in 1 team.
Twinkle smiled and they left the hospital to go home.
When they reached home they saw everyone waiting for them outside.
Usha did their aarti and everyone welcomed them home. They were all sitting down in the lounge and the new born was in Bebe arm. However she suddenly started to cry.
Twinkle= Bebe it’s her feed time
Bebe= take her upstairs then and rest until the name ceremony time
Twinkle= jee Bebe
Twinkle takes her upstairs and was accompanied by Mahi and Chinki. She entered her room and saw a small adjusted area that was covered in pink. She was about to go toward the adjustment area but her angel started to cry more.
Twinkle= baas baas mera bacha.
She sat down on the bed.

Twinkle= close the door please Chinki
Chinki closed the door and Twinkle started to feed her.
Mahi= Di your life has changed ever since she is born
Twinkle= yes it has. I can’t believe I am a mother
Chinki= even we can’t
They continued to talk and suddenly Kunj entered the room.
Kunj= listen babes I was saying.
He stopped as he saw Twinkle feeding their Angel and Mahi and Chinki sitting there. The situation got a bit awkward for them.
Kunj= nothing its ok he said turning to go
Mahi= Di we will talk to you later
Kunj= its ok you can stay here

Chinki= No jiju its ok, you stay whilst we go and see if there is any other things to prepare for
The sisters left.
Twinkle and Kunj both looked at each other and ended up laughing.
Twinkle finished giving her milk and was about to make her burp.
Kunj= Twinkle let me burp her
Twinkle= But Kunj
Kunj= we decided naa that we will share the duties and help each other. Twinkle smiled and gave their daughter to him. After 15 minutes she had burped and went to sleep. They put her in her Cot that was near Twinkles side of the bed. Twinkle then went toward the adjustment area and saw how all their daughters things were kept nicely there. She was really happy to see that Kunj done everything for her. She was looking at the things then she felt Kunj hugging her back. She turns around and faces him.
Twinkle= Wow Kunj you have done everything so well, I love You
Kunj= I love you too

They both look at each other and lean in to share a kiss. They shared a gentle, passionate kiss that showed how much they loved each other. They broke the kiss after 5 minutes and Twinkle hugged Kunj.
Kunj= Mrs Sarna now we will have to cautious when we romance as its not the 2 of us only now
Twinkle= I know Kunj
Kunj= listen go to sleep now as you still need to rest and when she will be awake you won’t get a chance to sleep.
Twinkle= Ok

She was about to walk toward the bed, but her caring husband carried her in his arms and placed her on the bed gently and covered her with blanket.(remember Twinkle is weak as she had an operation) They both looked at each other and smiled.
I hope you all enjoyed it The name ceremony will be in the next part. Many of you requested for Twinj moments so hence I didn’t post the name ceremony.

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