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TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ Parenthood shot 6

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Everyone was waiting in the waiting area and praying that Twinkle and the baby are safe. Kunj was standing in one corner really tensed. He had never seen his Twinkle in so much pain before and he wasn’t even with her in a crucial time in both of their lives.
Uv= don’t worry bro I am sure everything will be fine
Aman= Yes Bhai don’t worry have faith in Babaji everything will be fine.
Kunj= I hope so


45 minutes had passed since the operation had started and everyone was getting more worried. Suddenly they all heard a beautiful noise of the baby’s first cry and the operation light had turned off. Everyone was happy and hugged Kunj. Kunj had tears in his eyes and wanted to go meet his wife and baby.
The doctor came out of the room with a smile and walked to Kunj. Everyone was surrounding the Doctor and Kunj.
Doc= Congratulations Mr Sarna the operation was successful both mother and baby are fine and healthy
Everyone smiled as they had a relief that the operation was successful and both mother and baby are well
Doc continues= You have been blessed with a cute little angel. It’s a girl
Everyone smiled.

Doc= Mr Sarna you can go and meet your wife and daughter, then we will change the ward. Everyone else can you please go to ward 32 then you can meet the baby and Twinkle.
Everyone else went to the ward whilst Kunj went inside the operation room. He entered and saw the most beautiful thing. He saw his wife carrying his new born daughter in her arms. Twinkle looked at him and smiled. He slowly walked towards them with a smile and some tears in his eyes. Twinkle also had some tears in her eyes. He slowly went and sat down on the stool the stool next to her. They were both looking at each other. Kunj then kissed Twinkles forehead and looked at his daughter and kissed her forehead too. Twinkle smiled.
Kunj= Twinkle are you ok?
Twinkle= yes Kunj I am fine, after I saw our angel and carried her in my arms I forgot all the pain.
Kunj and Twinkle were both admiring their daughter.
Twinkle= Do you not want to carry your angel Kunj?
Kunj= I do but she is very small
Twinkle smiled and placed their daughter in his arms. Kunj felt like the happiest person on earth carrying his daughter in his arms. He kissed her forehead and then kissed Twinkles.
Kunj= Twinkle watch now me and my angel will be in one team and will disturb you he said with a smile looking at his daughter who also had a small smile
Twinkle smiled. They then shifted Twinkle and their angel to the ward where everyone was excitedly waiting for them.
Outside the ward

Bebe= haai I can’t wait to see chotti Twinkle
Usha= Me to Bebe
Leela= Usha ji I am going to go Gudwara tomorrow to thank Babaji that everything went well.
Usha- I will come with you too
Mahi to Chinki = How long are these 2 going to be? I can’t wait to see her
Chinki whispering= they might be planning for another baby
Both of the sisters giggled.
The new proud father Kunj Sarna walked out of the room with his Angel in his arms. Everyone smiled as they saw and surrounded them.
Bebe= haayee kisi ki nazar na laage
Everyone was admiring the baby and went inside the room and saw Twinkle. Leela was sitting down next to Twinkle as a mother would and was making her drink spinach soup as it gives energy and helps with iron.
Chinki,Mahi,UV and Aman= Congratulations Twinkle (Di) and Kunj (Jiju).
Twinkle and Kunj smiled= Thank You
The nurse entered the room

Nurse= Sorry but now everyone has to leave
Bebe, Usha and Leela were arguing about who will stay behind with Twinkle and Angel
Kunj= Maa, Leela maa , Bebe you all go home I will stay behind
Bebe= But kunj
Kunj= kehdita toh keh dita (I said it so I said it)he mimicked Bebe
Everyone smiled and left the new parents and their daughter.
Kunj went and sat down next to Twinkle and they both were admiring their daughter. She made her sleep in the cot and laid down on the bed. Kunj was lying down on a bed next to her.
Kunj= Thank You so much Twinkle you have given me the best gift in my life.
Twinkle smiled= So have you
They both smile and suddenly heard their Angel crying. Twinkle carried her but she still was still crying.
Twinkle= Kunj she is hungry
Kunj= Then feed her
Twinkle looked at him= Can you turn around please or give me a duppata to cover myself
Kunj chuckled= Twinkle no-one else is here and I think you are forgetting I have already seen everything before
Twinkle smacked his arm and feed her. She became quiet after Twinkle feed her.
Twinkle smiled= Tummy full darling
Twinkle was making her burp as it is necessary for a small baby. After she burped she didn’t want to sleep. She was looking at her parents who were admiring her and talking to her. After a while she cried again.
Kunj= what happened? Is she hungry again?
Twinkle= No Kunj, we need to change her nappy let me show you
Twinkle changed her nappy and showed Kunj how to do it.
After a while their angel went back to sleep.
This was the beginning of parenthood for them

PreCap= Baby name ceremony

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