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TASHAN-E-ISHQ TWINJ Parenthood shot 5

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Twinkle is 8 months pregnant
Nearly 3 months had passed since Chinki and Aman wedding and it was Twinkles Godh Bharai. Twinkle was sitting down on a beautifully decorated couch. She was wearing a red and silver salwar kameez. Kunj was sitting down next to her. All the family members were happy as a new guest would be joining their family soon. Guests were blessing Twinkle, Kunj and the new guest.
After the guest had left all the adults were talking whereas the youngsters had changed into their comfortable clothes and were all sitting down enjoying themselves on the terrace with hot tea and pakoras. Even though it was not that cold Kunj had insisted Twinkle to wear a shawl to keep her warm. She smiled as she was happy to have a blessed husband like him. Twinkle and Kunj were admiring each other when they suddenly heard Chinki and Mahi were arguing with their husband Aman and UV.
UV= what do you mean learn from Kunj jaan?
Mahi= Just look at jiju, he cares for di so much. Have you ever asked for a glass of water even once? NO you just know how to demand for things she complained
Chinki= You know what Aman you are so unromantic. It is nearly going to be 3 months that we are married and you are acting like its going to be 30 years that we have been married.
Aman= What do you mean?
Chinki= when were at college you would say after we get married we will do this that but have you ever done anything? NO
Mahi= leave it Chinki they can never understand us.
They both continued to complain with their husbands whilst Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and laughed.


Twinkle= why are you complaining Chinki and Mahi not everyone can be like my kunj
Awww hooo everyone hooted
Twinkle blushed slightly whilst Kunj smiled.
They all continued to talk but Twinkle started to feel uneasy. She tried to control herself but screamed In pain. Everyone looked at her and were tensed especially Kunj. She was holding her stomach in pain.He held Twinkle from the side.
Kunj= Twinkle what happened ?
Twinkle= Kunj, its paining a lot she cried
Kunj= Aman go get the car ready whilst I bring Twinkle down, UV call the doctor and ask her to be ready. Chinki get Twinkles delivery bag please. Mahi distract Twinkle. He demanded to everyone
Everyone quickly did as Kunj said.
Kunj brought Twinkle downstairs and everyone was shocked to see her in pain early as she as 8 months pregnant. Everyone rushed to the hospital.
The doctors checked her.
Kunj= what happened is everything ok
Doc= Mr Sarna there is a slight complication so we are going to have to do an operation.
Twinkle= OPERATION she cried even more in pain.
All the ladies were trying to distract Twinkle but it was no use.
They made Twinkle lay down on the stretcher, Kunj had held her hand to calm her down and she didn’t want to leave him. They reached the doors of the operation room. Kunj kissed Twinkles forehead before she would be sent inside the operation room. Unwantedly they both had to leave each other’s hand.
Screen freezes

What do you think they will they have a girl or boy?
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