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Swasan :You are Sold (Episode 1)



Guys ll give u update for sure but it ll be very short!


today i m very happy i cant tell u my ray of hapiness as finally v have i mean me and my hubby have completed one whole year of our marriage !

he i mean<>is very nice person i have ever met my hubby is such person that any girl could wish too

i m glad i m married to him..he gave me time to settle within my self..he has not even ever touched me too till nw?weired isnt it?but yeah it is..thats what a true man is na?

after all who respects a women is actually man not the one who forces himself on women!

and today on our aniverysary i ll accept him whole hartedly!

yes..i ll accept himm with all my will today..

opps!(hitting her forhead lightly)i tho forgot only to introduce myself to u all..

well i m swara swara bose!cheehh!not just swara bose but swara neel bose..

yup and the mann i talked about is my hubby!

just then door was a knock on the door..


servent-mam heres the dress chote sir sent it!

swara-oky keep them their kaka!i ll be their soon..f car commes let me know!

kaka-g memsab!


swara opens the box and finds a beautiful lenga saree she touches its fabrics and as being a fashion designer she could easily guess that the dress was too costly atlest for her hubby to afford!

she immediately called him

swara-“hello neelji

neel-yeah swara did d dress reach u did u like it!

swara-its relly beautiful but i mean its costly isnt it?

neel-nothing is inpt than u to me swaraji

swara-but its costly na neelji y did u waste ur so much hard earned money on me han?

neel-abb mere pase karch karne par bhi u have problem han?(he raised his voice)

swara-i din mean..oy i ll be their in the venu..


as neel was talking his voice was disturbed one..u know y?lets move to fis side..

opps he is kept at gun point now..as he raised his voice..

as soon as neel fisished his talking he was welcomed by huge punches..

“how dare u raise ur voice mr NeeL bose?han how dare u how did u even dared to raise ur voice on my jaan..i ll screw u up did u get it..now be a good boy apna huliya badlo…and go to venu i hope u know what u shd do their else..u know me na,…and dont u dare touch her even if i find u oggling her na i ll screw u..”

thats all for now..

hows it?

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