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SwaSan – We Found Love (Episode 4)

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His Beach House is amazing of course. I’ve been in plenty of beautiful homes in my life. My parents still reside in the palatial house Kabir and I grew up in. It’s older but large, and has all the warm, lived-in touches that our mom has added through the years. It’s nothing compared to the modern, spacious, perfectly designed beach house Sanskar lives in in the heart of the Goa.
Not that I can see much of it, considering the late hour. The interior is shrouded mostly in darkness, with only the occasional lamp turned on, but from what I can see it’s beautiful. Sleek and simple, yet warm.
Sanskar leads Kabir and me through the wide hallway toward the guest wing, as he calls it. One wall is made entirely of glass and I can make out a giant pool in the backyard, surrounded by lush, perfectly manicured landscaping that looks like something out of a park.
The man certainly knows how to live, I’ll give him that.
“Nice, right?” Kabir murmurs in my ear as we follow Sanskar. “I spend all my money on cars. Sanskar spends it all on his house.”
“Not that I’m ever here,” Sanskar says, revealing he spied on our conversation. No surprise. Since our encounter out on the terrace, I feel like he’s hyperaware of me. And I’m hyperaware of him. “I spend most of my time at Hush.”
“Do you have a room there?” The resort is treated as some sort of secret amongst my brother and his friends. At least, they keep it a secret from me. Always made me wonder if there are kinky secrets going down at that place.
Wouldn’t put it past Sanskar, at least.
“I keep a suite there, yes.” Sanskar slows so he can be closer to us. His scent reaches me, filling my head, reminding me of what it feels like to be wrapped in his arms, his broad shoulders beneath my palms. His hair is still a mess and he’s shed the jacket and tie, the first couple of buttons on his shirt are undone and revealing a sliver of bare chest that I have the sudden urge to lick.
I really need to get a grip.
“So you stay at the resort most of the time?”
“Not as much as I used to. When it was being renovated I never left. I didn’t even own a home then. Hush was my home. Now that the resort has been up and running for the last few years, I finally feel confident enough to leave it on occasion and actually have a life.” Sanskar flashes me a smile, making my heart flutter.
Stupid heart.
“Hush is his baby,” Kabir adds like I don’t know this, though it’s fairly obvious. Considering Sanskar and I don’t see each other much, let alone talk, it makes sense Kabir would make that assumption. “He created it out of nothing but his own sick and twisted mind.”
“Shut the hell up. I met a need that wasn’t being filled. Pure and simple.” Sanskar presses his lips together and his eyes narrow. He looks a little angry.
He also looks a lot s*xy.
“I’m intrigued. I’d love to see it,” I say, pleased when his expression eases. “Maybe you’ll take me on a quick tour of it tomorrow?”
“I thought you had to get right home tomorrow,” Kabir starts just before I jab him in the ribs with my elbow.
Yeah, Kabir is right. But I’m curious to see this side of Sanskar’s life that I know absolutely nothing about. I mean, come on. Not even an hour ago this man had his tongue down my throat and his fingers working me straight into oblivion. Any woman would want to know more about a guy after that sort of experience, right?
That’s what I’m telling myself.
“I’d love to give you a tour of the resort,” Sanskar says, his voice warm, his gaze hot as he rakes it over me. My skin ripples with awareness. It’s as if he just physically touched me. “We’ll have brunch and then I’ll show you around.”
“Sounds great.” I smile, he returns it, and for some strange reason it feels like we’re all alone, grinning at each other like idiots.
But then Kabir clears his throat, bringing us both into reality, and I jolt at the sound, clasping my hands together to keep from reaching out and grabbing Sanskar.
I can’t grab Sanskar, especially in front of my brother. No matter how badly I want to. Kabir knows all of Sanskar’s secrets, all of his faults. He loves his best friend, but Kabir would never really want us together. At least, I don’t think he would.
Better to pretend there’s nothing between us rather than risk Kabir’s disapproval. And there’s nothing going on with us. Between Sanskar and me. Really. A hot kiss and an orgasm. That’s it.
That’s sorta major.
I ignore the rotten little voice in my head and try to focus.
Regaining his composure, he shows us the guest rooms, which are directly across from each other, and I can’t believe how beautiful my room is. The colors are soothing blues and grays, the bedding lush, the furniture dark and sleek. The entire room reeks of sophistication. I take it all in, fixating on the bed covered in plush fabrics since I’m so tired and I can’t wait to collapse in it.
Or maybe the idea of Sanskar coming to this room later and making me come again and again is what really gets me going . . .
Overcome with a coughing attack at the thought, I wave Kabir away when he shoots me a strange look. “I’m fine,” I say as they both head toward the open doorway. “Show him his room, Sanskar. Good night.”
Not giving either of them a chance to reply, I shut the door behind them and slump against it, thumping my head against the solid wood once, twice. Trying to knock sense into my brain, because clearly, I’ve lost it.
Sighing, I push away from the door and glance about the room, noting the open door that leads to a small connecting bathroom, and I go inside to check it out. All the amenities are here with the exception of what I might wear to bed. Not that I want to change into something left over from one of Sanskar’s s*xual conquests, but still. I’m surprised there’s not a fresh, clean nightgown waiting for me to change into for the night, considering he has all the amenities. I guess I could wear my bra and panties . . .
Or wear nothing at all.
A little smile curling my lips, I find a plush robe hanging from a hook on the back of the door. Running my hand over it, I contemplate taking a shower and start to shed my clothes, kicking off my shoes and letting the saree, my panties, and my bra fall into a pile on the floor.
I’ll look like I’m doing the total night-after walk of shame tomorrow morning at Hush wearing the designer saree I wore to the wedding. Something I never considered until now and I chew on my lower lip, staring at the gigantic glass-enclosed shower calling my name.
Maybe I should ask Sanskar if he has something for me to wear. Though how do I approach him? Sure can’t do it at the moment, since I’m standing here naked. He might not mind finding me this way, though.
Stop thinking like this. You don’t want him to find you na*ed . . . do you?
Oh my God, maybe I do.
A knock sounds at the door and I jump, grabbing the robe off the hook with lightning speed. Throwing it on, I approach, figuring it’s Kabir ready to tell me something lame before he goes to bed. He’s always been a little overprotective, so he’s probably just checking up on me.
“I’m fine, Kabir. Really,” I say as I open the door, stunned silent when I see who’s standing before me.
“Really?” Sanskar raises a brow, one hand in his pants’ pocket, the other clutching an article of clothing. “Why wouldn’t you be anything but fine?”
Oh. Shit. He should so not be standing in front of me right now. “What are you doing here?” I whisper, glancing over his shoulder to thankfully see Kabir’s door is closed.
“Making sure you’re comfortable.” He thrusts his hand out toward me. “I brought you something.”
I’m ultra-aware of the fact that beneath the robe, I’m wearing absolutely nothing. The impulse to untie the sash and let the robe drop to my feet just to see Sanskar’s reaction is near overwhelming.
But I keep it under control. For now.
“What is this?” I take the wadded-up fabric from his hand, our fingers accidentally brushing, and heat rushes through me at first contact.
“One of my T-shirts.” He shrugs those broad shoulders, which are still encased in fine white cotton. “I know you didn’t have anything to wear to . . . bed. Thought I could offer you this.”
His eyes darkened at the word bed and my knees wobble. Good lord, what this man is doing to me is so completely foreign, I’m not quite sure how to react.
“Um, thanks. I appreciate it.” The T-shirt is soft, the fabric thin, as if it’s been worn plenty of times, and I have the sudden urge to hold it to my nose and inhale. See if I can somehow smell his scent lingering in the fabric.
The man is clearly turning me into a freak of epic proportions.
“You’re welcome.” He leans his tall body against the doorframe, looking sleepy and rumpled and way too s*xy for words. I want to grab his hand and yank him into my room.
Wait, no I don’t. That’s a bad—terrible—idea.
“Is that all then?” I ask because we don’t need to be standing here having this conversation. First, my brother could find us and start in again on what a mistake we are. Second, I’m growing increasingly uncomfortable with the fact that I’m completely naked beneath the robe. Third, I’m still contemplating shedding the robe and showing Sanskar just how naked I am.
“Yeah. Guess so.” His voice is rough and he pushes away from the doorframe. “Well. Good night.”
“Good night,” I whisper, but I don’t shut the door. I don’t move.
Neither does he.
“Swara . . .” His voice trails off and he clears his throat, looking uncomfortable. Which is hot. Oh my God, everything he does is hot and I decide to give in to my impulses because screw it.
I want him.


LIKE AN IDIOT, I can’t come up with anything to say. It’s like my throat is clogged, and I can hardly force a sound out, what with Swara standing before me, her long, wavy, dark hair tumbling past her shoulders, her slender body engulfed in the thick white robe I keep for guests. The very same type of robe we provide at Hush.
But then she does something so surprising—so amazingly awesome—I’m momentarily dumbfounded by the sight.
Her slender hands go for the belt of the robe and she undoes it quickly, the fabric parting, revealing bare skin. Completely bare skin.
Holy shit. She’s naked. And she just dumped the robe onto the ground so she’s standing in front of me. Again, I must stress, naked.
My mouth drops open, a rough sound coming from low in my throat. Damn, she’s gorgeous. All long legs and curvy waist and hips and full br*asts topped with pretty pink nipples. I’m completely entranced for a long, agonizing moment. All I can do is gape at her.
“Well, are you just going to stand there and wait for my brother to come back out and find us like this or are you going to come inside my room?”
More like I’m going to come inside her, if I’m lucky. Which I’m thinking I’m gonna be.
Moving fast, I crowd her, my hands going to her waist as I push her inside. I kick the door shut, snaking out a hand behind me to turn the lock before I settle it back on her waist.
The mention of Kabir finding us like this got me moving. He’d tear my balls off with his bare hands if he knew I was touching his sister at this very moment. And then there’s that whole stupid bet I just made with him and Lakshya. Here I went on and on about not letting any chick tie me down and the one woman I secretly consider worth having a relationship with is finally showing a glimmer of interest.
Well, more than a freaking glimmer considering she’s naked and nestling that banging body all snug up against me. I stare into her eyes, see them clouded with lust, and I lean in ready to kiss her. To take her deep and hard and make her moan with the pleasure of it all. Just like I did earlier, when I touched her out on the terrace. How easily responsive she’d been. Before I ruined it all and blew off what happened between us. Last thing I wanted was to make her angry, but I still managed, all because I didn’t want to piss off Kabir.
I’m in a total no-win situation with Swara and I know it. Yet here I am, her naked body in my arms, her lips leaning in close to mine, her br*asts coming into contact with my chest . . .
“Hey.” I squeeze her hips, my fingers pressing into her flesh, and she glances up at me, her eyes wide, her lips damp. As if she’d just licked them. f**k, everything she does unravels me. But I need to know where we stand—where she stands. I can’t risk making this a bigger mess than it already is. “What are we doing here?”
A perfectly arched brow lifts. “Do I need to explain it to you?”
“You know what I mean.” I’m not taking this any further until I’m assured we’re both on the same page. “What do you want out of this?”
Swara reaches out and starts unbuttoning my shirt, her fingertips brushing against my chest with every button she slides out of its hole. “One night of mind-blowing s*x?”
I ignore the one-night comment for a moment, absorbing her words. I shouldn’t want more. I never want more.
With Swara, I think I could.

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