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SwaSan – We Found Love (Episode 3)

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I take it slow for fear Swara will push me away, and at this very moment that’s the last thing I want to happen. Her lips part easily when I persist and within moments she’s completely open to me, her tongue sliding against mine. She winds her arms around my neck, her fingers buried in my hair, and I groan at her touch.
Slow goes straight out the window when I smooth my hand down her side, over her hip, curling my fingers into her flesh. I hitch it up the slightest bit, my mouth never straying from hers, and I feel her tremble beneath my palm.
She tastes amazing, feels even better, and when I touch the bare flesh of her back I feel her shudder, a soft gust of breath brushing against my lips as she shakily exhales. Her eyes open and meet mine as I smooth my other hand over her hair, fingers tangling in the loose waves.
“You’re beautiful,” I whisper, because she is. So damn beautiful, I ache with wanting her.
She presses her swollen lips together, her eyes closing as I continue to stroke my fingers through her hair. My other hand is completely still, resting on her bare back , and I don’t move for fear she’ll tell me to let her go.
I don’t know if I can.
“Sanskar,” she whispers, and I kiss her to cut off whatever else she wanted to say. If it was a denial, an argument, a declaration, I don’t care. I don’t want to hear it.
I just want to feel Swara in my arms, her mouth meshed with mine, our tongues dancing, her entire body trembling as she melts into me. I’ve waited for this moment for what feels like forever.
Finally, I’m holding her. Finally, she’s responding to me like she wants me rather than wanting to kick my a*s. While the opportunity presents itself, I’m going to jump all over it. And if that means I get to jump all over Swara, then I’m going for it.
I let my hand on her thigh inch downward, slowly. Closer to her hip until my fingers skim her behind. The fabric is thin and doesn’t amount to much and I wish I could push her against the ledge, and drink her in.
But we only have a few minutes. I’m desperate to touch her. To make her gasp with wanting me, so I have to be quick.
My mouth never straying from hers, I slip my fingers beneath the thin strip that stretches across her hip and touch bare, soft flesh. Her chest heaves against mine, her br*asts pushing into my chest and adrenaline rushes through me at the way she reacts to my touch.
That reaction emboldens me and I trail my fingers forward, across her hipbone, the soft flesh of her stomach. I can feel the tremors beneath the surface of her skin as I skim my fingers down farther . . . farther . . . until the heat of her engulfs me.
“Sanskar,” she chokes out against my lips when I touch her, test her, my fingers glide easily over her folds.
“Damn.” She grips my shoulders as if she needs to. Like I’m some sort of lifeline and she’s afraid to let go. “Tell me what you want,” I whisper close to her ear, my fingers on her waist, searching her hot, wet depths. She moves with me, her hips thrusting against my hand and I close my eyes, fighting for control. Scared out of my mind I’m going to come in my pants and make a fool of myself.
She says nothing in reply, just a little whimper when I still my hand, my thumb rubbing her hip. “Tell me, Swara.”
“Touch me.” She tightens her arms around my neck, her hands clenching my hair. “Don’t stop. Please.”
Satisfaction rolls through me as I try my damnedest to make her come and quick. We’re on the terrace of my friend’s wedding reception for God’s sake. Her brother—my best friend—is inside. Kabir could come out at any time in search of us.
If he caught me with my hand on his sister and her body draped all over me, I’d be a dead man.
Increasing my tempo, I stroke her; watch her face as she reaches for her orgasm. She’s so responsive, already close to coming, I can tell, what with the way her entire body tenses, her hands squeezing my shoulders, her hips moving against my touch. I tilt my head back to watch her, filled with the all-consuming need to see her as she comes all over my hand. Knowing that I’m the one who did that to her. Made her feel like that. Made her want like that.
A ragged little cry escapes her and she stills, her eyes going wide as they lock with mine. Then she’s coming apart, sagging against me as the orgasm takes over her completely. My name falls from her lips and triumph surges through me. I f**king love it. At least she knows I’m the one who did this to her, who made her feel this way.
Shudders still wrack her body as I lock my mouth with hers, my tongue tangling languidly with hers. Her breaths slow, her grip on my shoulders gradually loosens, and I know she’s coming down off her high.
I don’t want her to lose it. I want to keep her there. That I could make her come like that so fast blows my mind. I know I’ve wanted her for what feels like forever. Has she ever wanted me before this moment?
Breaking the kiss first, I press my forehead to hers, trying to calm my accelerated breaths, my racing heart. I need to gain some control before I lose it. She opens her eyes, staring up at me, all sorts of questions in their hazel depths I can’t begin to answer.
“Come home with me.” The words fall from my lips before I can even stop them.
Her brows furrow. “What?”
“I want you to come home with me.” I press my mouth to hers gently, inhaling her breath. I want more from her. I suddenly want it all from her.
And I have no right to ask for it.
“I don’t know . . .” Her voice trails off when I press kisses to her jaw along her soft neck.
“Stay the night with me,” I whisper against her throat. “Say yes, Swara.”
“Yes.” The word falling so easily from her lips sends pleasure rippling through me. Lifting my head, I kiss her, drown in her like a starving man, telling myself I need to stop now before I lose all control and take her right here on the goddamn terrace.
“God, Sanskar, you can’t even keep your dick in your pants at a wedding reception? What the hell is wrong with you?”
I let go of Swara so fast at the sound of Kabir’s voice, I hear the click of her heels as she stumbles, though thank God she doesn’t fall. Turning quickly, I face him, doing my best to compose myself. The way I’m standing hides Swara completely and I wish like hell Kabir hadn’t found us.
“What are you doing out here?” I ask with a snarl, feeling like an asshole. I shouldn’t have let Swara go like that. Like I’m ashamed to be seen with her.
More like she should be ashamed to be seen with me.
“Looking for you. And I was looking for Swara. I see that you’re preoccupied, though . . .” Kabir’s voice trails off when he glances around my shoulder to see Swara standing directly behind me. “What the hell? Swara, what are you doing out here with him?”
“Nothing,” I say for the both of us. “She, uh . . . she was having a bad night. I was trying to comfort her.” Holy hell, what a choice of words.
Kabir’s frown is so fierce he looks like he wants to tear me apart. But his expression is also a mixture of doubt and disbelief. As if he can’t believe the two of us are out here together. “Sanskar, I swear to God if you laid one finger on her . . .”
“I didn’t,” I assure him, lying through my teeth. “I didn’t touch her. Did I touch you, Swara?”
She steps up so she’s standing beside me, her body tense. Damn, I hope I didn’t make her angry with my remark. “What did you ask?”
Shit. I did make her angry. She sounds furious.
“You better not have fallen for this jerk’s charms,” Kabir says, pointing his finger in Swara’s face. “You know how he is.”
Lifting her chin, she glances at me out of the corner of her eye. “I know exactly how he is.”
I now feel like a bug Swara’s ready to squash with her pointy heel. “Like I would mess with your sister, Kabir. Come on. I’m not that stupid. I know you’d kick my a*s if I so much as looked at Swara the wrong way.”
Kabir stares at the both of us for long, quiet seconds. Seconds that feel like they stretch into hours, they’re so uncomfortable. Doesn’t help that Swara is fuming mad. She practically has steam coming out of her ears, not that I can blame her.
I f**ked up with her. Again.
What else is new?


For a grown man man who runs a multibillion dollar business, Sanskar Maheshwari is a complete idiot when it comes to women.
My body was still shaking from the most amazing orgasm I’d ever experienced in my life when Kabir stumbled upon us, giving Sanskar crap for fooling around with a woman on the terrace. Not that I blame my brother. It’s such a Sanskar thing to do and here he is, doing it with me.
I hate to admit it, but Sanskar completely rocked my world. As in, no other man has ever made me come like that. Or come, period. I was ready to say yes to his asking me to come home with him. Passing up an opportunity to have s*x with him after five amazing minutes with his fingers playing me? I’m not stupid. I know s*x with Sanskar would’ve been amazing. I came so fast, it’s almost embarrassing.
Then Kabir had to appear. And Sanskar had to open his mouth and completely ruin the entire moment.
I’m an idiot to think there could ever be anything real between us. Whatever just happened surely meant nothing to him. An opportunity to get with me—get with any woman really—and mess around for a few minutes. He’s a known player.
And I just got played.
“I’m leaving soon,” Kabir finally says, his gaze falling on me. Since I came with him to this stupid wedding, I know what he’s going to say next. “Are you ready to go, Swara?”
“Yes.” I nod and start toward my brother, barely withholding the gasp that wants to escape when Sanskar reaches for my hand, his fingers tangling with mine for the briefest second before they fall out of his grasp.
I glance over my shoulder and glare at him. He looks pitiful. Worried. Sorry.
Good. He should. Not that I care. I can’t believe anything that just happened between us was sincere. I should be incredibly embarrassed at what happened between us. I fooled around with Sanskar. We almost got caught. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen.
“Call me Monday,” Kabir tells Sanskar as he rests his hand at my back, ready to guide me back toward the ballroom. “Let’s do lunch this week. You’re still coming to the city, right?”
“That’s my plan.” Sanskar’s deep voice resonates within me, and I repress the shudder that wants to take over. I refuse to react in front of Sanskar. He doesn’t need any more evidence that he affects me.
“Great. Let’s definitely get together. See ya.”
“Hey,” Sanskar says softly and my brother and I both still, though I refuse to turn around like Kabir does. I don’t even want to look at Sanskar, let alone talk to him. “Are you both headed back to the hotel tonight?”
“Well, yeah,” Kabir says with a shrug.
“You should stay the night at my place. It’s not that far,” Sanskar suggests, sounding innocent as all get out.
Kabir glances at me and I glare back. Oh hell, no. I’m not staying the night at Sanskar’s house. “I want to go back to my room,” I whisper.
“It’s almost midnight,” Kabir whispers back. “We won’t get back till past two and I’m already too tired to drive, Swara.”
“I’ll drive,” I insist. “I’m wide awake. I can make it.”
He raises a brow. “Like I’d let you drive my car. Give me break. You’re a hazard behind the wheel.”
I roll my eyes. One minor fender bender when I was eighteen and he never, ever lets me live it down. “I won’t wreck, I swear.”
“It’s my Mercedes. No way am I letting you drive it.” Kabir slowly shakes his head.
He wants to stay. I can tell by the look in his eyes. “Kabir, no.”
“I have plenty of bedrooms,” Sanskar says, his voice hopeful.
I don’t want to acknowledge him. Really, I don’t. The more I think about what he did, the angrier I get. He said he would never touch me, all incredulous-like. As if he couldn’t fathom me as anything but silly, gangly, awkward Swara the teenage loser. What a jerk. After he just had his hand on me and begged me to stay the night with him . . .
Finally I chance a look at him. God, he’s gorgeous. His suit is rumpled, his tie askew, his hair a mess. From my fingers. His lips are a little swollen and I remember how he kissed me, his taste, the sounds he made, the way he growled in my ear. Just like that I’m lightheaded and the feeling alone makes me want to slap myself back into reality.
Or maybe slap him for being so damn good at . . . everything.
“Come on,” Kabir says, nudging my side with his elbow. “We’ll stay the night, grab brunch at that fancy beach resort of his in the morning and then be on our way.”
Hmm, I’ve never been to Hush. The chance to see it intrigues me but it shouldn’t. Not after everything that’s happened between us. “I have to get home. I have to . . . work.”
“On a Sunday?” Kabir sounds skeptical. Damn him. “Someone wants to have an emergency house colour meeting or what?”
Oh my God, I want to punch my brother so hard. I’d relish seeing him fall on his a*s.
“Kabir, shut the hell up. She probably does have to work,” Sanskar says in my defence, which surprises me.
This is the guy who wanted me to come back to his place so he could get me naked in his bed. Maybe he has ulterior motives. Maybe he’ll sneak into my room after Kabir falls asleep and strip me and press me into the mattress and . . .
I frown, my hands tightening into fists. I shouldn’t want this. I shouldn’t want him, especially after the way he spoke about me as if I don’t matter to him.
But my body is singing a different song. As in, my skin is still humming after that amazing orgasm and my legs are a little shaky. Not from the stupid shoes with the four-inch heels either.
No, more like from the stupid man.
“Fine. We’ll stay.” I cross my arms in front of my chest. I probably look like a pouty baby but I don’t really care. I can’t believe I’m agreeing to this. “But we wake up, we grab brunch, and we get out of here. I really need to get back.”
“Thanks, sis.” Kabir says. “You just saved me from an exhausting drive home.”
“Such a hardship since you’re driving that precious car of yours.” Cars are Kabir’s weakness. He owns too many of them. His addiction is so ridiculous his garage looks like an exclusive, high-end dealership.
“Glad you two are staying. I have guest rooms that are always prepared,” Sanskar says.
I turn to glare at him once more, both uncomfortable and aroused at all the potential that comes with staying at his house. I’m sick in the head. I have to be to even consider . . . no, I can’t go there. I blame the champagne. And the amazing orgasm. “You better be on your best behaviour.”
He throws up his hands in defence. “No funny business, I swear. I’ll keep my hands to myself.”
“You better, Maheshwari, or I’ll kick your a*s,” Kabir mutters, his words backed with steel. “Swara is hands-off when it comes to you.”
“I get it,” Sanskar says, slowly dropping his arms to his sides. The slight smirk falls from his face and his eyes meet mine, his gaze imploring. I’m not sure what he’s trying to communicate, but I do know one thing.
When it comes to Sanskar and whatever’s happening between us, I’m beyond confused.

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